Reading Journal Entry No. 3

Dear Mr. Daw,

I have been reading a book called Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Last Straw. The character I’m going to talk about is Greg. Greg is a kid that is in middle school. He isn’t nice all the time and sometimes can get very mean. Greg is a very unlucky because he always gets in trouble. His Dad and his two brothers hate him. He also has a best friend called Rowley. Greg always tells Rowley what to do just because Rowley is more babyish. And Rowley doesn’t like that.

In the story I learn’t that you shouldn’t always let everyone do your things and thou should do things yourself.

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  1.   Harold on October 14th, 2014          

    There is nothing here in this entry that identifies you actually are reading the book. Everything here you could have learned from the movie. If you are going to identify with a character from the book then you need to include the things that make him/her special in the book you are reading. What are the motivations that Greg has for doing the things he does? How they turn out and why? How did the author write in the characters to make this book different from the others. Do you think this book is at your reading level or too easy? Go into much more detail and include all you have been thinking about as you read through the book., If your book comes from a TV or movie then your need to go beyond and include knowledge from the new book that shows you understand. This can be in the form of a comparison of characters between two books, or even from another book not related to the one you read. You can also describe how the setting has changed over time (presumably each book has Greg being older) and maybe how the family dynamics are also changing.