Reading Journal Entry No.5

Dear Mr. Daw,

I have been reading a book called The Sign of the Beaver. Today I’m going to talk about the main character. His name is called Matt. He is almost 13 years old. He’s pretty smart. He knows hot to cook, read, hunt, teach, and use guns. This story takes place during the late 17 centuries to the early 18 centuries. So being able to know that is pretty good. But since he just moved here, he doesn’t really know what to do. Also his dad, mom and his younger sibling are still not here yet. Basically, he doesn’t know what to do there. He only can hunt, eat, read (only has two books), cook, and sleep. And he needs to wait until his family comes (which is in seven weeks).

I know it’s very hard to survive in the wild without any adult supervision. Also, there is a very high chance of death.