Science Reflection


What do you now understand about the scientific method?  Explain your answer.

The scientific method helps you when you’re doing an experiment. If you don’t know the scientific method or don’t follow the steps on the scientific method, your experiment will get very messy.

What did you learn about yourself as you worked on all the parts in this unit?

What I learnt about myself was that I like to put a lot of things on the presentation and the poster. That is good because the audience can understand what I did on my experiment.

How will the experience gained in this unit, help you in future units?

The experience I gained was that don’t put similar things on the presentation and the poster. If you do that, you will save more time and let the audience get the same information.

What learnings from this do you think you will be able to transfer onto other units?

In the exploration unit you have to do a speech. I also have to talk during the presentation for science. That can help you a lot for presenting in front of people and help you speak loud and clear.