Math Reflection Unit 7

  1.Look through your journal pages in this unit.  Which pages do you think show your best work.  Explain.
I think using parenthesis show my best work because I am very good at it. I barely make any mistakes.
And I can teach other people to use it.
  2.Explain why you think we have negative numbers in our number system.  Give examples to support your claims.
When you owe other people something. Like when someone gave you $2, you must give it back. But if you have no money, you need to get borrow/earn money to pay them back. The equation is 0-$2.
  3.List some of the skills and concepts you learned this unit that you think are important to remember because you will use them in the future.  Explain your answers.
 I learned more things about exponents of 10. And also learned how to subtract and add negative numbers.

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