Dragon Keeper

Compare a character from this book to another character in a book you have recently read.  Include the similarities and differences as well as their likes and dislikes.  Which of these two characters is your favorite and why?
  I am comparing Ping from Dragon Keeper and Yoko from So Far From the Bamboo Grove. The same thing about these two characters that they both go out of there house and go somewhere else. They both left their house because of safety. They also are not wealthy. Can’t usually find food, and travel in harsh conditions. The differences between Ping and Yoko is that Ping is a slave, not an ordinary everyday person. Unlike Yoko. Another difference is Yoko travels with other humans. Including her sister and her mother. While Ping travels with a dragon and a rat named Hua.
  Yoko likes being in a cozy, warm, safe environment. Also meeting new people. Yoko dislikes being alone. Ping likes animals, and also a cozy, warm, safe environment. She dislikes meeting people.