A Year Down Yonder

1.  Explain the changes in your character during the story of the book.  Relate these to what happened in the story.

At first Mary Alice didn’t want to go to grandma’s house. But after she wanted to because of all the fun things that happened. Like hunting, the winter play, valentines day, and falling in love.

2.  Summarize the plot of the story (Introduction, Rising Action, Climax, Conclusion)
     Mary Alice doesn’t want to go to grandma’s house and go to school. Mary is in 10th grade. And this book is about all the stuff that’s happening to her. She started liking to stay at grandma’s because of the winter play, followed by valentines day, hunting, and falling in love.
3.  Describe a character from the story other than the one you answer question #1 to.
   John Green is a lodger and paints houses in Chicago. He is from New York. He lives in grandma’s for a while. And he is not a normal guy because he does some weird things.
4.  Make three connections – text to text, text to self and text to world.  Describe each one completely.
      The text to text connection is that all of these books I read: So Far From the Bamboo GroveDragon Keeper, and A Year Down Yonder. All the main characters in these books, Yoko, Ping, and Mary Alice. All live in poor conditions, and don’t have much money.
      The text to self connection is that they Yoko and Mary Alice both went to school. But definitely not as good as ISB.
      The text to world connection is that all of these characters, lives in real places on Earth. Yoko was Korea and Japan, Ping was China, and Mary was Chicago.

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