I am From

Where I’m From

I’m from LEGO® bricks as small as atoms
and bricks as big as the Earth.
I’m from toy car land,
cars zooming past me.

I’m from being a hero,
saving the world.
Rescuing humankind,
from dangerous alien attacks.
Like saving ants from a flood.
I’m the
king of the chess board,
commanding all
my troops
to battle.

I’m a side of Mac and Cheese on a scrumptious piece of BBQ.
The melting cheese
And the steaming BBQ,
Makes the ultimate,
heart-stopping combo.

I’m from people that say unruly things like
“LOL!” while sticking tongues out.
It’s a way to laugh,
but also a way to be rude and disrespectful.

I’m from a mad scientist
that likes to explore the mind-blowing universe.
I’m also an astronaut, who explores planets in deep space.
I’m from all these fascinating things