Water is the Most Precious Resource


I think that water is the most precious resource. We should be more aware of it and learn how to protect it. Firstly, water is the most precious resource because we need it to live. We need to drink water to keep our bodies hydrated. For example, in A Long Walk to Water, Nya had to fetch water everyday so everybody in her family can drink water. Secondly, water created life. The first single-celled organisms were created and lived in the ocean. Plants and animals drink water too. For example, that’s why you see people watering plants and animals drinking water. Lastly, water is hard to make. For example, you must put two hydrogen molecules and one oxygen molecule under pressure to create water. So it’s better to just conse rve and save it. In conclusion, we should care about water and make it stay as long as possible.

Disclaimer: This writing piece only been written in the context of studying a book entitled A Long Walk to Water about the 21-year civil war in Sudan and the refugee crisis that accompanied to it.


Sep 24, 2015

Davin P 6-2