How Can Accessing Clean Water Change the World



Having access to clean water makes a huge impact on human beings.

Firstly, a big reason of you getting so many diseases are eating or drinking a contaminated substance. Many people living in South East Asia, Africa, and South America lacks clean potable water. According to, they observe that sickness affects babies most. “Every 19 seconds a baby is lost to a water-related disease.” ( E. Coli is a disease found in contaminated food and water. E. Coli is a stomach disease and there is a chance of death. Also drinking contaminated water can make you catch other diseases too. This illuminates the importance clean water makes you healthy.

Secondly, girls spend most of their time to fetching water. Linda Sue Park states that girls spend half of the morning fetching water. “It would take her half a morning if she didn’t stop on the way…” (Park, page 1) If the water crisis were solved, girls can spend more time on other things, like finding an education, get a job, and create a family! This shows that the importance of clean water can save you time.

Lastly, with clean water, we can be capable of improving villages and growing crops. So people would want to move there to live. states, “Feeding our world takes 90% of our freshwater…” This illuminates the how importance water is overall.

In conclusion, water is a very important resource. Imagine having to drink weird tasting water everyday and not getting enough. We have to take of care it and don’t waste it. Your actions can make a lot of people look towards a better future.