A War Against Two Nations

A War Against Two Nations


I was at Zimu’s house when I felt a tight grip in my head. It felt like it wanted to tell me something. What is it? I wondered.


At dinnertime, I finally knew what the message meant. Chess. Now I knew what I wanted to do.


So I asked Zimu, ”Do you want to play chess?”


He gave me a sour face, but he still went for it. We went upstairs, and he got his chess set.


After that, we started playing, I actually didn’t know that Zimu was that good at chess. He started checking me only a few minutes into the game. Every time his vicious queen stares into the eyes of my loyal king, I either run off, or call for defenses. The first time I ran. I ran into the defense of my knights. Geez. This is a hard game.

Unexpectedly, Zimu’s Mom called us, ”Come downstairs to eat some ice-cream!” I was so scared that I jumped up and almost knocked over the chessboard.


“You better be careful Davin, I hate to clean up things,” said Zimu.


When we went downstairs, we enjoyed one of the best ice-cream sandwiches I’ve ever tasted.


Zimu said with a mouthful, ”Mmm! This is the best ice-cream sandwich ever!”


“Let’s go upstairs, shall we? I want to continue, anyway.”


Zimu shook his head in disagreement. He wanted to play something else, like play video games for a little while then we continue.


“Okay.” I said.


The war begun, I first tried to check him but he escaped my hand of death. With Zimu’s skills, some of my pawns died. When my rook and bishop died, I got weaker and weaker. I had to stay alive. But I used a strategy and took over the center. This can maker the opponent has less space to move to. I started gaining power. I killed some of his pieces, and he killed some of mine. It was getting late after that. We needed to sleep.


Yawn! I made one of the biggest yawns I’ve ever made. Zimu and I prepared for the day. At breakfast, Zimu and I were looking at each other like enemies. After breakfast, we ran upstairs and started our chess game. I started to lead. I was almost won but Zimu got past it. The game was getting more challenging while our pieces were getting killed. So that ended up having many empty spaces so Zimu can escape very easily.


“No! No No No! I am going to die!” Zimu cried.


“Don’t worry, you might win.”


“Okay, I’ll try,” Zimu said with bravery.


There were only 4 pieces on the board. But Zimu’s Dad said we were boys and we had to go outside. So we did that. We rode our bikes to the soccer field to play soccer. It was no fun playing with only two people. So Zimu called another friend called Jamie to come play with us. Zimu and Jamie were better at soccer than me. That ended up me losing badly in the small soccer match we played.


“I’m so thirsty,” I said. “Do you want to buy some drinks?” Zimu and Jamie both nodded in agreement.


We bought some energy drinks and went back home.


We ran upstairs, panting like a dog.­­­­­­ When we got to the Zimu’s room, we were sweating so badly. Like two people on an empty battlefield, just finding an enemy after hours of searching. Staring at each other, ready to attack them with their bare hands.


There were only 3 pieces left. I managed to corner Zimu’s king, and it was a checkmate. Zimu had nowhere to go anymore. I put my queen on his king and declared victory. I won! I won! Yes!!! But Zimu sighed in frustration.


So I patted him and the back and said, ” So, you want to watch the movie now?”


Then, I saw his face light up, like a newborn star.