Grade 9 Engineering: Define and Inquire

What is this engineering task?

This task consists of four different parts. These different parts are:

-Design and make a toy that converts energy

-Take a renewable energy source and convert it into electrical energy

-Design and create a device that transfers energy

-Design and make a device that can be used to learn physics


The part I’m interested in is the last part. I want to design something related to physics. It can demonstrate many parts of physics such as kinetic and potential energy, velocity, friction, and possible inertia.


What are you thinking about doing?

Something that is appealing to me is to create a very short and portable marble run. At the start, I wanted to show energy transfer with Newton’s balls. This wasn’t original enough so I decided upon a marble demonstration. Here are the videos that gave me inspiration.

The marble run will be nowhere close to the of the video, but it will work similarly.

What are the pros and cons?

The pros of this idea are that it does a very good job demonstrating physics. It looks quite simple and is easy to understand.

The cons are the complexity and how it should be configured. There are an infinite amount of track layouts. I have to make one and make sure it is relevant (unlike the one above).