Grade 9 Engineering: Develop and Plan


There are several factors I should when creating this device. I need to decide on what material I should be using. There are two different materials I am considering: Wood and plastic.


Pros: sturdy, aesthetically pleasing to some, very familiar to work with

Cons: curved cuts, and precision


Pros: flexible, clean looks, more resistant to the elements

Cons: hard to get custom cuts, may look plain

My final decision is using wood as my main material.

My toy will demonstrate energy transfer by showing a marble going on a U-shaped track (or something similar), losing and gaining potential energy and kinetic energy.


This was my first proposal. After starting to work I realized that there are many limitations and this will take too long. It is hard to make such precise cuts by hand and it would take too long to cut. There are too many cuts I have to make, which would take too long. I have to brainstorm alternatives and use a laser cutter as a cutting device. The marble that I will be using is ≤1 inch.

New Ideas:

A glance at a new type of track (top left) and the new marble (right).


After the laser cut was made, I had to decide on how the structure would stand. I thought of many ways and I decided that this idea would fit. Due to the height of the structure, I wanted “legs” that could reach that high. I found a suitable thickness would in the stockpile and went on cutting.

Once I started cutting, there would be a lot of work. Plan A (right) required me to make 45° cuts so it would fit perfectly with the surfaces. This would take too much time and the margin of error with a hand cut would be too large. Simply, it wouldn’t be stable. Plan B wasn’t the best idea either, so I went to plan C. The easiest way is to simply wood glue the