Grade 9 Engineering: Create and Improve

My ideas changed a lot during classes, and I had to settle down on one. Here are the significant changes I made:

  1. Abandon hand cutting
  2. Laser cutting
  3. Layered cuts
  4. Track stability (how the ball will stay)
  5. Changed original dimensions (shorter length with more height)
  6. Changed the number of layers for track




After the laser cut was made, I had to decide on how the structure would stand. I thought of many ways, and I decided that this idea would fit. Due to the height of the structure, I wanted “legs” that could reach that high. I found a suitable thickness would in the stockpile and went on cutting.

Once I started cutting, there would be a lot of work. Plan A (right) required me to make 45┬░ cuts so it would fit perfectly with the surfaces. This would take too much time, and the margin of error with a hand cut would be too large. Basically, it wouldn’t be stable. Plan B wasn’t the best idea either, so I went to plan C. The easiest way is to simply wood glue the sides of the wood (shown below).



During the working process, I realized that the track was shaped like a waxing crescent. The waxing crescent is a moon where it is between new moon and quarter moon (assuming the track is the bright part). This gave me inspiration for aesthetics. My first goal was to achieve basic functionality, and just focus on aesthetics. One of the main components of the project is to make your final product look “aesthetically appealing,” and I want to excel on that part.


(not permitted to upload due to system’s “security reasons”)

This is my finished product. I spent an hour on drawing and small details you can see on the photo. This wraps the end of my “Create and Improve” blog post.

There aren’t any videos as they aren’t too necessary as you can imagine a marble running down the track (self-explanatory).