Grade 9 Engineering: Reflect

This engineering project was a really great chance for me to build something that focused on aesthetic appeal. Due to the amount of time we had and the overall simplicity of the project parameters, I wanted to focus on aesthetic appeal. This is precisely why I wanted to ditch hand cutting and jump to a more clean and efficient cutting method.

Some parts I did well was to create a good looking design that retains its functionality. Some people have models that don’t work too well or looked quite rough and lackluster. I wanted to guarantee both areas, so I chose a more natural design with room for aesthetics.

I wanted to fit the criteria in the best way possible. It is functional, environmental, aesthetically appealing, demonstrates physics, etc. The primary use of this is:

  1. Demonstrate physics (potential, kinetic, and thermal)
  2. Desk toy

I thoroughly enjoyed working on this project as I had the opportunity to do the things I relish.