Scenic Design Challenge: A Nightmare



  1. Three pictures of my design. 

2)  Describe/explain what we are looking at.

This is a scene where there are many sharp objects. There is a heart in the middle, and being ruthlessly stabbed by nails and screws. You can also see a huge sign saying “DIE” and a knife with dripping blood. One of the features I’m definitely the proudest in are the cobwebs.


3) Describe/explain the elements of your design.

Ever since I can remember, I always had a fear of sharp objects (being stabbed or cut) and spiders. For sharp objects, the workshop offered many materials. Nails, screws, and blades all could be used. I even hammered some pins to make it seem warped and distorted to emphasize that it is a dream. I used hot glue guns to make cobwebs. I tried to make some things rest on top of it, like things that are going to be eaten. Even though I am not afraid of blood, I am aware that many people are. That’s why I spray painted many areas red and spray painted hot glue for extra effect.

4) Where were you successful?

I think I was able to make a very detailed perspective of a nightmare, displaying many fears in one small stage. The cobwebs are the reason why my project looks very realistic. The sword stuck to the wall was also a very creative idea using nails coming from the outside.

5) Improvement

There are many aspects of improvement in my project. The main area for improvement is how you can actually use this in real life. The number of props, sharp objects, and cobwebs on the stage can reduce the amount of stage available. The actors might get stuck or tangled in fake cobwebs.