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How Can Accessing Clean Water Change the World

    Having access to clean water makes a huge impact on human beings. Firstly, a big reason of you getting so many diseases are eating or drinking a contaminated substance. Many people living in South East Asia, Africa, and South America lacks clean potable water. According to, they observe that sickness affects babies […]

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Henry Huggins Part 5

Compare this book to another book you have read. ┬áName one thing the same and one thing different. I read another book called Mitch and Amy. One thing that is the same is that this book’s author is the same. By Beverly Cleary. Something different is that Henry and Mitchell have different likes. It seems […]

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Reading Journal Entry No.5

Dear Mr. Daw, I have been reading a book called┬áThe Sign of the Beaver. Today I’m going to talk about the main character. His name is called Matt. He is almost 13 years old. He’s pretty smart. He knows hot to cook, read, hunt, teach, and use guns. This story takes place during the late […]

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