How Can Accessing Clean Water Change the World



Having access to clean water makes a huge impact on human beings.

Firstly, a big reason of you getting so many diseases are eating or drinking a contaminated substance. Many people living in South East Asia, Africa, and South America lacks clean potable water. According to, they observe that sickness affects babies most. “Every 19 seconds a baby is lost to a water-related disease.” ( E. Coli is a disease found in contaminated food and water. E. Coli is a stomach disease and there is a chance of death. Also drinking contaminated water can make you catch other diseases too. This illuminates the importance clean water makes you healthy.

Secondly, girls spend most of their time to fetching water. Linda Sue Park states that girls spend half of the morning fetching water. “It would take her half a morning if she didn’t stop on the way…” (Park, page 1) If the water crisis were solved, girls can spend more time on other things, like finding an education, get a job, and create a family! This shows that the importance of clean water can save you time.

Lastly, with clean water, we can be capable of improving villages and growing crops. So people would want to move there to live. states, “Feeding our world takes 90% of our freshwater…” This illuminates the how importance water is overall.

In conclusion, water is a very important resource. Imagine having to drink weird tasting water everyday and not getting enough. We have to take of care it and don’t waste it. Your actions can make a lot of people look towards a better future.

Water is the Most Precious Resource


I think that water is the most precious resource. We should be more aware of it and learn how to protect it. Firstly, water is the most precious resource because we need it to live. We need to drink water to keep our bodies hydrated. For example, in A Long Walk to Water, Nya had to fetch water everyday so everybody in her family can drink water. Secondly, water created life. The first single-celled organisms were created and lived in the ocean. Plants and animals drink water too. For example, that’s why you see people watering plants and animals drinking water. Lastly, water is hard to make. For example, you must put two hydrogen molecules and one oxygen molecule under pressure to create water. So it’s better to just conse rve and save it. In conclusion, we should care about water and make it stay as long as possible.

Disclaimer: This writing piece only been written in the context of studying a book entitled A Long Walk to Water about the 21-year civil war in Sudan and the refugee crisis that accompanied to it.


Sep 24, 2015

Davin P 6-2

I am From

Where I’m From

I’m from LEGO® bricks as small as atoms
and bricks as big as the Earth.
I’m from toy car land,
cars zooming past me.

I’m from being a hero,
saving the world.
Rescuing humankind,
from dangerous alien attacks.
Like saving ants from a flood.
I’m the
king of the chess board,
commanding all
my troops
to battle.

I’m a side of Mac and Cheese on a scrumptious piece of BBQ.
The melting cheese
And the steaming BBQ,
Makes the ultimate,
heart-stopping combo.

I’m from people that say unruly things like
“LOL!” while sticking tongues out.
It’s a way to laugh,
but also a way to be rude and disrespectful.

I’m from a mad scientist
that likes to explore the mind-blowing universe.
I’m also an astronaut, who explores planets in deep space.
I’m from all these fascinating things

Duma Analysis

Duma is a cheetah that was adopted by a child named Xan when Duma was still a cub. Duma’s mom was ambushed by lions. Duma’s siblings were also killed. Xan trained Duma. So Duma won’t hurt Xan. Xan’s dad is helped Xan too with training. After Xan’s dad died, Xan and his Mom moved into the city. And Duma was sent to a preserve.

Rif is a man that Xan met when he ran away from home. He is an African and he is very nice. How is he nice? Well when Xan ditched Rif, Rif found Xan and saved him. He is a very unusual character. He also loves money.

I think this story is a story filled with adventure. I knew that the story would end with Duma was released.  This story could have been better if they exaggerated the story.


A Year Down Yonder

1.  Explain the changes in your character during the story of the book.  Relate these to what happened in the story.

At first Mary Alice didn’t want to go to grandma’s house. But after she wanted to because of all the fun things that happened. Like hunting, the winter play, valentines day, and falling in love.

2.  Summarize the plot of the story (Introduction, Rising Action, Climax, Conclusion)
     Mary Alice doesn’t want to go to grandma’s house and go to school. Mary is in 10th grade. And this book is about all the stuff that’s happening to her. She started liking to stay at grandma’s because of the winter play, followed by valentines day, hunting, and falling in love.
3.  Describe a character from the story other than the one you answer question #1 to.
   John Green is a lodger and paints houses in Chicago. He is from New York. He lives in grandma’s for a while. And he is not a normal guy because he does some weird things.
4.  Make three connections – text to text, text to self and text to world.  Describe each one completely.
      The text to text connection is that all of these books I read: So Far From the Bamboo GroveDragon Keeper, and A Year Down Yonder. All the main characters in these books, Yoko, Ping, and Mary Alice. All live in poor conditions, and don’t have much money.
      The text to self connection is that they Yoko and Mary Alice both went to school. But definitely not as good as ISB.
      The text to world connection is that all of these characters, lives in real places on Earth. Yoko was Korea and Japan, Ping was China, and Mary was Chicago.

Monkey King Reflection

This year in school we did a play called Monkey King (西游记). I learned a variety of things during this play. I learned  how to paint your face properly, knowing colors of the face, projecting your voice, and playing a variety of instruments.

The instruments I played were the small cymbals, large cymbals, small gong, large gong, drum, metallophone, and the recorder. I also learned how to do some monkey king movements. Like looking around, scratching your head, and also spin a stick.


Iqbal Video

Dragon Keeper

Compare a character from this book to another character in a book you have recently read.  Include the similarities and differences as well as their likes and dislikes.  Which of these two characters is your favorite and why?
  I am comparing Ping from Dragon Keeper and Yoko from So Far From the Bamboo Grove. The same thing about these two characters that they both go out of there house and go somewhere else. They both left their house because of safety. They also are not wealthy. Can’t usually find food, and travel in harsh conditions. The differences between Ping and Yoko is that Ping is a slave, not an ordinary everyday person. Unlike Yoko. Another difference is Yoko travels with other humans. Including her sister and her mother. While Ping travels with a dragon and a rat named Hua.
  Yoko likes being in a cozy, warm, safe environment. Also meeting new people. Yoko dislikes being alone. Ping likes animals, and also a cozy, warm, safe environment. She dislikes meeting people.

Unit 9 Blog Reflection

How would you explain to someone the difference between area and volume?
Area is the space in in the 2D shape. While volume is the space in a 3D shape.
Describe at least three situations where you would want to find the area of something.
When you are building a house, you need area. When you want to add fence to your yard, you need area. When you are measuring land, you need area.
Describe at least one situation where you would want to find the volume of something.
When you are measuring a building, you need volume.
Explain the difference between plotting the point (3,5) and plotting the point (5,3).
(3,5) is different to (5,3) because the first number is the x axis and the second number is the axis. They are different x goes horizontally and y goes vertically.

Cooking Lab Reflection


1.  How does cooking help with the learning of fractions?  Be specific with examples.

It tells you how to use fractions in real life. Life using 1 1/8 of a cup of flour or 1/8 cup of sugar.

2.  If you were to prepare for a Friday Brunch, what would you cook and why?

I would cook a fried egg, a toast with peanut butter and jelly. Because that’s basically all I know.



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