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Capstone Project is a task requiring in-depth primary and secondary research of a current issue in China. My goal for this project was preventing marine pollution in China. The video mainly shows the cause and effect of marine pollution in China and how serious is it.

The good things that I made from this elevator pitch are that I think my voice was big and I try to make an eye contact with the audience. However, the things that I need to improve is that I need to memorize the thing that I need to present rather than looking at the index card all the time. One more thing that I need to work on is I need to concise what I’m talking about. Also, I think I need to slow down a little because I spoke a little quick.

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Prototype Observations

1) Prototype #1 (GREEN SLIME)

-> Materials: glue + borax + PVA + water

-> Observation: Color of the slime is green and it’s not a gel-type so it’s not transparent.

-> Strengths for this Prototype:

  • The strength of this prototype is that bounces a lot
  • When we poke the slime, the slime does not riped.

-> Limitations of this Prototype:

  • It’s hard to mold in a shape that we want
  • it does not stick together.
  • Takes too much time to solidify the slime and change the shape after it gets solidified.


2) Prototype #2  (PINK SLIME)

-> Materials: glue + PVA + laundry + water + baking soda

->  Observation: Color of the slime is pink and it’s a gel-type.

-> Strengths for this Prototype:

  • It looks nice because it’s transparent and it’s bouncy.

-> Limitations of this Prototype:

  • It was hard to make the shape because the slime falls apart.
  • It was too bouncy that when we drop the slime, it bounces up straight away.
  • While we solidify the slime, it makes the water which is really bad for the product that we are making.


3) Prototype #3 (WHITE SLIME)

-> Materials: glue + borax + soda + water

-> Observation: Color of the slime is white and it’s wasn’t a gel-type slime.

-> Strengths for this Prototype:

  • We can mold the shape that we want to.
  • It doesn’t fall apart when we put the slime together and make a shape.
  • We can easily stretch the slime.

-> Limitations of this Prototype:

  • Takes a long time to make the slime to be solidified.


Prototype Claim

Prototype #3, called White slime, was most effective in meeting our goal because we can mold the shape whatever we want, it doesn’t fall off from the pencil when we stick on to the pencil. Also, the slime is super stretchy. Even though it takes a long time to be solidified, the grip of the pencil was comfortable because it’s not that hard after we solidified the slime.



For some of the process of making the prototype, some of the prototypes were successful but some weren’t. That was the hard thing that I need to solve. The challenging part is the part that we have to make the polymer that can make our product successfully. It was hard to match the physical properties that our slime should have. The prototype that we wanted is that it shouldn’t be sticky and slimy, shouldn’t be bouncy and shouldn’t be gel-type. However, it was hard to match all those problems. The interesting of this project and making prototype was that there is a chemical reaction all the time so I realized that there are a lot of things that are made of chemical reactions. What I learn is the chemical reactions on the prototypes changes depend on what we put and how we make it.

Method of Final Design – Step by step

Step 1: Pour the glue into the cup for 2cm.

Step 2: Put 2 drops of food coloring.

Step 3: Put the water for 0.5 ml.

Step 4: Add borax for 0.3 ml.

Step 5: Add 2 small spoons of baking soda.

Step 6: Use hands to dough the slime.



We are making a grip on a pencil that can change the shape by molding. Also, the grip that our group is making is mainly targeting to students who use pen or pencil a lot. However, this grip is for all the people who want to have a comfortable gripping position. Also, the advantage of this grip is that we can change the shape easily by the size of the finger or the shape of a hand. The physical properties we want to include it can be easily molded, it shouldn’t be sticky and slimy, shouldn’t be bouncy and shouldn’t be gel-type. To develop our prototype, first, we will try several times by using without a borax solution. Second, we will use different types of water glue to make a model. Third, we will try to reduce the amount of the PVA solution and finally, we will wait until the polymer gets solidify. To test the grip is working or not, we will solidify the polymer first and see we can change the shape again.

The goal of our polymer project is to design a polymer that can be used as a comfortable grip for students or people who use pen or pencil often. Therefore, the polymer should be easily molded and changes the shape easily. The target of this polymer is mainly for students who use pen or pencil a lot. However, this grip is also for the people who need a better grip. For students who are using a pencil but having a hard time to grip the pencil or pen, this polymer will be helpful because this grippy can change the shape freely. Therefore, student or people would be satisfied by molding the shape that they want and the grip that fits itself. The characteristics of the polymer are that the polymer can be easily molded and change the shape easily. Also, the other characteristic is that it is stretchy and we can use the slime again to mold in the different shape.  The problem toward when we make the slime was that we used too much borax solution that the slime is no longer stretch. Therefore, we decrease the amount of borax solution and make it.


Polymer Journal #1

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A polymer is a substance that has a molecular structure consisting chiefly or entirely of a large number of similar units bonded together. Which means molecules that consist of a long, repeating chain of smaller units called monometers. There are two types of polymers. Those are synthetic and natural polymers. To start, a synthetic polymer is a man-made macromolecule that is made of thousands of repeating unit. Also, the materials that are produced by combining different artificial substances are synthetic polymers. For example, there are plastic, nylon, and polypropylene. Synthetic polymers come from the natural resources, which are the materials that are of nature or occurring in nature like fossil fuels or sunlight. When natural resources go through a chemical reaction, that’s called a ‘polymerization’. Polymerization is a process that some small molecules can join together to make very long molecules called polymers. A Monomer is an atom or small molecule that may bind chemically to other monomers form a Polymer.


Synthetic Polymer #1


What natural resources does this come from?

– Coal

– Air

– Water

– Oil

What would we use this synthetic material for?

– Ropes

– Thread

– Hoses

– sails

Synthetic Polymer #2


What natural resources does this come from?

– Cellulose of wood pulp

– Cellulose of cotton

What would we use this synthetic material for?

– Filling pillows

– Quilting

– Outerwear

– Sleeping bags


Sources I used:


The revolution that I studied is about the French revolution. During this time, I learned about major turning points and about French’s status system. Also, I made a video about the revolution and wrote a journal. The thing that helped me a lot was that I was able to learn many new historical words. The main thing that it helped me was that because of this revolution, I was able to use more grammar tech and more poetry tech.


French revolution stop motion vid

Boring and aggravating finally, the French revolution study ended. During this session, the thing that I was unhappy was simply making a video for the revolution. Yet, I learn a lot especially about the inequality in France during early 1700’s. The video that our group created is about French revolution by using four major turning points. Also, the video describes pre-France by utilizing a stop-motion video.

1910’s Korea was full of torture, brutal and violence. All of that bloodshed was all caused by the country called ‘Japan.’ At this time, Korean people thought that there is nothing terrify than Japanese army. Japanese treat Korean people as a pet dog with the reason that Korea is weaker than Japan at 1910’s.

The non-fiction book called “A History of Contemporary Korea” by Kang Man girl shows detail about the situation in Korea at 1910’s.

It was a time of ethnic unrest between 1910 when Japan took the country away from Korea, and in 1945, it was a period when it was liberated. Japanese colonial government, which took over the sovereignty of Korea, oppressed Korean people with the help of the Joseon governor and the administration, legislation, law enforcement and even the military. Japan was the first country in East Asia to accept western civilization and followed the model of Western imperialism to colonize Korea. Although the Japanese were able to establish military and economic dominance over Korea in late-nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, still had not overcome their premodern sense of cultural inferiority was a significant factor behind the Japanese perpetrated in Korea.

The crucial things that Japanese caused torture brutally. Such as: pouring boiling water to people, hanging people in the air and battering, forcing to make a Korean people eat coal. Those are the minor part of the torturing that Japanese did to Korean. Is this a right human being for the people who just want to save the country from the enemy? According to the book called ‘A History of Contemporary Korea,’ in the book, it tells that “The Japanese tried to eradicate the Korean language, the Korean script and even Korean names.” in addition to it describes how Koreans were conducted. As a result of altering language system, the people who lived in this era, 1910, cannot remember he/her name because of the effect of the despotic Japanese government. Also, because of the Japanese horrible governmental system, 4,000,000 dead and more than 1,00,000 people lost their family by Indiscriminate attacks. This attack ended at 1945, which is this horrible war end up after 35years.

The theme of the book is to display how the severe and horrible time was in that situation by banning Korean people to have a right to learn. The theme of the book refers to section one which is colonial cultural policy. “The sector which the Japanese most vigorously pursued their policy of making Korea permanent colony was education. Having succeeded in depriving Koreans of their political and autonomy, the Japanese set a forth a colonial educational policy designed to destroy Korea’s education system”. This is why the people from 1910, cannot read or write because they didn’t have any rights to learn. It was for those purposes that the Japanese promulgated their first Educational Ordinance for Korea in August 1911.

However, the book also has an opinion for Japanese with the reason why they came to defeat Korea. The idea was that because, at that time, Japan was also is not a good place and they need another place to get a money from and the choice they decided was Korea. This situation was called the “period of Japanese occupation” when so many fighters for independence were dead to save the country from Japanese’ civilization.

As a conclusion, is the Japanese did the right thing? Is that fair that the human can do for another country like Torturing? Or get rid of the language that the nation used? Executing people?


What are the dangers of using substances to alter body shape?

Using substances to alter body shape is dangerous to your health and physical condition because of the hazards associated with the drugs. For example, there are meridia and ephedrine.

  1. Meridia – Appetite from the market

Meridia  was withdrawn Also, Meridia affects chemicals in the brain that affect weight maintenance.

Meridia is used together with diet and exercise to treat obesity that may be related to diabetes, high cholesterol, or high blood pressure.

Side effect:

  •  Confusion
  • Depression
  •  Death
  • Suicidal



   1.  Ephedrine – Appetite from the market

Ephedrine is often used to prevent low blood pressure during spinal anesthesia.

Side effects:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  •  Tremor
  • Headache
  • Dizziness


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