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In the Capstone unit, I learned about Economic Growth and Decent Work in China. Economic growth is an important achievement on creating a prosperous country. It can reduce poverty, alleviate unemployment and provide people a higher living standard. In this project, I had the opportunity to do a specific research on a topic and learn individually about every aspect of it. During the interviews, I learned many efficient techniques to interview a person without them feeling uncomfortable. If I had the chance to redo this project, I would try my best and interview more people. Then I would have more evidence to support my claim.

To next years students who are doing the Capstone project:

Make sure to do a lot of research and interview a lot of people.

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Catapult Challenge

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Polymer Design Journal 4

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It was a pleasure to BURN

“It was a pleasure to burn.” (7, Bradbury)Fahrenheit 451 written by Ray Bradbury is a dystopian book that predicts the worst sides of future. The story settles in a time when owning books and reading them are illegal. Entertainments and electronic devices replaced education and nature exploration. Immediate gratifications and entertainments were the main needs of ones life. Conformity was strongly suggested and Individuality was abandoned. People lived the same lives and never questioned. But there may always be some people who would want to break the rules and think for themselves… “The censorship by the government encourages curiosity from people and leads them to exploration.” Is the theme of this book. The control the government has over its citizens and books lead people to reading books. Our protagonist Montag finds the beauty within books and tries to fight against a society that embraces and advocates ignorance.

Montag, a “firemen” who works together with his coworkers and burn books upon discovery.  They believe books bring fights and misery. Montag and the others have no qualms towards their responsibility, they are emotionless. Until one day when Montag receives a alarm and goes to an old woman’s house. Between the dazzling flames stood a old woman next to the books, she refused to come out of the house. Montag saw the strong will with in her eyes. He was shocked and wanted to discover what was the secret hidden between the books that would make a person not fear for death. This is the part when a thought of reading arises in Montag’s head.

All in all, the fast cars, loud music and immediate gratification creates an over stimulated society. When there’s no place for self-reflection, appreciation towards nature and independent thinking. Nothing feels realistic, “She was holding the seashell next to her ear.” (43, Bradbury) Montag’s wife was addicted to technology. She assumed that the televisions and electronically devices were her relatives. The censorship in this story is similar to the media censorship happening in China, when google and many other foreign websites are blocked and people loose the freedom to surf on the internet freely. Many censorships are occurring all over the world, there may rebellions or followers…

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Polymer Design Journal 3#

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Journal Entry 2#

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Polymer Design Journal 1#

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Old and New

Wayne Winkelman. Old Wall, New Wall, 14.

Theme: This photo shows the demolition of a house and the improvement of a country

A door settles in the middle, separating the little house in to two. A side with an old and dusty wall. The original color white aged over time and turned into yellow. Dust and stains were printed on to every bit of the wall. The other side of the wall is nicely polished, bricks laid orderly upon each other, forming a satisfying straight line. The raw lacquer reflecting under the sunlight. The two walls create a contrast of Old and New. And indicates the development of a country and how many houses are demolished.

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So Much to Tell You is a emotionally and intellectually book.“She could never talk again. Not after what happened.” (Marsden, cover). The Theme of this book is: Always have hope in everything. After Marina’s dad poured acid on her face, her life changed. She refused to talk and cut off her connections with the outer world. She became self-abased, depressed and nearly contracted autism. Every tiny bit of light was taken away from her. She was sent to a boarding school to live a normal life, but she was destined to have a different childhood from others. Marina started to write journals, and recorded every detail of her life. Her words were hopeless and filled with grief.“If you added up all the really significant episodes in your life they’d probably come to less than sixty minutes.” (Marsden, 94)She wanted to live a normal life, but she never had the courage to let out a word. Slowly as she wrote her journals, she reflected her mistakes, she encouraged her-self to talk more. On the other hand her friends gave her full support and helped her to walk out of her own secluded space. At last, Marina embraced her scared face and revealed her emotions.

Photo: took by me

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Chinese Cultural Revolution: Through a Students Eye

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