Capstone Project

To make this documentary film, I interviewed many people such as the cleaning man, the lady selling popsicles and the lady working in gardens. None of them have enough financial support to sustain their lives. But the data shows that all of them are satisfied with their lives and they appreciate how life became better than before. This indicates that generally people are positive. I contributed to the society by giving people money after interviewing them. From engaging with the impoverished groups, I learnt how to communicate effectively. I often smiled and ask questions that are not too sensitive. This way, people are more willing to be interviewed. If I were to do this project again, I would add more clips that are not interviews. I want the next year grade 8 students to know that The Capstone project is a very interesting experience.

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Catapult Challenge

In this project we were to design a catapult that fits with the success criteria. Then we had to make the actual catapult by using popsicle sticks, glue, wood or anything that was available. In the next part, we had to film the catapult shooting a ping pong ball. We created equations of height vs time and height vs distance and then we graphed it. During the process of this project, the most important thing I learned is to make different prototypes and fix it if it doesn’t function the way we want it to. It took many trials to make it right. The most challenging aspect is to make the catapult work the way we want it to work. For example, when we were first testing the catapult, it couldn’t throw the ball far enough to reach the targets. So we had to make adjustments to make it right. If I get to do this project one more time, I would plot the dots on logger pro more accurately therefore my equations could be more accurate. Also when I am graphing it, I would use Desmos to graph instead of using my hands. This project enhanced my understanding of quadratic formula by allowing me to apply my math skills to a real life problem. Like we physically built a catapult and measure the height, time and distance.



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Polymer Journal #4

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Pretty Mind VS Pretty Face

Uglies written by Scott Westerfeld is a dystopian novel that takes place in the distant future, where the perception of beauty is deformed and crooked. All the different variations of faces are all singled down to one. The individuality of the main character, Tally Youngblood, is disguised under layers and layers that we need to peel back. Her experience is best to represent the theme that being pretty isn’t about the way you look but the way you think. In this novel, the idea of being visually pleasing is strongly instilled in Tally Youngblood ‘s head just like other citizens. Before her sixteenth birthday, she craves for the flawless skin and the perfect eyes. To Tally, the horizon of the new pretty town is the most amazing view, she described it almost like eternal joy, endless parties, and celebrations. But as Shay run away into the Rusty Ruins, she discovers new a new world, a new way of living. Allowing yourself to become pretty “changes the way you think”. (254 Westerfeld ) Beauty loses it’s meaning and becomes a uniform way of controlling a group of people. The single three words “make me pretty” (406), gave up individuality, freedom, and thoughts. It is powerful enough to control the world.

Therefore, I made a poster with half of the face before surgery and the other half is after the surgery. There are different words on the top that says “Individuality”, “Rebellion”, “Dysfunctional Mind” and “Monotone Life”. Those words indicated how their mind changes after the operation. So, I feel like that it is the best way to represent the theme.

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Polymer Journal #3

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Polymer Journal #2

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Polymer Journal #1

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21 Moon Gates

A series of circular gates appeared in front of me. The plain and old grey bricks filled this place with a sense of mystery intriguing me go forward. Sunlight showered on the golden path and the delicate green vines entangled around the bricks brought with it a tranquil mood. Taking a breath, I could smell the fragrance of flowers that lingered in the air. The moon gates lead me in like an everlasting tunnel. It welcomed and embraced me with warmth and comfort, giving me the courage to go on.

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A New World

This thriller I made is based on a book called Brave New World written by Aldous Huxley. World controllers depicted a perfect society using recreational drugs and sex. The theme of this book, warns the danger of giving state control to new, powerful drugs and technologies. “You do look glum! What you need is a gramme of soma,” (155) indicating that ‘soma’, a kind of drug can solve any problem. “We had Elementary Sex for the first forty minutes”(71), again, we get more uncomfortable with the notion of sexed-up little kids.

In order to represent the theme, I chose to film a thriller because it portrays the theme of the book perfectly. Using a variety of clips, I created an atmosphere of a monotonic world. The clips have no colour and it only shows parts of objects to indicate that a society without emotions is not complete. In my opinion, this is the best form of media to represent the in depth meaning of the brave new world.

The hardest part when making this trailer is to act and film at the same time. I spent a lot of time trying to find the right angle to film each clip. After I filmed all my clips, I put them together and edited it. It was very difficult, as you can see there are a lot of transitions in my trailer. I had to edit everything until it looks natural and normal.


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The American Revolution

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