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Lenses to Learning

Hold Your Breath

June 6th, 2018 · No Comments · 2017-2018, Humanities

What I would tell the  next years 8th graders about the capstone project is that when they are choosing their topic, choose something that interests them. I’m saying this because to be successful during the capstone project, you have to have a passion for your topic, or else you won’t have the motivation to complete all your work.

This project helped me understand the real dangers of even a low pollution level, which always confused me.



Shoot for the stars, only to land on the target.

May 28th, 2018 · 2 Comments · Algebra

In algebra we have just completed the catapult project. The catapult project consisted of us student creating designs, models and graphs to eventually, build a catapult and attempt to land a ping pong ball on a target, with the catapult of course. The first step was to make the catapult design, after which we were to make the design. With this catapult, we made models and graphs, anticipating where the ping pong ball would land when shot. Using this information, we made graphs that gave us the information we needed to set our catapult at the right distance away from varying targets, so that the ping pong ball would hit the targets.

Data from our project:


During the catapult project, I was partners with Suanne. The most important thing I learned while working on this project was to be prepared.  When creating our catapult, it broke, leaving us with multiple wooden parts, from which we had to then make a makeshift catapult. We were not prepared, and so when our catapult broke, we had no plan 2. The most challenging aspect of this project was to get the ping pong ball to hit the target, following the models and plans we made. This was challenging because our catapult was made from broken pieces, which meant it was not very stable. This ended up making the ping pong ball go to the side when launched. What i would do differently is to make a more durable design, and test it more to get more accurate results. This project helped me understand quadratics because i finally understood what each part of the equation stood for.


Journal #4

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Chill-ax Infomercial

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Journal 3

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Journal 2

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Journal 1

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Polluting Our Lives

March 30th, 2018 · 2 Comments · 2017-2018, Humanities

For the capstone project I want to investigate on a problem that focuses on the planet, peace or both.


Some of my main questions (haven’t decided yet) are:

How are some laws and customs affecting the equality between the citizens of China economically? (equality)

Such as:

-laws for owning property

-laws against Building of property (second floors)

-Migration/accommodation laws




What factors of how China operates daily influence our planet (pollution and unwanted gasses) the most?

-Waste use

-Water use

-Electricity use


From these questions I would like to find out mostly how the daily life of one impacts others/our planet.

Through my project/investigation, I hope to make people aware of how their actions shape the life of our planet and others. By this, I mean that if someone was to leave lights on, daily, for long period of time, how would they be impacting their own life and the life of others. I want them to think about what i am telling them when they complain about the AQI for example, because they contribute to it.

For feedback I would like to know if my question/s are ‘in depth enough’ or are they worth while researching about.




The Syrian Revolution Through Aimar Benhaim’s Eyes

March 16th, 2018 · No Comments · 2017-2018, Humanities, Uncategorized

I am a man. I am a man with an old soul, a man who seeks safety over thrill. A man who has a loving wife, daughter and dog. I am a man of my word, a man of truth. A man who seeks knowledge to teach knowledge. I am a man who fights for what I believe. A man who knows what he needs to fight for. I am Aimar Benhaim, the son of life.

To see my account of the Syrian revolution so far, click below.

Day by day, year by year, the amount of people joining the free Syrian army is still increasing, but government troops keep fighting back. Weapons getting stronger, causing major destruction like the Khan Shaykhun chemical attack or the eastern ghouta attack. For years we have hoped for peace, but war is still raging on, no change whatsoever has been noticed. The government is still led by the same old dictator, and the rebels are still losing ground, day by day. Although war is still going on, us Syrians have gained the amount of independence that allows us to act freely, for example we can now talk what we want with no fear of spies watching us. Most countries around us – such as Sudan, Iraq and Egypt – have gained independence. We hope that with the help of the U.S. and others, we can defeat Assad and prove our freedom.


Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow. This is the Syrian War in plain english

March 7th, 2018 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Syria and many of it’s surrounding and nearby countries have experienced a recent revolution, firsthand. As people became less and less satisfied with their governments, riots broke out and some changed their future for the better, while others are still living in fear. Syria has an ongoing revolution that has become a war in which many outside countries such as the US and China, have joined in on. Bombings big enough to wreck entire cities have been used multiple times in the past 7 years. Although the government is running out of options to keep the revolution at bay, no end is in sight. Hoping for the best, protestors are still fighting for their rights and for their country.

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