My Nightmare : Scene Design Challenge PJ Entry

The work I made during this project is reflected on the nightmares that I had been constantly dreaming since I was a child. When I was a child, I was afraid of being alone and afraid to overcome the difficult process by myself. As a result, whenever I have a bad situation, I dreamed of being alone.

Before making this set, I thought about what type of stage will best fit the scene that I am trying to show. In the end, I decided to use proscenium as my stage. The advantage of using proscenium is that it guarantees good sound and lighting effects. I thought sound and lighting is very important in order to create a creepy and scary atmosphere, so I chose proscenium as my stage. The reason I kept the two spaces in place with the iron rather than the wall was that I thought the iron would make the audience feel colder and stiffer.

To explain more about the setting, the back wall covered with the sharp needles and at the front of the stage, beasts are waiting. This shows the main character of the stage is unable to escape through anywhere. In addition, I purposely made the stage empty in order to make it look more desolate. Since the characters are huge, I thought if there are too many props in the stage, it might distract the attention. Also, I thought having empty space on the stage helps to focus the light on the character.

The thing I most appreciate about my final product is that I made it very similar to my plan, and it mostly presented the image that I tried to show. However, I think there are some points that I wish could be better or different. Firstly, I want to change the iron cage. Even though I thought it was a very good idea to set the side walls with walls, but I think it might have been better if the irons were more straight and dense. Secondly, I think the stage might have looked scarier if there were more creepy ornaments such as cobweb or knife on the stage.

Overall, throughout this process, I was able to experience a different view of making a set for the actors.

Engineering Process Post #4 (Final Product)

How does the product work?

The essential requirement to run my product is a propeller, DC motor, lead and light bulb. When the external wind force is added to the propeller, it rotates, Through the rotation of the propeller, DC motor that is attached to the propeller gets energy. Then, through the lead, electrical energy will be transferred to the lightbulb, making it light up.

What feedback did I get from others to improve my work?

While planning and creating the product, feedback in order to improve my product. Before I start creating the product, Mr. Toigo said that my first draft is not functional because I had to use a switch to turn on the motor to turn on the light. After I got the feedback, I made a second draft that works much simpler.

During the creating process, I used feedback in order to improve it too. After I experimented the first propeller and found out it wasn’t working, Mr. Toigo informed me that certain tilted angle is needed for the propeller to be spun. Using this feedback, I seek for the different propeller that would work. Also, while working with the light bulb, Mr. Toigo suggested me to use more than one light bulb, and to utilize a parallel circuit to set of the product. With the feedback given, I was able to develop my product better.

What are my successful criteria?

I feel most successful to the fact that I was able to achieve my original purpose/ plan of the product and matches the design that I planned at the beginning. My original purpose of the product was to help students to learn energy transfer better. This original purpose was successfully achieved because my product works smoothly without any obstacles. And through the product I made, energy transfer was clearly shown for students to see. In addition, as I create the product, I thought that this can not only be used to help students but also can be used for different purposes. For example, for children to light up their room while they’re sleeping.

What is the strength of the product?

Not only making the product to run smoothly, but I also worked hard to make it aesthetically appealing. Since my product was made aiming the children and students, I thought I had to make it more aesthetic. In order to make it look more environment- friendly, I chose wood rather than plastic as a material of the house. Then I added chimney and flower garden to make it look further aesthetic.

What is the weakness of the product?

The only weakness of the product is it lacks a little bit of originality. Since I got inspiration from the existing invention by other people, and follow their tutorial, it was hard to make a big difference from them. However, in order for me to overcome this problem, I tried to use different materials and tools to run the product. Below is the example of things that I have changed:

1. House made out of cardboard> House made out of the laser cutting

2. A light bulb> Parallel circuit of LED light bulb

3. Propeller made out of cardboard and water bottle> Propeller made out of plastic and wood piece

What are the impacts of this project on the environment and potential client/consume?

This product will positively impact on the environment because it uses natural energy, wind energy to run the whole circuit. Also, because it is mostly made out of wood and cardboard, it will not produce a large bunch of non-biodegradable waste after it’s been thrown away. This product will also positively impact on the client, especially children and the student. (More specifically mentioned in question “What are my successful criteria”)  Specially, during the summer, if client place this product in front of the fan, they will be able to cool up and light up their room at the same time.

Engineering Process Post #3 (C&I)

After the designing and planning process, like I planned, I used Adobe Illustrator to make a laser cut design of the house. In order for leads to go through the house, I made holes that look like windows. With Mr. Stenning’s assistance, I was able to laser cut the design successfully.


Then, I made a base of the product by cutting the cardboard and covering it with green paper. I used stick glue to temporarily stick the paper on the cardboard and then used double-sided tape to definitely paste it.

After that, I made a propeller with cardboard. I cut a propeller in a length of 8cm and width of 2 cm. Then I stuck propeller to the water bottle cap and connected with the DC motor.

Unfortunately, the propeller was not able to spin or even move. In order to solve out this problem, I got feedback from the teachers. Then I found out that the propeller needs a certain tilted angle in order to be spun. Accordingly, I decided to remake a propeller of my product.


Then I found a made propeller. I overlayed four of them and stuck. However, there was a problem. The whole of the center of the propeller comparatively too big that the DC motor cannot be fixed. My new engineering task was to make it able to fix DC motor to the propeller.

I think again and again. Finally, the method that I came out with is to use the unnecessary piece of the laser cut. I found a drill bit that has a similar size to the DC motor and drilled a piece with it. Then, I stuck the piece with the propeller. Luckily, the piece fit into the motor very well, and the DC motor could be fixed.

           Click to See the video

Then, I tried out the propeller to see if it work and hopefully it worked!

Click to see light bulb lighting

Click to LED light bulb lighting

After that, I tried out different types of light bulbs (normal light bulb, LED etc) to see which one works the best. After the experiment, I found out LED lightbulb lights more brightly than the normal lightbulb. Then I considered the best way to make the house most bright.

And that was through aligning the leads in parallel. Since aligning the leads in series divide the power, I thought aligning them in parallel would make the bulbs light brighter. While aligning them, I learned that negative leads should always go with negative leads and positive leads should always go with positive leads.

Then I tried fitting them inside the house. Since the size of the house isn’t really big, I thought using two LED bulbs were enough because the leads also have to fit inside. Making the light bulb to face the windows were also hard because they were always located on the top of the house.

Finally, I decorated the product to make it look more aesthetic. I made a chimney using the PVC pipe and put the cotton inside to make it look like the smokes are coming out. I also made a flower garden with paper and pipe cleaner.

Engineering Process Post #2 (D&P)

Before I make an actual product, I had to make a model that shows how my design is going to work. On the paper, I sketched a model that my product is going to look like and organized the material and tool that I am going to use.


  • 1 DC Motor
  • Cardboard
  • 1 LightBulb
  • 4 Crocodile clip leads
  • 1 Water Bottle Cap
  • 1 switch
  • 1 Battery
  • PVC pipe


Then I thought about tools that I am going to use in order to connect each material. Because using to much glue gun, might make the product look more unorganized, I tried to avoid it as much as I could. Then, I decided to use wood glue, adhesive glue, and super glue to stick each piece later on.

After I’m done with my first model, I had a conversation with the professors. During the conversation, I found out that it is very not functional to use a switch to turn on the motor to turn on the light.

So, I decided to rebuild a new model that excludes the switch/ batter part of the original model. Below is the new model that I made:

After I got approved, I made a plan for creating this product (day by day). Since we were given 4 days to create the product, I decided to divide my production plan in to 4 days !

Day 1 (Wednesday): Plan. Sketch Model. Use Adobe Illustrator to make a laser cutting design. Locate needed materials. Get approved and post a blog.

Day 2 (Friday): Gather all the needed materials. Build a complete model. Try out.  If it doesn’t work, rebuild. Record data. Post a blog.

Day 3 (Tuesday): If needed, rebuild. If not, make any needed improvements to make the product more aesthetic. Record data. Post a blog.

Day 4 (Thursday): Make final improvements. Test several times in order to see that the product is working well. Ask for feedback. Record data. Post a blog.


Engineering Process Post #1

In this Engineering project, students were challenged to design a functional, aesthetically appealing, original, sustainable, durable and safe product that shows energy transfer. Then, I decided to make a product that students could use in order to learn physics. When I learned physics, it was easy to see one energy transforming into another, but it was difficult to discern more than three forces transforming with the naked eye. As a result, I decided to make a product that shows three visible energy convert. Since the product is targeted at the student, I thought I should make it safer, more interesting and more aesthetically appealing. To have more detail ideas about the product I am going to design, I decided to look over some designs that have already been invented by others.

Below are the ideas that I looked over:


From these ideas I thought the last two designs were very interesting, so I decided to discover more about these designs.

This was the first video that I got inspired from. This design shows conversion between electric energy and kinetic energy. I thought this idea was very functional and sustainable because it uses recyclable sources. However, I thought this design lacks aesthetic and safe aspects. Also, if I simply copy this idea to design my product, it will lack originality as well. As a result, I decided to research a few more ideas to add on.

This was the second video that I got inspired on. This design shows conversion from kinetic energy to electric energy to light energy. Also, as soon as I saw this video, I thought that this design is very aesthetically appealing and durable. However, after watching the whole video, I found out that it needs external wind in order to run this product. To get more ideas, I looked over more designs those are similar to the second design.

However, after watching several videos, I found out that it needs external wind in order to run this product.

After much consideration, I decided to make my own original design based on these two inspiration designs, so that it can fulfill all the requirements needed. I am thinking of designing a product that shows the transformation of electric energy to kinetic energy back to electric energy to light energy. In addition, I believe that this product could even be sustainable if it is made out of recycled materials. I hope this idea could be successful so it could be used for good purposes.

ONEDAY: Dance performance- Genesis

During the project, our group, ‘Genesis’ danced to 2 different K-Pop songs Shangri-La by VIXX and Crazy by 4minute. We decided to do this project because all of us like to dance to K-Pop songs and we feel more like us when we dance to the same choreography as each other.

To start of our project, we had to choose the songs we are going to dance to. In the beginning, we chose a song that was more energetic and addictive. However, when we went through the first minute of the song, we realized this song wasn’t challenging at all for us. We went through the minute of the song in 40 minutes. To make OneDay more interesting and challenging for us, we decided to dance to 2 different songs with a different style of music which had difficult choreography. Then, we made the mashup of the 2 songs. With all of the music and the choreography video ready, we started to learn the dance.

The first song, Shangri-La by VIXX is a song that is about a boy expressing his love towards the girl that he likes by telling her that she is his day and night and he needs her in his deep heart too. With this kind of lyrics, the mood of the song became more peaceful and elegant feeling. On the other side of the hand, our second song which was Crazy by 4minute was a song about a girl that shows off and tells people what she is an awesome girl that would make anyone crazy with her and fall in love with her. With the lyrics mostly being about crazy, the song is really powerful. The 2 different songs have a completely different mood which gives a huge impact on the audience.

As a final product, we performed to the whole ‘Just Dance’ crew our final dance. This is the performance we did:

During the whole OneDay project, we learned how to dance to different moods of the song at once.

Dangers of using substances for body shape


Altering body shape using the substance is very dangerous. However, lots of teenagers are still using those things alter their body just because they believe that it will make them look better. Experienced people say that they don’t get to focus on the things they have to if they are too worried about their appearance. Substances like diet pills and steroids have lots of side effects including irritability, aggressiveness, mood swings, acne, changes in sex organs, hair loss, and addiction. Not only physical changes, they might also cause restlessness, dizziness, and insomnia. Like this, they will negatively affect both physical and mental health. As soon as we start taking it, we will get tolerance which will make you take it more and more. Therefore, exercise and eating healthy food rather than just taking those medicine will give better results at the last.

Ignite week [Up-cycle old furniture Reflection]

During Ignite week, I had a chance to upcycle old furniture into a new, useful thing. In my case, I made a modern clock out of a broken table legs. I succeed in cutting the thick wood into 9 cube-shaped boxes and sand them. I put them all together and made decorations with laser cut acrylic. Challenges that I faced was finding ways to hang the clock on the wall and ways to connect mechanism to the body of the clock. I solved those challenges by screwing the hook into the wood. For the challenge of connecting, I dug a box to make mechanism is able to be hidden inside the centerpiece. Then I made a hole in the middle of the box so the hands of the clock come out. I also grew in creativity and innovation, my chosen L21 focus area. I was able to interest my target audience and gained the ability to select the best one from many different ideas. Overall, I could learn many different skills throughout the week. The most remember-able skill was learning how to use a drill. It helped me make a whole for any place I want. It also helped to screw in and out. It would be valuable in future because we can do lots of different things with the drill. Table saw was also shocking for me. It cut out the thick wood very straight in a very short time. I couldn’t use table saw by myself because it was too dangerous for young people to touch. I wish I could have a chance to use it after I grow up. It was nice to learn how to use woodworking tools and I liked the idea of upcycling old furniture.

Space race project Reflection

Our group created a rover which will land on Gliese 667 CC, an exoplanet to figure out if it is suitable for human existence. We succeed on making a great rover that has a temperature sensor and can move in different directions. We felt getting budgets and technology were most challenging. During this project, I developed in my creativity. I was able to advance my own opinion about making rover more efficient. There were a lot of skills that I learned during this project that would be valuable for me in the future such as getting to know how to 3D print, laser cut and code. Those skills will help me in the future while designing and making lots of different things.


Mentoring Trip Reflection

Last week, grade 8 students had a trip to Shi Men Shan, a beautiful village with amazing mountain view. During the trip, we were able to experience lots of things like climbing up the rocky mountains and building a bamboo raft to travel across the coast. In those activities, students all had to work together as a group to achieve success. I think working as a group made me improve on communication. For example, my rafting group tried to solve out the problems by communicating when we faced challenges and was able to build a succeedable bamboo raft. However, I was still struggling with the leadership. I didn’t really have the clarity to know the right things to do and motivate others. I think I have to work on it so I can show more leadership next time. Overall, I think the trip was amazing and I wish that I am able to have another trip soon.