Elevator Pitch Overfishing and Plastic Waste

For this project, I used plastic waste as an anchor to show that ISB can take action and teach about a problem to solve. I am focusing my work mostly on overfishing and how China has an overfishing problem if you want more details I am posting an essay soon. Here is the actual link to the video that mostly is focused on the overfishing part of my project.



  1. Don’t stammer, I did this a lot where I didn’t know what to say before you present to make sure you have practiced with family.
  2. More statistics!
  3. Keep eye contact more consistent.
  4. Try not to be stressed! These are people you know!

Grade 8 American Revolution in Plain English

After studying for two weeks with Mrs. Long about the American Revolution, our project was to create a video like one from Common Craft. After many hours of studying, we heard about a cool software, it was an app called videoscribe. I enjoyed using it and that made this fun. Some of the things that I like about videoscribe is that when you put in pictures in it “draws it” when you play the video. It is very easy to edit and use if you’ve never used it before. This project was a lot of fun and I hope we do this again.

Ethan’s Nonfiction blog post Our Choice By Al Gore

The book I chose to read was Our Choice. This book shows evidence that the climate crisis is true and what we can do to stop it. In the book, it tells you about all the different ways to get power and if they are practical for the situation. There are three that are the best, solar power, wind power, and geothermal power. (taking the heat from the earth to heat water to make steam to provide power)

In the book some ways this relates to my life is that Al Gore made sure that there were simple instructions in how to  build generators for power and to cut back on greenhouse gases. This book explains that people know about the climate crisis but they don’t want to help because they don’t know what to do. This book gives a perfect example of different things we can do and what is the best.

Solar generation: This is the power to harness the heat from the sun concentrate it and then make steam to turn a turbine to create electricity.

Water generation: This uses water from usually dams to spin a turbine creating power.

Wind generation: This uses the power of wind that is caused by the sun so when the wind is blowing the sun is shining and creating electricity.

Geothermal Generation: Pumping water into the earth’s crust and creating steam to spin a turbine.

Now all this point to an important part of solving the climate crisis communication online, all of these generators create electricity to communicate and organize events to solve the climate crisis. Thousands of teens unite to take a stand for the climate crisis.

These all are different things that relate to my life that connects me and the book Our Choice and as the book says “It’s our choice, let’s make the right one.”

Ethan’s Blog post on “The Fever Code”

Spoilers ahead you have been warned. In the book The Fever Code”, this is the 5th book in the series and explains the events in the first few books it also explains the setting and the characters.

The resolution consists of WICKED sends Thomas and some pychs to the scorch to test the reliability of signals. Then when Thomas gets back he gets attacked by some cranks (zombie-like people) and the chancellor activates the purge and Thomas and his friends must kill the cranks that are in the facility. Then Thomas is sent into the maze that they built to get tested he makes a proposal of keeping his memories but plots to betray them. WICKED then tricks him and takes away his memories and Thomas can’t do anything about it.

I like the resolution cause it shows how you shouldn’t trust anyone 100% also it is full of action and makes you want to stay up reading.



Blog post #2 Harry Potter and the Chamber Of Secrets

This is my soundtrack for exposition

My first song is stayin alive by the bee gees I picked this song since it is about being lucky and stayin alive which Harry does several times in the book.

My second song is we’re not gonna take it by twisted sister. This song is about being rebellious and breaking the rules which Harry does several times.

my third song is don’t stop believing by journey. This song is about perseverance and how you need to keep on trying.

My fourth song is I will survive. this is about how Harry always somehow survives no matter what.

My 5th song is called faith it is about how you have to have faith, Harry shows this several times.

My 6th song is fight song which is about how you have to always keep fighting.

my 7th song is you’ve got a friend in me that is about how you have friends and how they will stay by your side.

Sonnet To Self

You are a treasure full of precious gold

You have a flu a disease your now sick

Your face does not make you look very old

Your feet are so big it hurts when you kick

Your eyes are as blue as the deep ocean

Your arms are so beautiful they’re on fire

Your skin is so smooth you need no lotion

Your speeches are so good that I’m not tired

They take your greed but don’t let them be proud

You do not let them take control of you

You are not as pale as a bright white cloud

You are so beautiful I need no clue

And yet I think of thee every day

And now I shall wander and always pray

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Exposition

Dear Greg Hefley

Hello, my name is Ethan I am writing you to hope that you will write back. I would like to ask you some questions about your area, so in previous books, you wrote you would talk about going to the pool and how you hated it, but in this book, it focuses more on school and the holiday along with with your house. And I have some questions about those areas of setting and about you.

About your house, you found an old camera that you used with your friend Rowley to make a video. I thought that this was interesting since you like to play video games so I was wondering why you would switch to this. Also, you talked about how there were geese that would fly down to your town every fall but you said they were more aggressive than usual.  I was wondering if that had to do with weather or the temperature.

About your school, it seems like there are a lot of activities and you seem proud to be part of the” Champs” club. I feel that the name is very misleading as it was a club for kids who couldn’t pronounce their R’s. Also, you did something called a balloon brigade to get a jar of candy corn. I find it interesting that you are into a horror comic book series that have ridiculous titles like my teacher is a cannibal.

Now about the holiday Halloween, you mention this a lot through the beginning of the book like how until Halloween October is like torture to kids since there is a ton of candy commercials on TV, also about that balloon brigade you did you won the candy corn but the funny thing is you hid it but your pet pig found it and ate it all. also, you talked about how no one was coming to your house because of the geese they were chasing everyone away until the teenagers came. But you decided to go with your friend to a girl’s party that you liked and your mom came and set up some cheesy Halloween games but everyone liked them and then you left later when you had to go home.

Hopefully, you have read through this and you will write a response to me about the exposition of this book.


About The Blogger

About the blogger

 Small town boy witty leader, loves helping others and wanna be biologist.   Enjoys spending time with his grandpa and friends, stands up for others beliefs. He appreciates traveling the world!

1. Witty (ad): I chose this word since I am always thinking and learning. I like to use this knowledge to my advantage.2. Grandpa (n) I used this word since my grandpa has significantly shaped me into who I am he is a great inspiration in my life and important to me.

3. Appreciates (v) I used appreciates in An interesting way, when I put this word in my poem this is how I describe how grateful I am for what I have since when we travel my family sees how lucky we are, it also makes me grateful that the country that I live in is safe and that there isn’t a war there.

Handspan and Height

Handspan and Height

Who am I

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