Theater Design Project

For this project, we created a nightmare world on a fake theater stage. I always had a nightmare of sometime when I am sleeping, a random stranger comes to my room and stabs me. As you can see in my design, there is 3 background walls, the middle wall contains drawings of different types of knives all with blood on their edges. The outer walls contain blood markings all over the front. In the smack center of the stage, there is me with a sword going through my heart, blood leaking and me dead. Overall, I would consider myself unsuccessful considering my creativity lacked and my cutting skill also wasn’t the greatest. From this project, I learned how to be aware of how my audience can see everything, learned positioning objects in the theater and also my skills in cutting and gluing. If I were to do this project again, I would add a lot more objects in my theater like maybe a bed where I’m sleeping and another actor there who stabs me. I would also be more creative with my back walls, draw better knives and think of something that looks better than just red dots.

Kevin Yu’s design: I see a table and a chair with a round moving circle in the middle of the table, no one sitting on the chair. There is a black wall at the back. This limited objects and empty space shows the amount of isolation and loneliness in the room, Kevin’s nightmare is about him being lonely and by himself without anyone. The things that sticks out about this design is the solo seat. The fact there is just one seat there and a small table shows all of the emotions in his design. With these emotions, I would consider Kevin both successful and unsuccessful. I think that Kevin lacks creativity in his design and doesn’t have enough materials to see what can be done if actually acted. Although as I said, his design as a lot of emotion. Next time if I was Kevin, I would maybe add a person on the stool and maybe put some words on the back wall to show his depression.

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The Dangers of the New Generation

My topic this Capstone project was Obesity, where you are grossly overweight and fat. I have learned about the dangers of that issue and how this problem is increasing in China in the newest generation. From this project, I educated people the issue of obesity in China and made people more aware of this issue that isn’t overly significant in China. Before this project, I believed that obesity was inexistent in China and only was a problem in USA. But after hours of research, My belief has changed. If I could do this project again, I would spend more time planning my documentary and editing my iMovie. For the next year 8th grade students, I want them to know that this project requires a lot of focus, research and planning. And they should pick a topic that they are interested in.

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Graphing Flying Balls

During the end of module 4, we started a project in math called the catapult project. The purpose was to build a catapult that can fly a ping pong ball. The goal was to graph the height distance and time. We used the design thinking process to build it.


From this project, I learned how to better analyze graphs and write them. I also learned how to design catapults and make it look good and work well. Next time, I would design a better catapult. This project helped me learn about each part about a quadratic graph in all forms and made my graphing life easier.


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Saving a Dying City

Have you ever imagined a perfect world? Where problems didn’t exist and the sky was actually blue. This was what went through Lina’s mind the entire time she lived in ember. She always thought that their was a way out of ember to the land she always dreamed of. And in the end, Doon and her found the way out of a dying city. They had to go through many hardships to get out of the city, and because Lina was motivated, they saved the people of Ember.


Lina was born in a dying Ember. Because there is no sky in Ember, they rely on lamps for light, and even the lamps were starting to flicker. They were also running out of precious resources that the early ember had a lot of. Once Lina’s grandma found a hidden box inside their closet, the letter was chewed up by Lina’s sister Poppy, so Lina had a hard time identifying the word’s on it. She finds her friend Doon, which she knows also wants to solve Ember, and they start figuring the letter out. The letter was talking about how to leave Ember to the outside world. So Lina and Doon followed the Instructions and they brought Poppy along with them on the trip. The entire trip took a couple of days and nights and once it was over, they finally found the way out of Ember. The book ends with Lina and Doon throwing down a message to Ember saying the instructions to get out.


Therefore, Lina and Doon’s heroic actions saved all the people of Ember and kept the human race alive. Clearly with some bravery and courage, anything can be done and you can succeed.


movie trailer

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Polymer Journal #4

Polymer Journal #4 by Evan Lou

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Polymer Journal #3

Polymer Journal #3 by Evan Lou

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Polymer Journal #2

Polymer Journal #2 by Evan Lou

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Polymer Journal #1

Polymer Journal #1 by Evan Lou

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A stunning view

From the top, I looked down at the beautiful view. So stunned I saw a big fog in the middle of a circle of mountains. This was a once in a life time experience as 80 percent of the days in Beijing are polluted. I was standing their like a god of the great wall and China. I walked down the wall and the experience ended.

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The Fake Elevator

The Fake Elevator by Evan Lou


For this multimedia post, I based my post around the theme of the ersatz elevator. Also showing a bit about the conflict.

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