Polymer Journal #1

Polymer Journal #1 by Evan Lou

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A stunning view

From the top, I looked down at the beautiful view. So stunned I saw a big fog in the middle of a circle of mountains. This was a once in a life time experience as 80 percent of the days in Beijing are polluted. I was standing their like a god of the great wall and China. I walked down the wall and the experience ended.

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The Fake Elevator

The Fake Elevator by Evan Lou


For this multimedia post, I based my post around the theme of the ersatz elevator. Also showing a bit about the conflict.

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The Day My Life Changed

Image citations:

The White Helmets, heroes of Syrian civil war, barred from attending Academy Awards



Why Putin Should Stop Assad’s Barrel Bomb Attacks



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The Syrian War in Plain English

The arab spring and syrian revolution had a huge impact globally. Millions of refugees had to flee the area and many more had died from the war. These wars had a very huge foreign impact as many countries around the world chose there side. Unfortunately the war is still going on and more and more people are dying by the second. Since the start of the revolution, the entire Arab area is in war with there leaders and there has been very little that changed

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Tortured at School

Tortured at School by Evan Lou

For my multimedia blog post, i made a representation of the conflict that the Baudelaire children had. They had to go against Count Olaf like they had to every single book.


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The Academy of Death

Have you ever had to run laps over and over again every single night for 9 days when you’re supposed to be sleeping? Of course not, that is child abuse and that is what happened to the Baudelaire children. At the beginning of the story, the Baudelaire children were forced to go to boarding school, because of the death of their parents. Shortly after joining the school, count Olaf joined the school to become a disguised PE teacher. Every night he forced the 3 Baudelaire children to run laps without stopping. This affected the children’s grade in school and with their new friend at school the Quagmire’s, they thought of a plan to improve the Baudelaire’s grades in school. “The Quagmire triplets tried to disguise as the Baudelaire’s so the Baudelaire’s could go and study for the test.” (Snicket, 89) This quote shows what plan they had to allow the Baudelaire’s to study for all of the tests all night so they wouldn’t be expelled. At the end, the Baudelaire children aced all of their tests, but however, there was still one problem, Count Olaf had found out about their plan and had kidnaped the Quagmire triplets. Mr. Poe, the person who had taken care of them after the parent’s death, then arrived on the scene at the worse timing ever as the Quagmire triplets had already been kidnapped by Count Olaf. But before the door closes, one of the quagmire children shouts something, “Look in the notebook! V.F.D!” (165) However, Count Olaf had taken the notebook and drove off before the Baudelaire’s could have looked into the notebook.


I myself have had several conflicts like this as well. I would have been very tired before taking a test because I have studied a lot for the test the night before. I in return had done very bad on that test. However, the reason I was tired wasn’t because of running laps overnight, like the Baudelaire children did.



The Impact Of Tiredness And Fatigue On Learning

Manage Your Time


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Drug Use

A lot of teenagers care a lot about how they look. They care about how people think about them. That is one reason why teenagers will take drugs. However, there are many dangers in taking weight loss drugs. The highest risk is immediate death, other problems are brain and heart damage and many things that will not make you feel bad. If teenagers want to look well and skinny, they should take a safer option like exercising. Exercising makes you feel well and calm afterwards and will make you skinnier and stronger.

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Roman Gladiator Crowned Winner

Roman Fighter Crowned Winner by Evan Lou

This month, I decided to do something different. A magazine cover about ancient Rome. I thought this may be a bit more creative and would improve my post. This magazine cover is about a gladiator fight during ancient Rome.

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The Boxer Rebellion

The Boxer Rebellion was a very important part of China’s history. It involves China’s relationship with the foreigners. The boxer rebellion also had a huge influence in what China is today. Watch this video to see what the Boxer rebellion really was.

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