Internal Migration in China

The issue I’ve focused on for this project was the Internal migration in China and how this impacts the Chinese economic growth. I’ve learned that the impact of immigration was more severe than what I thought and that the effects caused by this were underrated. During the documentary filming process, I went to the Beijing West Train Station and had a walk around the place to get to know the environment there. It was quite impressive to see how it was so different to what I’ve expected. The fact that there were way more migrants than what I was waiting, I felt that the migration was a really serious and controversial problem for the economy for one’s country. From surveying with the survey questions, I’ve created to make my documentary with the footages that I’ve taken. It was a project for me to experience various ways to express my thinking and opinion. If I can do this project, I’ll take less time researching because I took too much time to do that since it wasn’t an efficient way to spend my time. If the 8th graders next year do the Capstone project, I’ll recommend them to spend time wisely and get done with the things you need to get done in time because if you don’t, you’ll probably rush towards the end of the project. Overall, I feel very proud of myself.

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Shoot for the Goal


  1. Catapult Design

2. Catapult Function & Graph (Height vs. Distance, Height vs. Time)

3. Peer-Assessment

4. Self-Assessment


Summing up module 4, this catapult project was a great way to show and express our understanding of quadratic functions. Our purpose for this project was to make a catapult that achieved the success criteria that was set on the catapult planning sheet.

By this project, we were able to extend our understanding of quadratic functions to the real world and use the three forms of function in various ways. It was quite challenging when it came to building the catapult since the catapult didn’t function as we wanted, however, as a whole, the final product worked pretty well and satisfied all success criteria we set earlier. The catapult project definitely helped me deepen my understanding of quadratic functions as well as the three forms of functions.

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Polymer Project Journal #4

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Light it Up

“There is so much darkness in Ember, Lina. It’s not just outside, it’s inside us, too. Everyone has some darkness inside. It’s like a hungry creature. It wants and wants and wants with a terrible power. And the more you give it, the bigger and hungrier it gets.”  (Duprau, 168) The City of Ember written by Jeanne Duprau is a dystopian fiction novel that takes place at an underground city built approximately 200years ago by the city builders. Lina and Doon, the two main characters of the book, are courageous protagonists that are willing to find a path for their future. When most of the people were expecting time to solve it all for them, those two took the risk and figured out the truth of the secrets and mysteries that were kept unlocked and hidden. “That’s the solution he keeps telling us about. its a solution for him, not the rest of us. he gets everything he needs, and we get the leftovers! He doesn’t care about the city. Al he cares about is his fat stomach!”(158) The selfish leader keeping all the good to himself and not telling… One of the antagonists of the book was the mayor, who took all the benefit for himself and not for the others. This part of the story seemed somewhat relatable and similar to the world we are living in right now. The behind-the-scenes and the hidden stories made up by the people who we were told to trust… The story made me wonder about our society as well. The true dark side of one’s society hidden by fake laughter and fake light… Maybe this is our story too. All in all, this story made me think back to our lives and our society.

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Polymer Project Journal #3

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Polymer Project Journal #2

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Polymer Project Journal #1

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#29 “Phoenix Town Hunan” by. Jessica Shan

Welcome to Phoenix Town, the place where history lives and grows

Everybody is welcomed to come enjoy the experience of life in Hunan

You’re welcome to have fun in the antique buildings where you can see the water that once used to be blue and the old wooden tourist boats that once were to be shiny new.

Phoenix Town, the town full of laughter when the sun is up and quiet when the sun is down, come feel the life of Hunan here

Everybody is welcomed

See you there

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Am I Heartless?

“It is a dangerous thing to unbelieve something only because it frightens you.” (Meyer, 264)

Heartless, written by Marissa Meyer, is the story of the young Queen of Hearts we know by the famous Alice in Wonderland. Catherine, the future Queen of Hearts, is a passionate teenage girl who dreams of having her own bakery someday when she grows up. Unlike the Queen of Hearts we know today, she used to be a pure and innocent girl who enjoyed spending time with her best friend/maid Mary Ann. Because of her unfortunate situation of being born as a Marquess’ daughter, who was soon to be queen, she has always been keeping her dreams to herself. On the way, she finds true love, true friendship, and a true goal. Their destinies weren’t meant to but they fell in love, love that will end soon. Jest, a king’s joker, and Catherine, the future queen.

This drawing explains Catherine’s fortunate and unfortunate life of being future queen by simple symbols and sketches of her expectation to reality. The left top corner represents her impossible goal of owning her own bakery and living a peaceful life while the right bottom corner represents reality, who she is. Some express sad situations and some express happiness. As living a life of a future queen, the character develops to be more vicious and rebellious. For the sake of love, she decides to be queen and decides to be who she is as the Queen of Hearts we know her as. Will you call her heartless for all of her right and wrong decisions, or will you call her hapless? “Sometimes your heart is the only thing worth listening to” (152) So you choose.


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Step By Step

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