Light it Up

“There is so much darkness in Ember, Lina. It’s not just outside, it’s inside us, too. Everyone has some darkness inside. It’s like a hungry creature. It wants and wants and wants with a terrible power. And the more you give it, the bigger and hungrier it gets.”  (Duprau, 168) The City of Ember written by Jeanne Duprau is a dystopian fiction novel that takes place at an underground city built approximately 200years ago by the city builders. Lina and Doon, the two main characters of the book, are courageous protagonists that are willing to find a path for their future. When most of the people were expecting time to solve it all for them, those two took the risk and figured out the truth of the secrets and mysteries that were kept unlocked and hidden. “That’s the solution he keeps telling us about. its a solution for him, not the rest of us. he gets everything he needs, and we get the leftovers! He doesn’t care about the city. Al he cares about is his fat stomach!”(158) The selfish leader keeping all the good to himself and not telling… One of the antagonists of the book was the mayor, who took all the benefit for himself and not for the others. This part of the story seemed somewhat relatable and similar to the world we are living in right now. The behind-the-scenes and the hidden stories made up by the people who we were told to trust… The story made me wonder about our society as well. The true dark side of one’s society hidden by fake laughter and fake light… Maybe this is our story too. All in all, this story made me think back to our lives and our society.

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