Shoot for the Goal


  1. Catapult Design

2. Catapult Function & Graph (Height vs. Distance, Height vs. Time)

3. Peer-Assessment

4. Self-Assessment


Summing up module 4, this catapult project was a great way to show and express our understanding of quadratic functions. Our purpose for this project was to make a catapult that achieved the success criteria that was set on the catapult planning sheet.

By this project, we were able to extend our understanding of quadratic functions to the real world and use the three forms of function in various ways. It was quite challenging when it came to building the catapult since the catapult didn’t function as we wanted, however, as a whole, the final product worked pretty well and satisfied all success criteria we set earlier. The catapult project definitely helped me deepen my understanding of quadratic functions as well as the three forms of functions.

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