Internal Migration in China

The issue I’ve focused on for this project was the Internal migration in China and how this impacts the Chinese economic growth. I’ve learned that the impact of immigration was more severe than what I thought and that the effects caused by this were underrated. During the documentary filming process, I went to the Beijing West Train Station and had a walk around the place to get to know the environment there. It was quite impressive to see how it was so different to what I’ve expected. The fact that there were way more migrants than what I was waiting, I felt that the migration was a really serious and controversial problem for the economy for one’s country. From surveying with the survey questions, I’ve created to make my documentary with the footages that I’ve taken. It was a project for me to experience various ways to express my thinking and opinion. If I can do this project, I’ll take less time researching because I took too much time to do that since it wasn’t an efficient way to spend my time. If the 8th graders next year do the Capstone project, I’ll recommend them to spend time wisely and get done with the things you need to get done in time because if you don’t, you’ll probably rush towards the end of the project. Overall, I feel very proud of myself.

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