American Revolution Common Craft Video

The American Revolution is what made America itself as we know it today. Though America might not be the mother country of everybody’s, it’s true that America had an influence on most perspectives for a lot of different countries. Though we can’t say that the American revolution had 100% impact, it’s clear that America was the start of all of these developments and achievements we’ve earned today.

Political, technological, cultural, and economic changes might’ve been made since the American revolution however it was most likely to be developed from what they had from the past. Language, law, inventions, and war. Just because we don’t see it directly doesn’t mean that there is no change and development made in our life. Overall, by this project, I got to learn the start of America, one of the most impactful countries existing today.

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Time is Life

Momo written by Michael Ende is originally a storybook for children but is also read by many adults especially those who live a busy life and are rushed. This book makes the reader realize how important it is to make time for yourself and others by listening no matter how long it takes them to do so.
As a representation of what the author intended to say to the readers, I made a poster including one of my favorite quotes mentioned in this book “Time is life, and life exists in our hearts, and the more of it that the people saved, the less they actually had.” (Ende, 77) as well as various symbols that represented the whole book. Just to briefly tell what story is about, the book is about little young Momo -shown as the girl with a messy bun on the poster, going on an adventurous journey with the help of a tortoise called Cassiopeia -shown as a picture of a tortoise, to turn back everything back to normal from the Men in Grey- shown as a man in a suit. The Men in Grey were a group of time stealers. Because of them, people started to get a little too busy and nobody was able to enjoy their feelings. Of course with Time and Cassiopeia’s help, she was able to turn back time and return back home safely. Though this story may seem a little childish, it was a great book for me to think back and reflect on my life. It taught me a very important lesson that time is limited and the worth of time depends on how and what I use it on. “Calendars and clocks exist to measure time, but that signifies little because we all know that an hour can seem an eternity or pass in a flash, according to how we spend it.” (173)


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Tik Tok, there goes Time

Do you ever need that one person that would ACTUALLY listen to you? The one that will listen and will somehow relief your stress? Momo from the book Momo written by Michael Ende is the perfect listener everybody needs at least once in their lifetime. In the book, she goes on a physical and philosophical journey to learn the nature of time and save the world from boredom. Unlike most fantasy novel main characters, Momo is nothing like unique or special but instead more like “normal”. She doesn’t have any superpowers, castles, or treasures but has one great ability to be able to make time to listen to others. The novel takes place in a very busy society where you can save time in your bank account. However, a little too busy that they won’t even notice when the Men in Grey steals time away from them. When nobody has time to listen to others, Momo stays consistent and makes time for every person by trying her best to help out. “Momo listened to everyone and everything- even to the rain and the wind and the pine tree- and all of them spoke to her after their own fashion” (Ende, 21) The story is a basic representation of how special and important it is to listen no matter how long it takes to do so. “Time is life, and life exists in our hearts, and the more of it that the people saved, the less they actually had.” (77)

There are times when we don’t notice what is really important. Sometimes you may go through a situation and think of it as if it’s no big deal. With our brains stuck with the mindset ‘time never waits for you’ some of us are too busy to feel our feelings and dream our dreams. As people say, you only live once, but you also only die once so why get so busy forgetting about making your own life? Like our busy lives, the book Momo expresses a society where everybody is in a rush. “People never seemed to notice that, by saving time, they were losing something else. No one cared to admit that life was becoming ever poorer, bleaker and more monotonous. The ones who felt this most keenly were the children because no one had time for them anymore.” (77) People never have time to care about themselves or others and can only think of going forward not looking back. “Calendars and clocks exist to measure time, but that signifies little because we all know that an hour can seem an eternity or pass in a flash, according to how we spend it.” (173) I found this part of the book relatable since the lives we are living now is similar to what the characters in the book have gone through. As I grow up and take a step forward to becoming a young adult, the more I realize how busy our lives are. Students competing against each other for better results, workers rushing to do what they’re told to do, and people just trying so hard to thrive and stay alive in this chaos full of competitions… While reading the book, I’ve reflected on my life as well as our lives and perceived that making time for others or even myself is a very important skill that we all need to learn. Momo trying to save her friends from the grey threat in an hour to escape the society full of boredom and business is definitely a challenge, but overall, her time spent on that rescue leads to happiness and smiles on people’s faces. Which perfectly explains the message Michael Ende, the author, wanted to tell the readers.

All in all, Momo’s journey to save her friends from the rush and business gave a great message of using time right and also not wasting it. The concept of time varies based on how well you use it and what you use it on. People seem to not recognize what is really important and gets so caught up in achieving that something when that process is already the achievement. But as the book tells you, making time for that somebody -which can be yourself or that random person walking across the street- can really make a difference. So use time wisely and listen to others because Tik Tok, time never waits for you.


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I’m Fine, Save Me

Will you do the right thing, or the wrong? If you do nothing and the person is in need of help, that would be a tragedy. You might be that person’s only hope. You might be the person who changes someone else’s life for the better. (Hall 220) The non-fiction book Hidden Girl was written by Shyima Hall, who went through child slavery at the age of 8. The book portrays her own feelings and experiences at that time by explaining her true story. This collage that I’ve created is a straight-forward representation of the book itself and the general concept/theme of human trafficking. As seen above, there’s a girl putting her hands on the window, staring outside where it’s full of darkness and misery. The scenes that are presented outside the window cell was the reality Shyima had to go through whether or not she liked it because When you are a slave your life belongs to someone else (Hall 213). Child slavery with no freedom and no rights… Dry and bloody lips caused by violence and harassment… All of these were hard for a young girl to handle by herself. She had to say that she was fine when she actually needed help. To clearly show these elements of the story, I’ve picked photos that suited her situation as well as this quote “I’m Fine” which becomes “Save Me” when you turn it upside down. Hoping the world to change, I believe there is a reason, a purpose, for everything in this life, and I know that my purpose is to help put a permanent stop to this terrible crime (Hall 224). This was Shyima’s story.

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Dangers of dietary drugs

An average person looks in the mirror at least five times a day. Which is about 1825 times in a year. Unfortunately, the more they look themselves in the mirror, more teens feel dissatisfied with their looks. Surprisingly most of the reasons why they think this way is because of their body shape. These are five dangerous substances used to alter body shape:

  1. Fen-phen: Fen-phen, also known as the ‘magic bullet’ is a popular drug that is used for weight loss. Some side effects are heart failure, valvular heart disease, and pulmonary hypertension.
  2. Dinitrophenol (DNP): DNP was used as an explosive and a chemical pesticide in the past however it has been discovered that it has great weight loss as side effects. This drug has been banned by the FDA but is still sold online and bought mostly by athletes and bodybuilders. Some severe side effects of DNP include heavy sweating, shortness of breath, cataract, and overheats of the human body.
  3. Ephedrine: Ephedrine is currently used as a stimulant and appetite suppressant. It’s known to be used widely by athletes as a performance-enhancing drug and has been banned by the FDA as a weight loss drug/supplement. Some side effects of Ephedrine are the heart attack, tremor, the risk of stroke, and cardiac arrhythmia.
  4.  Clenbuterol: Clenbuterol, also known as clen, is a drug prescribed for humans suffering from breathing problems. It was used by bodybuilders and athletes as a performance-enhancing drug before it got banned by the Internation Olympic Committee. Some serious sides effects are chest pain, hyperthyroidism,  cardiac arrhythmia, and dangerously high or low BP.
  5. Meridia: Meridia was an appetite suppressant that got withdrawn from the market in 2010. Though it has been banned dozens of supplements have been found to contain disclosed amounts of sibutramine. Side effects of Meridia include confusion, suicidal thoughts, depression, and sometimes even sudden death.

Do you think that this is a smart idea?

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A Closer Look at the Boxer Rebellion

During the 19th century, the boxer rebellion, led by a Chinese secret group, the Society of Righteous and Harmonious Fists, had begun carrying out regular attacks on foreigners and Chinese Christians. The people referred as the boxers performed calisthenics rituals and martial arts that they believed would give them the ability to withstand bullets and other forms of attack. On the field trip we went last week, we learned/visited 9 significant sites that had gotten influenced by the Boxer Rebellion back then. So in this video, I will be talking about the four significant places I chose which I think represented the situation well at that time.

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There’s Always a Rainbow After the Rain

“When we are young, it often is the emotion of an experience that status with us the longest. A child might not remember the details of a bad dream, but the feeling of terror the dream brings can remain for a lifetime. That’s how that day is for me” (Hall 20). The book Hidden Girl is a non-fiction novel that features a gloomy memoir of the author Shyima Hall who went through child slavery when she was 8. This book, full of dark perspectives of this world, informs the readers how human trafficking impacts one’s life.

At the age of eight, Shyima was living in Egypt with her family when her older sister stole something from the family she was working for. Because the family had to pay back the debt for the stolen valuable, they chose Shyima as the solution. Without Shyima being able to understand the situation, she forcefully had to move to another place, torn away from her family. The author tries to connect with the reader by expressing her true feelings at that time. All the fear, misunderstanding, and confusion. She mentions about how people notice the difference between good and bad but still chooses to make the wrong choice. “I know many people who are full of shades of gray. These people can deliberate and debate a decision for weeks and never move forward. Those people walk between the lines of good and bad and never find either.” (198) and “Will you do the right thing, or the wrong? If you do nothing and the person is in need of help, that would be a tragedy. You might be that person’s only hope. You might be the person who changes someone else’s life for the better.” (220) These two quotes show her thoughts towards other people including curiosity-why are they, wrath-how dare they, and tragedy-why did they.

Shyima goes through violence, harassment, and mistreatment from the family she got sent to in Egypt and from the “Captors” that took her with to the US after three years of serving in Egypt. But fortunately, at the end of the day, after all the hard work, Shyima gets rescued from all that tragedy. Though, we may think that the tragedy is over, it was a new chapter of fear and terror for Shyima, of course in a different way. “I was beyond terrified when I was rescued. For years I had been told that if the police came to get me, bad things would happen, things that were far worse than what I’d lived with every day” (Hall 222). She was scared and frightened about the society, people, and everything basically. When she moved to the US and got noticed by the police for rescue, Shyima didn’t know how to speak English. It was something she had to learn. Thankfully, Shyima later got adopted and learned how to speak English, graduated high school, and became a proud US citizen. After all of THIS, she tells us the readers the lessons she’ve learnt from the experiences; “With the help of your vigilant eyes and ears, every child, every person, can live a wonderful life of their choosing” (224), “I believe there is a reason, a purpose, for everything in this life, and I know that my purpose is to help put a permanent stop to this terrible crime” (224).

Like it’s shown in the novel, human trafficking whether or not it’s child slavery, is still a major problem some minorities have to face. A real-life example can be the situation happening in Eritrea. Children in Eritrea are engaged in child labor including in agriculture and street work. Though the government has tried to eliminate the worst happenings, because of the complicit in the use of forced child labor and forced military recruitment of children, there were no clear advancements made. This is a very unfortunate situation that is happening on the other side of the world. The saddest fact is that this is not the only place like it. Some are even worse.

Adults say to us, “Go enjoy your life, make it yours. Nobody lives your life for you.” By these sayings, some of us, kids, get annoyed and vexed without knowing how much of a thankful statement that is. There are kids like the author, Shyima, who wasn’t able to go enjoy her life and make it hers. Nobody actually does live it for you but they might be the ones who live it for you. Like the book’s theme, the human trafficking that causes unimaginable harm should stop for all good causes. Because everybody has a reason and a purpose for everything in this life.

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We all have angels, we all have devils

Lord of the Flies by Fennel Son

“What are we? Humans? Or animals? Or savages?” (Golding, 79) The theme of the book Lord of the Flies is that we all have inner beasts and savagery hidden inside. The British schoolboys’ survival at an unknown island without any adult supervision was tough and challenging. While the attempts for survival, unfortunate events occur such as some getting injured and some getting killed. Surprisingly, the story introduces to the readers that the cause of the boys’ death all started from the other boys’ savagery, secretly stored inside them. “There were no words, and no movements but the tearing of teeth and claws.” (153) The boys notice their inner beasts and brutality that they have never faced before which becomes the source of future trouble. The fights and “wars” between the boys gets portrayed as a process of discovering the inner side of each and every one of them that has never noticed before. Furthermore, the author describes these scenes as if it’s a process of growth and struggle every child should go through. The novel Lord of the Flies shows a group of British schoolboys struggling at an unhabitable island without any help of adults and noticing their hidden identities no one has ever known before. In my book cover, it shows a person’s face covered with a beast’s face which represents the double-identities the boys have as well as a pair of glasses that represents a big element and symbol of the book.

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What if…

Can you imagine yourself stuck on an uninhabitable island with a group of friends about your age without the help of adults? The novel Lord of the Flies written by William Golding is an adventurous story that includes the English schoolboys’ survival, and them finding their true identity. But of course, looking at the cardinal components of a book, the setting of the story brings us to the uncharted island the boys have landed by an unanticipated plane crash.

The whole story takes place where it’s all damp, heated, and summery, just like any other tropical islands. The weather changes frequently throughout the whole novel because the weather is used to emphasize or stress a specific stage of the story. “A steady current of heated air rose all day from the mountain and was thrust to ten thousand feet; revolving masses of gas piled up the static until the air was ready to explode. By early evening the sun had gone and a brassy glare had taken the place of clear daylight.” (Golding, 145) This line was an ominous description of the odd weather of the island which meant that something unfortunate or adverse was going happen. “There were no words, and no movements but the tearing of teeth and claws.” (153) As expected, the downpour has started straight after Simon’s horrific death caused by the beasts; the other boys’ violent killing. Therefore, it is clear that the description of weather changed the mood of the story as well as what was going to happen. This was a creative way to describe transitions.

The main reasons why the English schoolboys were challenged to survive on the island were because of the unique environment they landed on. The island was an unfamiliar place the boys have never lived at nor imagined living at. “The silence of the forest was more oppressive than the heat, and at the hour of the day, there was not even the whine of insects” (49) The island was a tropical island containing a thick jungle and a dense underground full of plenty of goods; like wild fruits and roaming pigs. When the boys finally saw the whole island from the top of the mountain, they started building specific plans for survival and started to use the natural structures for their own good. A good example can be the boys taking advantage of the reefs, platforms, mountains, and beaches. Of course, they have imposed fire into their living however, it was clearly shown in the novel that the setting of the story was harmonizing with the characters’ lives. The short descriptions of the island made the reader visualize the situation in their mind, which made the reader understand more clearly and easily what was going on.

Moreover, the setting is the base for everything. Without the setting, the story cannot be continued nor started. The frequent change of weather, that portrayed the transition of the story, and the unfamiliar setting of the story, that helped the story continue on with a unique theme, both helped us readers visualize and picture ourselves in that situation. Without these setting elements, we wouldn’t be able to deeply think of the story and apply ourselves in that situation.


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MSND Magazine Cover

Hermia, the daughter of Egeus, is portrayed as a strong-willing character full of bravery. She significantly shows her bravery in line 79 when she says “So will I grow, so live, so die, my lord. Ere I will yield my virgin patent up Unto his lordship, whose unwished yoke my soul consents not to give sovereignty.” (Shakespear, 79) She has a very strong belief in herself and doesn’t easily get convinced by people. She is also very strong-willing with living her own life. Hermia is a character who will choose death than marriage with a man she does not love. She may seem childish and disobeying but she is a character who prioritizes her happiness, freedom, and life. This piece of information is shown in line 150 when she says; “If then true lovers have been ever crossed, It stands as an edict in destiny. Then let us teach our trial patience, Because it is a customary cross. As due to love as thoughts and dreams and sighs, Wishes and tears, poor fancy’s followers.” (Shakespear, 150) The Hermia character in the Mid Summer Night’s Dream story may seem like a disobedient child towards her dad, Egeus, however, she is a character full of empathy and bravery who has a strong-willing in life.


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