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<9:53 First day of 8th Grade> -Aug. 16th, 2017

New year, new start, new people, and new classes. August 14th, 2017 was the start of everything new. I’ve become an 8th grader and was very nervous about that. 8th grade is the last year of middle school and also the preparation step for high school. Therefore, I got really anxious and worried when I arrived to school. I was worried about myself not being able to fit in with my class and my friends. However, unlike my thoughts, as soon as I went to my class, my friends from 7th grade came to me and gave me a huge hug. Then we started asking each other how our summer was, and talked about our outfits of the day. To be honest, I missed my friends a lot during the summer so I guess that’s why we were so hyped up to see each other. That morning I felt really thankful and grateful for having such amazing friends.

On the way to class and in the classroom, I met other great friends there! Since it was a new start of the year, everybody seemed nervous and awkward but I knew that it would be an amazing year together so I felt very excited on one side. Also, my two homeroom teachers, Mr. Fidler and Mr. O’Keefe, seemed very caring and encouraging so I felt comforted.

After the formal “stuff you do in the beginning of the year” was over, I had lunch with my friends and really enjoyed my time. But while we were in line for lunch we all thought of our position right now. We are now called 8th graders, the end of middle school life and start of prepping for the future, we felt so strange because recalling last year’s memories, 8th grade seemed like a long way up. But facing reality, we were in that position right now! That’s crazy. Time went by so quick and now I’m on the final stage of middle school. Even though there will be lots of mistakes and struggles made, I will never give up on a task and always try my best.

To conclude my various thoughts of 8th grade, I’m just going to hope for a few things. It’s to just enjoy my life as an 8th grader and to have a safe / healthy year with my friends and teachers. I know that it will be an amazing year, so let’s go for it!


<So, I’ve been blogging for two weeks now…> -Aug. 24th, 2017

I’ve been blogging for 2 weeks now and I feel like I’m a blank canvas and a blank palette all ready to be filled with beautiful colors. I’m learning a lot of blogging techniques and methods which I believed was like a set of art tools all ready to be used to create beautiful pieces of art. Not only blogging on my site, but I believe that I’m continuously growing academically these days after I became an 8th grader so I really think that these set of art tools and materials represent my present self very well. Also, to talk about my overall opinion about blogging, I really feel like blogging is a great way to show your life and idea using multi-media sources. At first it might be challenging, but once you get used to it, you will get so into blogging just like me! Blogging is also an easy way to share information with others whether its academically related or not. If I have any goals for blogging this year, I just hope that my canvas and palette gets filled completely with various colors and shades by the end of the year:)


<Renaissance Unit: Rubric, and What I learned> -Sep. 18th, 2017


<2017-2018 Trimester 1 SMART Goals> -Sep. 25th , 2017

-Review learnt materials

-Class notes, quizlet, or any resources given

-No procrastination

-Working proficiently

-Stationary organization

-Locker and desk organization

-Read ‘Book of The Month’

-30mins everyday


-Stretch more

-Every hour stretch for 10 mins


-Soccer practice + morning jog during weekends

-Sleep more / Sleeping early

-Before or at midnight

-Eat breakfast

-Simple meal for the day

-Healthy diet (aka. No junk food)

-No chips

-Use time efficiently

-No procrastination

-More time with family


-More leisure time

-Enjoy my time of life

-More Er Hu practice

-Once every two days for 30 mins


-Desk and room clean up



<Personal Reflection- October> -Oct. 23rd, 2017

<<Personal Reflections- October.docx>>

Mentoring Objective: 

Identify personal strengths and areas for self improvement.


  1. Reflect back on your year so far in Grade 8.

Have a look through your Learning Log and then:


  • List up to 5 personal strengths that you have learned about yourself and/or that you have developed so far this year.

-Advanced vocabulary usage

-Use of different multimedia sorces


-Socratic seminars

-Frequent participation in Group working sessions


  • List 2-5 areas for self-improvement that you would like to target for the remaining part of your school year

-Time management

-Task proficiency afterschool



  1. What aspects of your Grade 8 year have you really enjoyed so far?

-Collaborating with others with a given topic, Sharing information with others, Learning and exploring new skills both academically and socially


  1. What aspects of Grade 8 Humanities have you found challenging

-Coming up with a general idea and gathering all informations together to come up with one solution


  1. What are you really looking forward to for the remainder of this school year?

-More opportunities to work as groups and share ideas


  1. List two books you read so far this year.

-Counting By 7s

-Number the Stars


  1. List two books you plan to read before the end of the school year.

-The Book Theif



<Student As a Learner Rubric> -Oct. 23rd, 2017

<<Student As a Learner.docx>>

  Needs Improvement Satisfactory Exemplary










Has shown reluctance or a negative disposition toward learning


Does not respond well to feedback from others or use it to make improvements


Has shown disrespect to others



Has difficulty responding appropriately to challenges


Is positive about own learning by exhibiting a growth mindset



Accepts feedback and uses it to improve



Is respectful to others when communicating


Responds effectively when facing challenges

Motivates others with his/her positive disposition toward learning and growth mindset


Proactively seeks and acts upon feedback



Demonstrates compassion for others through actions


Accepts challenges and takes risks to advance learning

Comment: I have shown a positive attitude upon my own learning and accepted various challenges and risks. I also accepted / seeked feedback for better progress in learning.













Comes to class unprepared to learn and/or is often missing necessary materials


Does not use time productively



Needs support from teacher to reflect on own learning and take steps to improve


Rarely accepts responsibility for own actions


Does not demonstrate respect for class and school rules



Does not seek assistance when needed

Is prepared to learn with necessary materials 



Effectively manages time to complete assignments


Reflects on own learning and takes appropriate steps to improve


Accepts responsibility for own actions



Respects class and school rules to create a safe learning environment



Asks questions and seeks assistance when needed

Demonstrates highly effective organizational skills 



Manages time in self-directed manner


Continuously evaluates progress with own learning 


Accepts responsibility for own actions and guides others to do the same



Sets an example to other students as a respectful member of the community


Is a self-advocate and takes the initiative in their own learning

Comment: I managed time to complete the assignments and continuously self-evaluated my own progress in learning. I took responsibility for my own actions and respected others with a manner able attitude.












Needs support from teacher to accept and fulfill individual role and responsibilities within the group


Lacks engagement and/or self-control 


Will not engage with ideas or questions from others in a positive manner


Does not help the team solve problems and manage conflicts


Only works with a select number of peers

Accepts and fulfills individual role and responsibilities within the group


Contributes appropriately as an engaged and on-task learner 



Engages with ideas and questions from the teacher and other students in a positive manner


Helps to solve problems and manage conflicts within the group


Works with a variety of peers 

Accepts and fulfills individual roles and responsibilities positively and offers peer support


Sets an example to other students of what it means to be an engaged and on-task learner.


Respectfully contributes ideas and questions that enrich the learning environment and make it easier or more interesting for others


Encourages other to solve problems and manage conflicts


Actively seeks new and varied collaborative relationships

Comment: I contributed appropriately throughout any group works and took full responsibility for individual roles. I respectfully suggested ideas and encouraged others to manage or contribute as well.


<The Renaissance- KWHL What I have learned> -Nov. 3rd, 2017


-New genre of art was created

-Frequent trades + good education


-Leonardo Da Vinci, Alessandro Boticelli, ect.

-Amazing artworks, sculptures, inventions, scientific / mathematical ideas

-Precise & accurate artwork focused on three major elements; Beauty, Truth, and Wisdom

-Shakespear’s physical theatre plays; Mid Summer Nights Dream

-The beauty of poetry; Shakespearian language, sonnets


-Interesting to know how the culture during the Renaissance era has impacted us today

-Curious about the unknown parts of the Renaissance era


<October Blog Post Rubric> -Nov. 21st, 2017


-No hyperlinks for sites like Wikipedia or GoodReads


<What have I learned from studying the Boxer Rebellion?> -Dec. 6th,2017 

-Without China going through the Boxer Rebellion, they wouldn’t have been able to be the China they are today.

-The Chinese and foreigners both had their own faults

-The Chinese tried so hard to protect their culture

-The Boxer Rebellion happened after the two Opium Wars and Sino-Japanese War

-Qing Dynasty was weakened by the Boxer Rebellion

-The Boxers were also called “Society of Righteous and Harmonious Fists”

-China wanted to get rid of all foreign influences in China

-Became one of the reasons why Xi JinPing mentioned that China is going to stay strong from now on.