Engineering task

This task is about creating a device of some kind that demonstrates energy transfer in an original and environmentally friendly way. This product needs to have a purpose and a client. It should be durable and should not cause the maker or the user harm.

I am thinking of making an electrostatic generator or some other electrostatic device.

I am also thinking of make a hand crank flashlight

Right = original sketch

Left = improved sketch with procedures

Gabriel – Design project

I created my nightmare of a prison cell because I believe that a nightmare world would be going to prison. I think that my piece was effective in conveying the message of misery and dirtiness. My prison cell is dirty and dangerous and I think that this is easy to see in the bloodstains on the wall and bed, the dirt, garbage, blades and insects scattered around. One thing that I would improve is the cell door. I didn’t have very much time to work on it so I didn’t measure/cut very well. I would also make the door attached to the cell better and resize it to fit.