What the Future Holds-A Documentary

Pollution, an issue bothering China for decades. Caused by human activity for an example, the over emission of carbon dioxide increasing the amount of pollutants in the air, is endangering our habitat and our own bodies. This phenomenon is causing global warming and increasing death rate in china. One of the main source of the pollution come from the mass burning of coal. Soon enough, coal will run out and the electricity supplies die away, we need a new source of energy

The project can show the issues existing in China and show many solutions to the issues. Which could help us extending the knowledge of all kinds, no matter if it’s environmental, energy, social studies etc.

Before the project, I didn’t understand much of the issues of pollution being related to energy and had little to no knowledge about cleaner energy, but after the project, i now have a deep understanding of the energy issues in china and the statistics and information about mostly any energy source.

This project was tough, but I overcame many bumps to achieve my final goals. So a message to the 8th graders next year: you will find yourself trapped in situations where there is barely no way out, but if you find alternative ways, you will make it out.

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Ready, Aim, Fire

The catapult project, a project that features a variety of mathematic problems, such as drawing parabolas and factoring, different types of forms to write the function etc. This project serves as a learning opportunity for us to extend our knowledge in parabolas and quadratics.

I believe that the most important thing that I learned from this project was how to graph parabolas with Logger Pro and Desmos. It also helped me find a greater understanding of how Standard Form, Factored Form, and Vertex Form all tie together to form one complete parabola. The most challenging aspect that I had to overcome was designing a catapult that would be consistent with all launches. We had to change the tension on the strings and add values to make sure that we didn’t pull back to much or too little.

Overall, the catapult project was an interesting, project. But if I were to change one thing, I would like to do more testing and build more prototypes so that we could get more data and we could know our catapults better so we could do better in the catapult cup.

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Polymer Journal 4

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Polymer Journal 3

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City of Ember

City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau


The citizens have never seen or enjoyed the delicacy that was on the surface on Earth, and the resources down in the city of ember is limited, so everyone would always fight to obtain fancy food and silly enough, color pencils. Greed and corruption is everywhere in the City of Ember, in the city, no one is immune to the siren call of greed. They would get what they want at all cost, they would sacrifice their reputation. There are many ways on how each person handles their greed, whether they feel ashamed, proud, regret, or careless, each of these act show the character’s characteristics.


In the city of ember, there is corruption everywhere, and the worst thing is that the keeper of the city, the mayor is corrupted. In the book, it says “On all sides were crates and boxes, sacks, bundles, and packages. There were mounds of cans, heaps of clothes, rows of jars and bottles, stacks of light-bulb packages. Piles rose to the low ceiling and leaned against the walls, blocking all but a small space in the center. There was a greenish rug, and on the rug an armchair and a table. On the table were dishes smeared with the remains of food, and in the armchair was a great blob of a person whose head was flopped backwards. ” (151) The Mayor was keeping all the stuff to himself, instead of using it on the city or the citizens. The mayor is abusing his power and doing the wrong stuff. This is a sign of both greed and government corruption.


Looper, a snitch, who steals stuff and sells it in his own store later on for a greater cost, greed is all over his character, he steals from the storage room of the city and resells it. This is an act of extreme greed and by doing so isn’t the right thing, especially how he is stealing from the storage room of the city, where everything was supposed to be shared, he took other people’s food and things and then resells it at a greater cost, this shows how greedy Looper is.

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Polymer Journal 2

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Polymer Journal 1



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Where’s My Pink Mist at?

Jarhead is a 2003 Gulf War memoir by author and former U.S Marnie Anthony Swofford. After leaving military service, the author went on to college and earned a master’s degree in Fine Arts at the University of Iowa.


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Alan Troy: http://movie.info/jarhead

Anthony Swafford: http://www.listal.com/viewimage/6644590




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The American Revolution Through The Years

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American Revolution In Plain English

Revolutions are cruel, some revolution were a success, some failed and thousands of people lost their lives and family. However, the American Revolution was one of the most successful revolutions in history. The revolution made a solid bedrock for the later powerful and mighty America, home of the eagles and freedom. If the revolution didn’t take place, then the world would be very different from now. America now is the center of world Economics, technology and military, and if the revolution never happened, or Washington lost, the world would never have technology like now. During the Revolution, many things changed and many stayed the same. America is still an English speaking country since the revolution, their primary language still remanded the same, after the revolution, America became a free and democratic country that is no longer under the control of the British government.

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