Polymer Journal 2

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Polymer Journal 1



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Where’s My Pink Mist at?

Jarhead is a 2003 Gulf War memoir by author and former U.S Marnie Anthony Swofford. After leaving military service, the author went on to college and earned a master’s degree in Fine Arts at the University of Iowa.


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The American Revolution Through The Years

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American Revolution In Plain English

Revolutions are cruel, some revolution were a success, some failed and thousands of people lost their lives and family. However, the American Revolution was one of the most successful revolutions in history. The revolution made a solid bedrock for the later powerful and mighty America, home of the eagles and freedom. If the revolution didn’t take place, then the world would be very different from now. America now is the center of world Economics, technology and military, and if the revolution never happened, or Washington lost, the world would never have technology like now. During the Revolution, many things changed and many stayed the same. America is still an English speaking country since the revolution, their primary language still remanded the same, after the revolution, America became a free and democratic country that is no longer under the control of the British government.

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Ready Player One

Ready Player One was a science fiction book about a teenager named Wade Watts on a mission to hunt for the easter egg in the game OASIS. Wade was a child without any parents, living with his aunt, which died in the explosion planned by the IOI to kill Wade. However, Wade was in his secret hideout at that time which helped him survive. Later, Wade received checks from all media for being the first person to find the Bronze key which is one of the three keys to the Easter egg. He met up with all of his friends and which helped him to reach the gate and take all the keys. Soon, Wade and the OASIS players would start an attack on the IOI at Castle Anorak.

I used black and white computer codes to symbolize how the world in Wades days became controlled digitally and the game OASIS became one of the worlds biggest economic resource. The subtitles are what all the participating OASIS users would face. There are a billion users out in the world and only one may discover the easter egg then gain half a trillion dollars and total control of the OASIS itself. The simple colors represents how boring and lifeless the world in A.D 2045 actually is.

Overall, the book tells the readers how ugly human nature can be and everyone has their little greed when it comes over to power and fortune.

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Ready Player One

There was a game that are so realistic and valuable that people came after you for your game account. This is the OASIS, a completely virtual world simulator that allows you to do anything you desire, the pinnacle of video games the OASIS was the brainchild of James Halliday.

In the story, the main character Wade Watts, other known as Parzival in the OASIS, lives in the future of 2045, where the world is in chaos, there was nowhere for people to settle elsewhere, literally nowhere. Wade only had one relative that is still alive, his aunt Alice, both of them live in a trailer park in Columbus Ohio that is a whole lot different from the trailer parks we have now, the trailers are stacked up like Jenga blocks. Wade had a couple of friends, but they only know each other from the OASIS, Aech and Shoto. They causally camp in the OASIS and explore together. Everything was so peaceful until the inventor of the OASIS James Halliday passed away. Before he died, he created an Easter egg hidden in the game, to open the last gate, you need three keys, the bronze, jade and crystal keys and whoever discovered the egg first will receive half a trillion dollars and total control of the OASIS.

After Wade heard this message, he set on his journey for the egg. He made it past the troll to get the bronze key and managed to get pass the IOI which were hunting him down. Soon, he found the Jade Key in the Tomb of Demons and the IOI or the sixers blew up his trailer killing his aunt. Luckily Wade was in his hideout and he managed to escape from the explosion. He felt sad and angry, but he had no choice but to move on. He called his friends and went to an abandoned warehouse where his friends were located. From that moment, a clan was established, The Rebels. The group was made up by Wades friends who also happens to be alone and stranded in poverty. Sooner, Shoto decrypted a message from the IOI saying the the last gate is located at castle Anorak, an ancient fortress from an anime. Wade sent out a message to all IOI users, revealed IOIs plans to takeover the OASIS and called them to join them together to destroy the IOI.

A few days later, Castle Anorak

Wade was on route to Anorak in his mega Gundam robot, he never did expect that millions of OASIS users came to Anorak for the final battle. He had goosebumps due to the amount of mechs in front of the castle that chanted his name while he arrived. He, Aech, Shoto and Art3mis stood still on the high hill in front of the castle. “This is our chance, this is our time to show the IOI who’s the ******* boss, it isn’t about me, but about all of us, are you willing to fight, help us and save the OASIS.” (Wade, unknown page) Wade’s speech fired up a huge cheer from the crowd as Wade pointed his cannon at the castle, fired up the first shot, followed by millions of salvos from the players lit up the dark stormy sky. People charging, shredding IOI guards into atoms, reaching the castle, Lorenzo (the boss of the IOI) deployed his mega bot, and destroyed dozens of users in one blast, including Shoto. Wade never felt so mad before in his life, he was in beast mode. He took the beta capsule, opened it and he turned into Ultraman, a japanese superhero. He destroyed Lorenzo’s avatar in seconds. Transforming back to his normal human avatar, he reached the third gate, suddenly, a mega blast went off and blacked Wade’s display.

What happened?

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The Untouchable Senna

The Absolutely Untouchable Ayrton Senna by Derek

Ayrton Senna was a Brazilian Formula One driver from Sao Paulo. He started his racing career at the age of 3. He soon move up the ranks and mastered every race category. Senna then moved to the ultimate of racing, FORMULA ONE. He started with a bottom team but still managed to savage podiums in an absolute dumb box car. As he moved up the ranks in F1, more teams wanted him in their pockets, so he started from Lotus, then McLaren where he won two sweet championships with, to the ultimate team at the time, Williams Rothmans Racing. He won his last championship with the team before a steering wheel malfunction that made him and his car ran into a concrete wall at 200 mph killing him instantly.

He was the best driver, and will always be.

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The Legendary Ayrton Senna

Ayrton Senna was born on 21 March 1960, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. At young age, Senna used plates to mimic a steering wheel on a car however he had never saw how people drive cars before and that was when his parents knew he possessed a talent in driving. At the age of 4, his father built Senna’s first go-kart, a modified lawnmower. Despite the poor conditions of his go-kart, Senna still managed to step foot on the top of the podiums. Later on, Senna earned some sponsors funding, including a Brazilian bank,” Nacional.” Senna later won a couple of karting titles which earned him a seat in the higher division, Formula Ford.

In his years in Formula Ford, even though Senna missed out on the podium a few times, Senna still dominated the entire field. As he was racing in Formula Ford, he had luck on his side which earned him a test driver seat in the highest division in racing, Formula One. Soon, the famous Brazilian Formula One driver, Emerson Fittipaldi, saw potential in Senna and meanwhile, Toleman F1 Team desperately needed a driver to race for them, Fittipaldi then recommended Senna to join the team. He did not let his team down, even though his car may not have been the best car on the grid, he still managed to grab his first podium after his first two races. Overtaking and lapping the reigning world-champion Keke Rosberg during the practice sessions.

Team Lotus, wanted to hire Senna, however there was no room for Senna. The manager of Lotus had no option but to replace Nigel Mansell and give up the biggest sponsor of Lotus, John Player Special. However, despite losing their biggest sponsor, the team had Senna on their side and earned the team a couple more supporters and more funding.

Senna began to concern Lotus being not very competitive and wanted to move to a more competitive team. After a few meetings and testings,  and under the recommendation by former Brazilian McLaren driver Emerson Fittipaldi, Team McLaren finally decided to hire him as their driver . He impressed the team by winning his debut race with McLaren, then by winning his first world champion title. Becoming the third Brazilian to be World Champion after Emerson Fittipaldi and Nelson Piquet. After the intense rivalry with teammate Alain Prost, Senna eventually out paced Prost in the final Suzuka showdown and won his second world title by one point.

Senna finally moved to the top team, Williams Rothmans Racing. Teaming with British driver Damon Hill (son of racing legend Graham Hill) Senna and Hill scored many 1-2 finishes and won the championship by a 10 point lead over 2nd place teammate Hill. Soon, Senna had a new rival, young German blood Michael Schumacher. Senna was first in the tally but a fatal 200 mph crash at the Grand Prix of San Marino into the concrete barriers marked the end of Senna’s racing career and his life.

Senna was the best driver and will always be.

A tribute to Ayrton Senna 1960-1994

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The Maze Runners

What will you do if you get stuck in a dangerous, isolated place with other people you have never seen in your life? Will you escape, or will you stay until forever, live or die? The book “The Maze Runners” had a couple of brave characters with an extreme amount of courage.


It all began in a humongous maze, made by this corporation called “WICKED,” and a couple of chosen candidates was sent into the maze which required them to find a way to survive and escape the maze. A couple of assignments was given to the people inside the maze. Every personnel in the maze was doing the best they could. The cooks made delicious food, the builders made incredible structures and the most important job, the Runners. The runners job was to run around in the maze and chart out different parts of the maze and make it back before sunset, before the maze closes the gates to the homestead and if the gates shuts, then the runners will have to try and survive from the monsters haunting the maze at night, the grievers.


The main character Thomas was a brave and clever character that thinks quick and can always come out with great ideas. Thomas was one of the last people to enter the maze. He woke up and he was in the middle of the maze with a bunch of people he never met before. At the start, it wasn’t easy for him, people tease him for his weak body, his stupidity and how the people always pick on the new people. However, Thomas is a stubborn person (in a good way) who refused to receive an assignment at the farm but instead snuck into the dangerous maze and then the Keepers of the runners Minho saw potential in Thomas which brought in out for a “test run” and Thomas took the opportunity and was successfully selected as a runner. As a runner, he trained very hard, and spent days looking and memorizing the patterns of the maze.


It was the first day for Thomas to run in the maze upon with the other runners, he ran quick, he explored the maze, and the most important thing, he discovered a new part of the maze that nobody has ever gone before, the entrance to exit the maze. This provided the most important factor for every bodies escape from the maze, and proved that Thomas is capable of being a runner. This wasn’t enough for Thomas, he needed to lead the runners to the exit and find out the secrets within it. But this time, one runner didn’t return before dawn, Alby. Thomas knew that Alby is still alive, so he was determined to find him. He managed to run into the maze again just before the gates shut. It took him a while to find Ably, especially, when he was being chased by grievers, but he knew how the maze changes its paths at night, so he took the chance and got a couple of grievers squashed by the huge walls of the maze. As he found Alby, he was weak and worn out, so he decided to tie the injured Alby on a makeshift hammock and hung him in a spot where he will be safe, then, Thomas settled down and waited for sunrise. Brought Alby back to the homestead. Got him cured. Then led the entire homestead group to the exit and defended the people from the grievers. At great cost, Thomas led the homestead to flee from the maze and take their first look at the outside world.


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