Science Engineering Project


Reaction Rocket
I like the idea of the reaction rocket because it is simple and I can add my own design onto it.

Looping Pendulum This video shows the maker creating a looping pendulum. I don’t really like this project because it doesn’t have a useful purpose.

Electric Train
I like this idea the most because the electric train shows the energy transfer from electric energy to kinetic and mechanical energy. It is also very engaging to little kids, and I can add originality in the project when I design the look of the train.

Kinetic Sculptures
In this video, the designer created kinetic sculptures, which are wooden sculptures that go on the wall for decorating purposes. Basically you spin it, the it keeps spinning on its own, and it creates a beautiful pattern or image.


I like the helicone design because it shows kinetic energy transfer and is engaging at the same time. Although if I am designing for little kids, it might not be that engaging since it is not colourful.