Grace-Journal 3

Polymer Project Journal 3 Planning Notes

Capstone Elevator Pitch

This is my capstone elevator pitch on child safety. I was very confident while speaking up there and I hardly used filler words, but sometimes I stumbled and I think I looked at my notecard too much. I also think I should have made it longer but overall, I think I did pretty good and I am improving my speaking skills.

Polymer Project Journal #1

Synthetic vs Natural

What are synthetic materials:

Any manmade material made by natural resources

Give 2 examples of synthetic materials:

Manmade rubber and polyester

What are natural resources:

Materials like water, forests, minerals, and fertile lands that happen in nature

Give 2 examples of natural resources:

Air and wood

What is a polymer?

A polymer is made up of a lot of molecules put together forming chains

Give 2 examples of synthetic polymers and the natural resources they come from:

Synthetic Polymer #1

Fabrics like polyester

What natural resources does this come from?


What would we use this synthetic material for?

Wearing clothes

Synthetic Polymer #2


What natural resources does this come from?

Coal, gas

What would we use this synthetic material for?

Drinking water, store food

Chemical Reactions

How do natural resources go through a chemical reaction to become synthetic materials?

Because synthetic materials are polymers, natural resources go through polymerization in which includes the chemically bonding monomers and makes synthetic materials

What is a monomer?

A molecule that can be bonded with another that is the same.

What is polymerizaton

It’s a process of chemically bonding monomers to make polymers.


Knowledge & dictionary


Grace- 2017-2018 Student Led Conference






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Grace-Rohingya Crisis Poem
































































Mao; The Unknown Story-Non Fiction Blog Post

Mao; The Unknown Story

In the book, Mao; The Unknown Story by Jung Chang and Jon Halliday, it tells Mao’s early life to his potent rule over China and to his death. This book has some bias parts as it also makes up the theme the authors are trying to tell. The theme of this book is how Mao was an atrocious leader and killed millions of innocent people. For example, it says that Mao’s second wife, Kai-hui was arrested by the Nationalists and was going to be executed. “Months later, she [Kai-hui] herself was dead… Mao made no effort to extricate her and their sons, or even to warn her. And he could easily have saved her… Yet he did not lift a finger”(Chang and Halliday, 91). In this part of the book, the wording like, “even” and “yet”, illuminated that Mao was selfish and even willing to save his own family members. Also, by reading this part one can feel the dislike of the author and Mao.

Another example is that Mao banned civilians from leaving Changchun and starving people hanged themselves and knelt in front of the soldiers. “Even the hard-hearted Lin recommended letting the refugees go. There was no reply from Mao.” (Chang and Halliday, 325) In this part of the book, Lin, a horrible man, showed sympathy for these refugees as Mao did not feel or do anything and let these people starve and suicide. The authors wanted to compare these two men together and depict that Mao was evil and horrific.

Mao needed and wanted help from Stalin so he offered to pay for it with food which caused “famine and deaths from starvation… over 10,000 peasants died of starvation in 1947. Mao knew the situation very well, as he was traveling in the region that year, and saw village children hunting for stray peas in the stables of his entourage… Great Famine, which was likewise Mao’s creation: again the result of his decision to export food to Russia.” (Chang and Halliday, 310). The authors word choice again, really affects the theme as they use the word, “again” which expresses the sarcasm the authors are saying.

This is a link about the author of the book explaining why she is banned from China because of this book and her other book, Wild Swans:

This is a link about some history of Mao and what happened:

The Girl with No Name-Resolution

The book, The Girl with No Name by Diney Costeloe demonstrated that hope can keep people going through even the most hopeless circumstances. [Spoiler alert!] On page 87, the narrator says, “Lisa had been keeping a tiny flame of hope alive in her heart” that her parents, her brother, and her friend, Harry, are still alive. This is the theme because at the end [Spoiler alert!], Charlotte/Lisa receives a letter that her mother and Harry are still alive from after the war. The conflict of this book is person vs society because the main character, Charlotte or Lisa, goes through various problems while living through the time of World War II. [spoiler alert!] For example, Lisa lost her memory by being bombed by the Germans. So, society, would be Germany. Another conflict would be person vs person, because Hitler had ordered the bombings and declared war. Also, Charlotte/Lisa was named to be a Nazi by people in London because she came from German although she was a Jew. On page 76, her classmates bully her, “…shooting out their arms in Nazi salutes, shouting, ‘Heil Hitler!’”  In addition, on page 134, Lisa and her foster parents “heard the grim news that Hitler had invaded Poland.” The word, ‘grim’ made it clear that Hitler was one of the problems in this book. In conclusion, the theme is that hope can keep people going through even the most hopeless circumstances.


Information about the bombing of London during WW2

The Kindertransport where children like Charlotte/Lisa were transported to safety

Sonnet to Lucky and Marley


Sonnet to Lucky and Marley


Shall I grieve for the day I lost you two

The most precious things I had ever had

the memories and love I knew was true,

Ah! I would walk around in sadness clad

The one no bigger than a bleached sea mew

With his astonishing fast minute legs

His tender curly auburn fur like dew

His wet tiny, teeny snout as he begs

And the one that grew like a huge jackpot

Coal and wan downy fur made me a path

His love for the ball that was always caught

Eyes two globes of lustrous black after bath


I wait to have you again my Lucky

And no less for you my dearest Marley


-Grace Wang

Always and Forever, Lara Jean’s Diary-Climax

Lara Jean’s Diary

My book is called Always and Forever, Lara Jean by Jenny Han. I created a diary using quotes from the book to express the climax.

The climax of the book is that the main character, Lara Jean, is rejected by a university that is where she wants to go and because of this, she will have a long-distance relationship with his boyfriend, Peter Kavinsky.

In the diary, I wrote a writing to herself like what she does in the book. In the book, it is first person so we know exactly what the protagonist is thinking. For example, in p71, Lara Jean is sad about how she didn’t get in the university that she wanted to be in, “And that’s when I start to cry again, because that’s when it finally feels real.” In this quote, you can feel what she is feeling and be a part of her story.

I showed the climax by putting in the quotes of sadness and her actions that express herself, for example, in my diary I wrote, “When I got home and lied in my bed and cried.” This quote explains that she is so depressed that she won’t talk to her dad or her sister about it. She just wants to lie down and just cry. I also expressed the climax by adding the quote, “He’s afraid when I’m in another university and he’s in another, our relationship won’t work out. Like my sister Margot’s.” This is also a suspense, cause this part of the story is actually in the previous books which have the reader most likely read the first two books. But in this quote it explains one of the problems that is escalating. I also used that in my diary because in the book, Peter says to Lara Jean, “Remember than person who transferred to UVA?” This quote illuminates that he wants Lara Jean to transfer back just like that person did. That’s why I put that inside the diary.




My book is called Winger by Andrew Smith. I created SMS messages and put them into a big collage to express the exposition (setting, characters, and conflict) to the novel.

The setting of the book is the modern times, basically a normal life of a teenager right now. And now, during the 21st centuries, many kids use their phones to text and call people. For example, on p271 Ryan Dean says, “I called my mother from the airport.” This gives a message that Ryan Dean has a phone and also the word ‘airport’ gives a hint of the 21st century.

In the SMS messages, I wrote conversations between the protagonist, Ryan Dean West, and his friends in Pine Mountain, his boarding school. The texting with his friends also gives the information about the characters in the book. I used some quotes from the book, such as, when Ryan Dean is explaining about how he got into opportunity-hall on P10, “…after they caught me hacking a cell phone account so I could make undetected, untraceable free calls.” I also used this quote in the conversation between Annie and him.

I showed the conflict by expressing the feeling of Ryan Dean being concerned about being in opportunity hall. For example, the first text with JP is, “Yo Seanie, I can’t believe I got put in O-hall.” This text gives a hint of the regret for him hacking into a teacher’s phone. In the book on P41, Ryan Dean said, “It was time for dinner, and I missed my friends.” This quote also illuminates that Ryan Dean does not want to be there and regrets it. The second conflict I included was the with Annie. In the conversation between them, Annie says, “Aww… what a cute little boy.” this gives a hint of how Annie thinks of Ryan Dean, she thinks of him as little boy. This was also a quote from P28 when Annie looks at his ID.


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