Polymer Journal#4

Prototype Observations

Prototype Observations Strengths for this Prototype Limitations for this Prototype
Prototype 1:Noodle slime The polymer was too stringy, it wouldn’t stick together and would fall apart, just like homemade noodles The prototype wasn’t too sticky and was very stretchy. It couldn’t stick together at all so when it would have to stick onto pans it would not work
Prototype 2:Noodle Slime 2 The polymer was very similar to the first noodle slime however it was thicker It wasn’t very sticky It could not stick together and was too thick to be able to stretch
Prototype 3: This slime was too sticky and wouldn’t hold itself It was very thick and sticky The polymer was too sticky and wasn’t stretchy at all. It would break apart right away.



Prototype Claim

Use evidence from above observations to complete.


Prototype # __4__, called _____Heat Reduct∞_______________, was most effective for meeting our goal because:

It was thick but stretchy and was sticky enough to attach itself to pots and pans, it was very durable and had a great grip.


Method of Final Design

Give a summary of how your final product will be made.

Make sure you list the steps and amounts used.



  • 30 ml PVA
  • 88 ml Glue
  • 118 ml water
  • 15 ml warm water
  • 5 ml borax
  • 900ml Beaker
  • Cup




  1. Mix PVA with glue in beaker
  2. Add warm water
  3. (Additional: Add food coloring)
  4. Mix
  5. Add borax into a separate cup with water
  6. Add borax mixture into the beaker.
  7. Add 10 ml of PVA
  8. Add 5ml Borax
  9. Mix
  10. Add 15ml Borax
  11. 15 ml Glue
  12. Mix
  13. Add a spoon of Gelatin
  14. Add 10ml of laundry starch
  15. Add 1 ml of borax


What was the process like?  What was challenging?  What was interesting?  What did I learn?

The process was very difficult for us. We wanted our polymer to be able to form around a person’s hand like a glove. We tried various ways to make the prototype perfect, at the end we had to give up. We had spent too much time trying to create the perfect prototype, so we needed to go with what we already had. We decided to ditch the glove idea and just go with a prototype that you could form into whatever shape you wanted. The reason why we chose this idea instead of one of the others was that this prototype was heat resistance. Instead of using it as a glove you could use it to hold hot materials, such as hot cups, hot pans, hot bowls, etc.. The new idea worked really well. We made a great commercial and I think we learned that we shouldn’t make everything so complicated because the simple ideas can often be the ones that turn out the best.

Polymer Commercial 


Polymer Journal #2

Our Goal:

The goal of our polymer project is to. Protect your hands from fire when handling with flammable products.




Target Market Audience

  Target Market Audience How will this help them?
Target Market Audience #1:



1.     Campers/ hikers

2.     Bakers

3.     Flamethrowers

4.     Firemen


1.When making campfires

2. When handling hot baking tools.

3.     When juggling sticks that are on fire

4.  When touching hot stuff (e.g. clothes on fire)

Possible Target Market Audience #2:

*just in case you have more than one target market audience




1.     Parents



2.     To prevent any  unwanted harm from fire or hot/ flammable substances away from their children





Describing Our Polymer


We want the Physical Properties to include:

  • Stretchy
  • Moldable


Polymer Characteristics We Are Looking For

*Gloop, Super Slime, Stretch-tastic Slime, Oobleck


Polymer Characteristics Why this is important




Not that sticky



When we create the glove we don’t want it to be very sticky because it would be hard to take off in the end. And the mouldable characteristics allow an easy application.






With the material being thick then it can act more as an insulator to heat because the exterior of the glove would be further away to your bare fingers.




Revolutionary Voices Journal: The French Revolution

Liberty, equality, fraternity or rather a lot of blood sweat and tears. In this journal, you can feel the struggles of those who took part in the French Revolution. It shows that the outcome of the revolution was chaotic and violent. The legacy that we know today was by no means a given for those who lived through it.


Non-Fiction Blogposting

“Our Lifestyle Comes With Side-Effects”

Everywhere you go you hear about the climate crisis. Either you read it in the news, watch it on TV or you hear it on the radio, but how many of us have actually done something about it?

In the nonfiction book Eyes Wide Open: Going Behind the Environmental Headlines by Paul Fleischmann, readers are confronted with their actions that contribute to climate change but often ignore. This book explains how “our lifestyle comes with side-effects. For example, most of us expect a house containing luxuries like heating, warm water, and electricity, but have we ever thought about how having warm water will affect the environment? Of course not, because having warm water is part of our daily reality, our privilege.

For most people, the climate changes are so far away that they don’t even bother to do anything about it. “Denial is often the first line of defense: refusing to accept that the bad news is true.” (pg.57). They probably know that all the ice in the Arctic is about to melt away; that the rainforest in Brazil is about to disappear due to deforestation; and that the corals of the Great Barrier Reef are getting destroyed due to pollution. However, most people can’t see it, so why should they care about it. This is how many people think of the environmental changes on Earth.


The rainforest is vital to the Earth. It is so big that “Deforesting the Rainforest is lowering the rainfall in the U.S. Midwest.” (pg. 38) It’s hard to think that way, how almost everything in this world is connected to each other.  If the Amazon Rainforest disappears, not only will the countries in South-America have troubles but the entire world. We will have less rain, more of the dangerous Carbon dioxide will go up into our atmosphere (The climate changes will worsen) Fewer trees equal more of the gas that experts believe is behind global warming. Why do we keep on cutting down trees, when we already know the consequences?

Because we feel we need the resources in the forest for our lifestyle: Chopping down wood for furniture or paper, creates farmland that gives us food. It sounds sensible, but we keep chopping away on the lungs of the world.


After reading this book, I realized how climate changes are everybody’s responsibility. I can’t do much, but I can rethink taking a twenty-minute-long shower every day and instead only spend five minutes in the shower every other day. I can take the subway into the city instead of riding a car that only takes a maximum of five people, and I can start turning off the lights every time I leave a room. Small things like that can help the environment.


The Edge

This the main text from this poster.

[Is it okay to fight back when someone attacks the

person you love the most…?
Danny tries desperately to protect his mother from her violent boyfriend. He refuses to let him control their life and fights for their right to live a peaceful life without fear.  But, does he, a 15-year-old boy, stand a chance against a grown-up psychopath?
Imagine yourself in his shoes…
To find out how Danny’s story ends, read this AMAZING book.]
This is the link if you want to see the print ad

This the main text from this poster.
[Does your grandfather care about you?
I don’t know about you, but mine certainly does.
Unfortunately, not everyone is that lucky.
A grandfather who refuses to accept his own grandson only because he has a skin color that is darker than his own.
A police officer who automatically thinks that the tall black guy is the psychopath and not the white guy who is committing the crime.Danny even gets bullied at school because of his skin color. Other students believe it is their right to beat him up on a regular basis.
Does this seem unfair to you?
Well if you are Danny it’s a part of your reality.
Does it make him angry?
It makes me angry and I hope it makes you angry enough to read this book and find out how Danny handles all this horrible injustice. ]
This is the link if you want to see the print ad
This is he main text from this poster.

Are you a person who only wants to read fantasy, because you don’t like when sad things happen?  Or do you prefer fantasy, knowing that it could never happen in real life?

Well, I know exactly what you are talking about, therefore I was really skeptical to this book , but I read it and I  loved it! Despite the fact that it was sad and very realistic,  it was so much more. It was funny, exciting, emotional and fantastic! If you are still having doubts,  I will tell you the main reason why I loved it:  even though Danny and his mom experience a lot of terrible things, they never lose the hope of a better life, and that is what makes them keep on going.
Just try it! What is the worst that can happen? Maybe you will love it too?
 I did.
This is the link if you want to see the print ad

This book is called The Edge by Alan Gibbons

I chose to create a slideshow of print ads because I thought that was the best way of showing my understanding of the themes in this book.

In this book, there are three main themes and important messages: The fight for your right to decide over your own life, not to judge people based on the color of their skin, but rather on their personal qualities, and finally, that you can always find light even in the darkest periods. All these themes are really important in Danny’s life. He has to overcome a lot of difficulties, but he never loses his hope.


In the first print add I focused on “Fight for you right to decide over your own life” You can see that by looking at the question at the top of the page. He had to fight for his mom, who got beaten up by her boyfriend who wanted to show her that he was the boss and owned her. “He’d give her a slap. Nothing heavy, you understand, nothing that would leave a mark, just a reminder who was the boss.” This quote (page 35) shows how Chris Kane, Danny’s mother’s boyfriend was thinking after he had slapped her once. At this time Danny was too scared to stand up for his mother, but at the end of the book he changes and fights for her once and for all. In the ad, I also chose to have a dark background because it is a dark and sad book.


In the second print ad, I focused on the theme, “don’t judge people based on the color of their skin rather than their personal qualities”. There are several examples of racism in the book. Danny experiences a lot of racism in his new life away from Chris Kane. The worst is probably the racism that his grandfather shows towards him. “I’m taking him in because he is he’s Catherine’s child and blood is thicker than water. But it’s still bad blood.

Yes, that’s it exactly. Bad blood.” This is a quote (page 38) that clearly expresses the grandfather’s perspective. This is a clear sign of racism, the fact that he calls it bad blood (because his skin is dark) and even repeats it, it is very mean towards Danny, his own grandson. The background in this print add is also dark because racism is a dark theme.


The last print add is more about how this book can appeal to many teenagers, even those who don’t necessarily like realistic fiction. The reason for this is because the book raises important issues that ought to engage young adults, but it also plays to your emotions and it’s a feel-good book. Just like that, the characters don’t give up hoping for a happy ending, reading this book made me realize that I shouldn’t give up on books that may seem more serious than I like.


This is a link if you want to learn more about racism in the United Kingdom https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Racism_in_the_United_Kingdom



This is a different Link where you can learn more about the author (Alan Gibbons)











Princess Eadlyn’s Diary

independent reading task

This is a book called The Heir by Kiera Cass

Task: Create a slideshow diary.


This book is a fantasy novel picturing a future that may be different from what we imagine the future would be like. It takes place in a world where the U.S.A is called Illéa, and instead of a president there is a king. There is also no technology, so in this way the novel portrays a future world that is the opposite of how we think the future will be.


The protagonist in the story is princess Eadlynn, who is going to be the next queen. She is reluctant to take on this new role. In fact, she wishes that her twin brother had been born before her. Her mom and dad and the country want her to get married before she becomes Queen, so that she can have someone to help her rule the country. The way they decide who she is going to marry, is by having a selection where 20 boys will come from all over the country to try and win her hand. The process is against her wishes, because she doesn’t think she will ever find true love this way. Therefore, she agrees to try for three months, and if she doesn’t find someone she wants to marry by then, they will stop the whole selection.


The conflict in this story is a mix between person vs. self and person vs. society. Person vs. self because she is struggling with her feelings for the boys, but also regarding whether she wants to be Queen or not. Person vs. Society because the whole country wants her to get married, even if it is against her will. Since I chose to write her diary, I focused on what I think was the main conflict, namely person vs. self with regards to following the tradition of succession.


The climax in this story is when her brother leaves and her mother suffers a heart attack.

She realizes, “I had to finish my selection and when I did, I’d have a ring on my finger” (pg. 342.) This quote shows that the protagonist understands that she really has no choice in the matter. She has to follow her destiny for the sake of her parents and the future of the kingdom. She accepts her fate and stops fighting it.


My diary represents these mixed feelings. On the one hand, she finds the selections process silly, but on the other hand she starts to appreciate her parents wish for her to have a partner who can support her in her new role. Moreover, she understands that she’s on her own “I’m smart and beautiful and strong. I don’t need to be rescued.” This is a quote from the book. That shows that she has become more independent.



I chose a background that displays an old diary page. The reason why I chose this, is because I wanted you to understand that even though the setting where this happens is in the future, the future seems to have gone back in time. That is also why I made it look like the text is handwritten. In this future setting, they didn’t have computers, and a handwritten diary looks more personal too.





This is a Ted Talk about how to handle stress. It fits well, because the protagonist is under a lot of stress.



This is some fun facts about royal marriage( from real life not in the book)



The selfie


The winter came in the night like a ghost.

Mountains covered in a blanket of snow

I felt the joy spread, what I liked the most.

My biggest dream was to ski like a pro

Like lightning my skis zig zagged down the slope

The smell of sunscreen, cold biting my cheek

On top of my game, I knew how to cope

Adrenaline kicks is what I would seek

A ski jump tower, perfect half pipe

I bent my knees, cellphone in hand, ready

In my mind, I would live up to the hype

One mistake, now clumsy and unsteady

Then I knew: Like an impossible wall

Self-imposed selfie, caused my fail my fall


Hannah R