Fake Obituary

  1. Write a fake obituary for the protagonist that shows understanding of your character as you see him or her: round, flat, dynamic, or static.


The wizard Joseph Mcauley, who has died aged 85, best known and respected as a powerful wizard for playing a main part in the siege of Trinity. 

“That was one of my most horrifying memories, friends falling around me…” He said in an interview, “Frankly, it was a few hundred wizards against a dozen.” 

Mcauley was one of an influential group of people, consisting of Jack Swift, Ellen Stephenson, Madison Moss, Linda Downey and Leander Hastings. He was described as gaunt, with eyes that can change colors depending on the light, because of his enchanter mother. 

“You were an icon, and a towering source of power for us all,” Jack Swift said at his funeral. “We’ll miss you.” 

Joseph, or Seph, as he prefers to be called, in fact had a very abnormal background. The son of Leander Hastings(wizard) and Linda Downey(enchanter). He was born in and grew up in Paris, France, where he lived with his foster mother Genieve, a scorcerer, until she died and he moved to other cities such as Toronto, changing school many times due to him not being able to control his wizard powers that well. 

When he accidentally killed a friend after being tricked to take ‘wizard flame’ ,(a drug like substance that makes wizards more powerful, at a cost to their health and sanity.) he was sent to a secluded school called the Havens, for disturbed adolescents. However, it was a school made to find untrained young wizards and trick them into connecting their source of magical power (the weirstone) to the principal, Dr G. Leister.  However, the young wizard must say the spell themselves and agree to the process for them to connect. Seph refused, and thus, he was mentally tortured by nightmares every night, cast by Dr Leister. 

“In the Havens, I was ‘tortured for months’, even when I had an ‘iron determination and will’, I will be slowly giving in to the nightmares, if not for Jason Haley.” Mcauley remised. “He was my first teacher of wizardry.” Jason gave Seph one of his two heart stones, a magical stone that helps him sleep without dreams and can make the wearer ‘unnoticeable.’ 

Jason was eventually discovered by the principal and was forced to run. However, he was caught and used magic to create an illusion that he was dead. Seph was devastated at his friend’s ‘death’ and tried to escape the school. He always failed, until he hacked into the principal’s computer and sent his guardian an email. His guardian, or mother, as he found out later, came to rescue him, and using her enchanter powers, she convinced Leister to release Seph and discovered that D’orsay, Lord of Raven’s Ghyll, was Leister’s ally.  

“After the horrific experience in the Havens, he underwent a change in his values. He started taking more responsibility of the people around him and started to ‘liked being alone’ and became ‘whipped and dangerous, like a frayed electric wire, sending off sparks’.” Ellen Stephenson recalled, wiping away tears. 

In the sanctuary Trinity, Seph learn wizardry from Nick, a very old wizard. He learnt that the people in Trinity were fighting for equality between wizards and non-wizard magical people, such as the enchanters and sorcerers.  

In the past, wizards treated the other magical guilds like dirt, due to them being more powerful. Thus, Seph joined this organization, finding out later that his mother and father were actually alive, and his father was a powerful wizard. 

However, Seph started taking wizard flame again, after defeating Leister with the help of Jason and Madison, who was an elicitator, someone who can take the magic out of wizards. She took the blast of Leister’s spell, and the power of it made Seph sick when he went near her.  

Alicia (who was a spy for them in the siege) expressed sorrow Thursday at the passing of Mcauley, whom she called a “truly talented wizard” 

“His biography, and therefore his legacy, is one that many in the wizard guilds can only dream of,” Alicia said. 

Soon, Trinity was under siege by wizard forces. Seph started to take wizard flame almost daily, successfully fending off attackers, but making him more and more unstable. Eventually, when Madison came back to the town with the help of Jason: who killed D’orsay, yet bled to death from his wounds. Madison touched a powerful magical artifact found by Jason, and it contained the memories of a dragon from a few thousand years ago. She transformed into it and ended the siege of trinity, meanwhile, giving insight on how the magical guilds were formed. 

He had undergone major change in his values and had been a very complex person. He went from good humored to tense and taking too much responsibility to something in between.  

Seph retained a youthful appearance almost until the end, when he was put in hospital by drawbacks of wizard flame and died on Monday night. 

La Guillotine

-Qui est Louis XVI?

Louis XVI est le roi de France.Il l’a décapit au Place de la Révolution.

– Qui est Marie Antoinette?

Elle est la Reine de France. Elle est cruelle parce que elle a dit ‘qu’ils mangent de la brioche pauvres’  quand on ne se payer du pain

– Qu’est ce que c’est la guillotine?

La guillotine c’est la tête machine à couper

– Prends des photos de ton projet.


– Explain in English how you designed your guillotine.

I used wood as the main support frame, with scrabble card holders as the track for the blade to fall through without changing or swaying. I used hooks and a toothpick to secure the neck holder, so it would not fall off if the person about to get decapitated tries to escape. Originally, I drilled a hole through the side of the frame to insert a toothpick and secure the blade in place, however, it broke and it took me a long time to get it out, thus, i  removed it.

Exposition of allegiant

The conflict in Allegiant, written by Veronica Roth, is man versus society. In the novel are two main characters, Beatrice (Tris) and Tobias. They went to the outskirts of the city to try to escape Tobias’s mother, and finds out that their city was an experiment to extract ‘genetically pure’ from the ‘genetically damaged’

The main characters are trying to stop the people outside of their city and let them view ‘genetically damaged’ people equal with the ‘genetically pure’.

In The Hunger Games,by Suzanne Collins, Katniss Everdeen sacrifices herself to prevent her sister from being forced to participate in the annual hunger games. She eventually realises that the people organising the games just use it as an opportunity to force the districts outside to capital to be kept in line and cares nothing about the teenagers who die other than the survivor.

She then persuades Peeta, the last survivor other than her to commit suicide to let the organisers have no satisfaction in organising this event. Thus, they both won this year’s hunger games.

The conflicts are both man versus society. In Allegiant, its Tris and Tobias versus the factionless in the city and the people outside the city. In The Hunger Games, its Katniss and Peeta versus the people in the capitol.

For example, Tris and Tobias both participate in a mission to wipe the memories of the people outside the city so that there can be equality between the ‘genetically damaged’ and the ‘genetically pure’: “Let’s just say that there will be no such word as ‘genetically damaged’.” Beatrice to Nita (an imprisoned rebel). Tobias also goes against his mother, who is a cold-blooded ruler in the city to stop her from causing further harm to the city. Katniss also teams up with another girl, Rue, and when Rue is fatally wounded, sings to her until she dies, and after that, cover her in flowers. That action is considered very rebellious, since it was a way of showing the capitol that: “… they don’t own me and that I am much more than just a piece in their games”, so that and when Peeta and Katniss almost committed suicide by almost swallowing some poisonous berries, shames the capitol and thus, they try to kill Katniss off. But eventually, she convinces them that she was just doing the act of committing suicide since she ‘could not live without Peeta’.

In a nutshell, these are some reasons why the conflict in “The Hunger games” and “Allegiant” connect to each other.

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