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Science Engineering Reflection Grade 9 Blog Post 4

Movie on 1-17-19 at 2.55 PM

The link above leads you to my final product!

My primary purpose in making this product was to aid Sodexo workers that worked on constructions during night time. According to sources from the United States, there was a total of 5,147 casualties caused during night constructions and on average, more than 99 a week gets injured during these nightly constructions.  Although this is my personal opinion, these casualties are caused during night time constructions as there are possibilities of missteps and unawareness of one’s surroundings. I believed that it would be nice if they could get access to a portable and easily made torch so that they could prevent accidents from happening. Also, I believed that if there were to be numerous casualties or injuries within in school campus due to nightly constructions, that would then lower the school’s reputation as a safe learning environment. By targetting out SODEXO workers, I have faith that we could start the flashlight campaign locally and then expand it for more public purposes.

I have also had several conversations with some SODEXO workers about whether they feel secure when the work in the constructions during night time. Although most of them simply chuckled and said that it was no big deal and that the work spot was quite safe, some reported to me that it gets slightly frightening as some of their friends sometimes drops tools from heights that can cause serious injuries. Although this may seem like a minor problem, I believe that if we solve this problem, we could have to make a great impact on the school as well as society.

By looking at my hand wind flashlight, I can tell that it works and serves its purpose for lighting the dark. However, what I have found less appealing was the fact that the LED light wasn’t the strongest it could have been and only lit up a small amount of space in the dark. Also, my science teacher Mr. Toigo remarked that the product could have been more successful if I made the handle swifter and more comfortable to rotate. He also commented that I could have improved the aesthetics of the torch by covering the entire surface of the torch. However, I didn’t make changes for the last advice as I believed, that space will enable the users to replace any parts of the flashlight that are malfunctioning. For example, the LED light may have lost its connection to the hand wind generator which would hinder with the lighting of the bulb. Overall, I am pleased with my product as it matches the design that I have picked at the beginning of the project. What I believe I could have enhanced, however, was the fact that it wasn’t the most original idea that could have been made. Maybe I could have added a cool new feature to the torch so that the idea would be more original.

How the product works is that hand wind generator works as the power source of the LED light and the connection between them allows the kinetic energy generated by the user to be converted into electric energy within the bulb. What is crucial in this process is that the hand wind generator has a limited amount of energy that it could generate no matter how hard or fast you rotate the handle. This implies that it has a limited amount of voltage that it could supply a bulb; which is why I chose a small LED light instead of a big bulb.

I believe that if this product is used carefully enough, it is definitely sustainable and that it is incredibly purposeful for my target: night workers.  It is also highly functional and rather durable due to the tensile material that I have utilized (wood and plastic). There are no particularly sharp bits or small bits within the product which eliminates the probability of cut or choking hazards. However, what I could consider doing in the future is to glaze the wooden popsicle sticks as they may get splinters as they age. Although this product is partially made of plastic, I believe that this product is environmentally friendly as it mainly used from recycled materials (eaten ice-lollies and empty water bottles). As for long term environmental impact, maybe the concept of recycling implemented to this product will spread this positive concept and help the environment.

For grade 8 students that are taking this course next year, I definitely recommend making this product as it is of adequate difficulty and the materials are easily accessible through the laboratories and school storage. I definitely had fun during this project and I wish we can do something like this again someday 🙂

Science Engineering Project Blog Post 2

I have decided to make the hand wind flashlight over the elastic band shooter as I found the torch more purposeful than the toy gun. The image below is a picture of plans and model of the flashlight:

Please press on the image with two fingers to get the link to the image (You can see it clearly that way :))

I plan on bringing the bottle next lesson and maybe bring some popsicle sticks. However, I think I can find all of the rest in the lab.



Science, Design, Grade 9, Engineering Project 3

Above is the picture of the body of the flashlight in which I have made through using popsicle sticks and the top of a 550ml plastic water bottle.

Movie on 1-11-19 at 10.25 AM

Above is a video of my initial failure in lighting up a purple LED light through the usage of a hand wind electricity generator.

This is a photo of my flashlight having the LED light and handle attached to it properly. At this point, not only did the lights work but the handle was also working!

Movie on 1-15-19 at 12.57 PM

The link above leads to my primary testing for the light. In this recording, I have succeeded in creating light generated by kinetic energy.

Movie on 1-17-19 at 2.17 PM

The link above leads to the testing of my new handle (which turned out to be green) in which I created with the help of Mrs. Lemely, who has kindly contributed her time and effort in helping to make this 3-D print boost the aesthetics of my project. To do this I used a tool called ‘tinkercad’.

According to some professional analysis, (from Mr. Toigo), my work can be improved through making the product more aesthetically pleasing, to create some sort of laser so that the flashlight could reach more darkness and to give the handle more space so that it could rotate more freely.


Engineering Project

decathlon flashlight에 대한 이미지 검색결과We were assigned to create a product in which is functional, aesthetically pleasing, purposeful, original, sustainable, and safe.

I currently have multiple plans. For example, I can make a flashlight in which transfer kinetic energy into light energy. This can be aimed for Sodexo workers who tend to work until very late during night time. This will provide them safety especially during construction working.

I thought that the second video was very creative and aesthetically pleasing. However, since it is made of highly malleable substances, it lacks sustainability (doesn’t get it from a renewable source) and simply copying this process will be very unoriginal. So I decided to try and make a replica of the Decathlon hand flashlights. This not only uses a sustainable process of transferring energy (KE to Electricity) but the resources required to manufacture the product is incredibly obtainable.

Thus, for this project, my target clients will be workers who work late at night outside (maybe Sodexo workers). I believe that this would have a positive effect on the environment as most of the components of this specific tool is created from recycled products (empty water bottle, finished ice lollies etc.). Some precedents for this product is Decathlon’s hand wind flashlights which are well-known for their portability and effects.  However, I strongly believe that the substitution of a recyclable product would be more effective in solving environmental problems regarding the biodegradability of plastic.  Some cons for this final product is the fact that it would prove to be fragile unless I find a replacement for glue as an adhesive. The flashlight will be transferring kinetic energy from the user through a motor connected to the bulb and turn it into electric energy.

The next idea that I have, is creating an elastic band shooter out of nothing more than elastic bands and chopsticks. The scientific concept that I would be proving y creating this project is elastic potential energy. I created multiple elastic band shooters in the past and I know the directions by heart. This project would be quite purposeful as it would help boost the creativity of young children and they won’t be hurting themselves while trying to shoot elastic bands at other people with their hands.

Impressive Improvement Clarinet

Step 1 – pick a goal (something you want to improve on your instrument):

I would like to improve my articulation and fluency throughout the period of time I was given.


Step 2 – pick a piece of music that will demonstrate this goal – make an initial recording:

I picked minimalist dances, a piece that I found most troublesome during band practices. I made an initial recording and uploaded on DX.


Step 3 – gather materials to help you achieve this goal.  Exercises, etudes, etc.  Make a practice plan you will follow.  Write a blog post describing what your process will be:

I will be working on my fluency by linking this exercise with “Lord Tullamore,” a piece I noticed to be hard to maintain my flow. As for articulation, I am going to practice my staccato technique repetitively with the chromatic scale. I will also listen to minimalist dances on youtube.com every night before I go to sleep (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ETGw3RqK_Vg) .


Step 4- Final Recording: I will upload it with the initial file by December 10th as assigned.

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