Substance Abuse: Health

What are the dangers of using substances to alter body shape? Give specific examples and consequences. What is a healthier alternative.

Using drugs to alter body shape is unnatural and will affect your body negatively by changing its regular state and process. Drugs may help you achieve your goal to alter your body, but you will not be able to control what it does and the other effects. You could risk your mental and physical health or life to just look better. Instead of using drugs, you could ask doctors/professionals for advice or just eat healthier and exercise more.

Make a Moment Reflection: Hope Hsiao

What did you create?
Along with my partner Sabrina, we created a short video about a project during ignite week that captured the essence of the FA community.

What were your successes?
We created a decent and appealing video and worked fairly well with each other. We also made good quality content and had professional shots. Our main success was not finishing our project in time, but also being very efficient and learning many new skills.

What were your challenges?
As a group, Sabrina and I encountered little to no challenges during the process. We had to plan out our schedule pretty thoroughly in order to finish our tasks in a limited amount of time. Since we worked with a lot of technology, we also had to be very careful and aware of technical difficulties.

How did you grow in my chosen L21 focus area in this project? What evidence can you share of that?
For this project, I focused on Communication and Collaboration for the L21 rubric. My partner, Sabrina, and I worked very well throughout the tasks. We also accomplished many tasks in a short amount of time and had extra time to revise and make everything better. We both did our jobs and finished everything in the amount of time we promised. We also gave each other feedback and supported one another throughout more difficult task and in preference

What are some ways that the skill I learned during Ignite week would be of value to me in the future?
I learned many video-taking skills and became more familiarized in how to make a video. This could help me for the next time I need to create or capture a video.

Giver Response

I thought that the ending for the book, The Giver was pretty good. At first, I inferred that Jonas got to where he wanted to be/elsewhere safely and that the book had a happy ending. But, Mr. Lemly gave us another scenario that also made a lot of sense. He said that maybe Jonas was dying and was having flashbacks. It is very clever for the author to do that, because it will catch the reader’s attention and make them want to know more and read the sequel. I really like the ending that Mr. Lemly described, but if I could change it. Jonas would get caught and he would show the people what emotions were like and convince the elders to change the society.