Body Image and Substance Abuse

What are the dangers of using substances to alter body shape? What are some healthy alternatives?

Using substances to alter the shape of your body causes many dangerous side effects. Many performance enhancing and body altering drugs can harm your heart. The appetite suppressant drug Meridia can cause confusion, depression, suicidal thoughts, and sometimes sudden death. Healthy alternatives for these substances include healthy eating and daily exercise.

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Project Space Race

During this project, our goal was to create a company that would research a possibly habitable planet and then develop a rover that we could send the planet. In my group, I was a coder, this meant I would code and assemble all of the pieces of the rover with Lei after they were built. One of the biggest challenges I faced during this project, was collaborating with my team. It was especially challenging when we were designing our rover, many times we would disagree which made it harder to finish designing the rover. Even though I had troubles collaborating, I think I succeeded at coming up with my own ideas and contributed creative ideas to the group. My L21 goal area for growth this project was Communication and Collaboration. I believe, even though I would argue with my group member sometimes, I still grew in both of these areas, Communication more that Collaboration. Toward the end of the project I would communicate more smoothly and listen to other’s ideas, I would also try my best to disagree politely and go along with other ideas besides my own. I think one of the biggest skill I gained from this project was coding, I believe this will be useful in the future if I ever decide to take a coding class, I would already have some knowledge on it.

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Giver Discussion #4


When I was 6 years old I was climbing up a slide at a pool and I tripped and got a chunk of the slide stuck under my toenail. The painful experience was not having the chunk under my toenail, but getting it removed and having my toenail cut open. After getting the chunk removed I could not run or have my toe in water and what I could do was limited. From this experience I learned not to climb up a slide and to use my common sense more, I also learned to be more cautious because actions have consequences. If I had the choice whether or not I wanted to remove the memory of this experience, I would choose not to because without having gone through the pain and lived through the experience, I would probably be less careful and get injured much more than I already do.

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Linda Ragsdale


linda Ragsdale came to our class and talked to us about her story, her story about how she survived a terrorist attack, a story about how she later fought cancer, a story about her fight for peace. After listening to her talk I learned that people judge others and mostly see the bad side of things, when really what we need to see is the good side. I have never met anyone like Linda Ragsdale before, she has gone through so much in her life and yet still seems to be optimistic and laugh about it, she sees the better side of things. Linda Ragsdale’s talk inspired me to be a better person and to try to find peace in my everyday life and I want to be more optimistic like her and see the good side of things and I should try to understand others points of view instead of just looking at my point of view.

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Chinese company edits pig DNA, develops piglets that will stay pet-sized

BGI, a company based in China, has now found a way to take out part of a pigs DNA to make the pigs smaller, small enough to be pets. The pet pigs would only weigh a 33 pounds when they are fully grown unlike the usual 150-250 pound potbelly pigs. BGI is selling these pigs for $1,600 each, which is a high price to pay for a pig, but since the pigs are genetically modified the cost must be higher in order for BGI to make a profit. These “micro” pigs are sold in the America, but not by BGI. The United States government has still not approved of letting the pigs be exported from China and imported to America. The pigs are not the only creature that have had their “genes edited” before, the GloFish created by a company named AquaBounty is a genetically modified fish that is in some ways similar to the micro pigs in the way that they were created, both were genetically modified to make a new kind a animal. One of the main differences between the GloFish and the micro pigs is that adding DNA from multiple different fish created the GloFish and that micro pigs were created by taking out a part of a pigs DNA. The reason the pigs are so small is because the part of the DNA of the normal pig that was taken out is a part of the DNA that makes the pigs grow larger. The next step for BGI is to be able to not only change the size of the pig, but also the color so that costumers can choose the exact pig they want.



This article makes me think about how far we have come in technology that we cannot edit and animals DNA and make it different. About a year ago I remember begging my mom to let me get a micro pig or what some call a teacup pig. I remember asking many times if I could have a micro and every time my mom would say I couldn’t get one. One day I asked so many times that my mother finally gave up and said “fine you can get a pig, if you can find a place to get one in China.” At the time I was so happy and I would look for hours, but I could never find out where to get one of those adorable, tiny, micro pigs. After a long time not being able to find out where to get a micro pig I finally gave up, until now. Now there is finally a place in China to get a micro pig. For kids like me who love strange little animals that are super adorable these little pigs are perfect, these are also the perfect pet for me because my dad is allergic to dogs, cats, rabbits etc. and these pigs wont make him sick. The one problem is that these micro pigs cost so much money and would probably cost lots of money to care for, and if I were to move back to the United States how would I know I could keep my pet pig if I ever got one. All I have to say is there are ups and downs with buying a pig and before getting one you should make sure you have the money and you live in a place where they are allowed, and one last thing is if I got a pig I would name it Kermit or Ms. Piggy, but that is all my opinion. What do you think about micro pigs? Do you think they should be sold overseas? Would you want to buy one of these adorable micro pigs?


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Is an Egyptian queen buried behind a secret door in the tomb of King Tut?

Recent discoveries leave archeologist to believe that there is another tomb located behind a wall in king Tut’s tomb. Archeologist Nicholas Reeves claims that the tomb belongs to Nefertiti, who lived 3,500 years ago. Some believe that she is king Tut’s mother. Reeves claim has yet to be fully accepted by the archaeologist, but reeves said, “If I’m wrong, I’m wrong” he also says, “But if I’m right this is potentially the biggest archaeological discovery ever made.”



This article relates to the unit we are on learning about where we are learning about archaeology. It is amazing that archaeologist have found an intact tomb that could possibly have anther tomb of a great ruler right next to it. I think that tomb should be left the way they are found and be left with the treasures and be honored and allow the ancient Egyptians to live a long life in their after life.


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Stradivarius violin stolen after concert in Milwaukee


A 300-year-old Stradivarius violin known as the Lipinski violin was stolen from Frank Almond, the Milwaukee symphony orchestra lead violinist last Monday during an armed robbery after a performance at Wisconsin Lutheran College. According to Edward Flynn, the chief of the Milwaukee police says the violin is “priceless”. The violin was made in Cremona, Italy in 1715 and has had many owners over the years such as Virtuoso Giuseppe Tartini from 1692 to 1770, Karol Lipinski from 1790 to1861, of which it got its name after and was on a long term loan to Frank Almond. “One of the really mysterious things about these instruments is that they really maximize our strengths if we can figure out how to play them,” Almond says. Police do not know if the robbery was planned or a random street crime, Flynn also says “This is a potentially international crime”. In 2013, British police found a 300-year-old Stradivarius violin similar to the Lipinski. Maybe the Lipinski will be found sooner


What I find surprising is that even after 300 years a violin is still loved and being played in front of big crowds instead of being in a museum with people standing around it. This violin has a very long history and has been owned by amazing people who create amazing music. I think that it is terrible that this violin has been stolen, and I also think that people should not be stealing or harming anyone. This article relates to my story because a priceless violin was stolen and in my story a racehorse that is said to be worth millions was stolen. I think it is important for people to hold onto and protect the thing that are important to them and even if they are 300-year-old violins or an history through old items that they love 3-7 year old race horse.



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Child Labor in India May Increase Due to New Laws


In Surat, India, 50,000 child workers are hunched over for hours and hours working in poorly lit factories, many of these children are under 14 years old. The Indian government has made a proposal for a new law stating that “The new rules ban children from extremely dangerous jobs like making fireworks or working in a factory that makes heavy equipment.” And that “The only requirements are that children work for a relative and after school.” Many children who are from poorer families help their parents with work from a young age, and supporters says that banning all child labor will hurt some farmers, shopkeeper, cooks and others businesses. Even though It is illegal many of the bosses are not relatives of the children, and when asked the bosses of the child laborers say “I am his uncle” or “he is my son” and police are not very keen and verifying the claim.


In the book Boys Without Names child labor is a very big issue. In it, the main idea is about child labor and 6 boys who are stuck in it. The 6 boys from this book do not want to disappoint their boss, the Newsela article says, “Experts say the children don’t dare to disagree with their bosses.” Gopal talks about how he and the other boys work long hours and don’t take breaks. In the book most all of the boys are migrants from poorer villages and town and they went to work to help support their families. India should not completely ban child labor but I think they do need to further investigate to make sure that the child is related to their boss, and the children only can help when they are finished with school. I think this would be good so the relatives of the children still have help but the children still get to learn and get smarter so that someday they can have a good job.


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As refugee crisis grows in Europe, Japan wonders how much it should help

Japan is debating on whether or not  to let refugees into the country, many people agree they should be but others do not. Even though Japan has donated 181.6 million US dollars to the United Nation’s High Commissioner for Refugees last year, they have only let in 11 of the 5,000 refugees who are coming to there country in . There have been comments by reporters such as “Japan has done less than any other large democracy” and “shameful.” but some people have different thoughts, Nobuo Ikeda who is a teacher at Aoyama Gakuin University says “I’m against accepting Syrian refugees.” Japans prime minister Shinzo Abe stated that “We are going to provide assistance for refugees and displaced persons from Iraq and Syria,”. Will Japan help and take in more refugees?


This article made me think about how some counties are doing so much more than others. I have heard that some countrie in europe have let in so many people up to 100,000 people for just one country. In my opinion I think that Japan needs do be letting more refugees into the country because lots of other countries are trying their best to let refugees in and Japan is not they are letting no one in. I hope soon that that the Japanese government will allow morre refugees into the country because these people have no where to go.

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