Humanities Capstone Project Documentary

From this project, I learned the importance of intellectual property, and why China is abandoning to solve this problem.

I think it is important to recognize that invading intellectual property is a serious problem that needs to be solved quickly in order for creation activities to step forward.

From this project, I was able to develop my interviewing skills which helped me to get the information I want.

If I can do this project again, I want to put real pictures and videos in my documentary to make it more realistic.

The only thing you need for this project is time & effort.

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Catapult Project is to show our process on the study of quadratic function.
From this project, I learned that quadratic function is easy to see in our daily life.
Challenging part of this project is that it was hard to get quadratic equation out of our video because the start of the video was actually during ping-pong ball’s flight. If I get to do this project again, I will film the video without any trouble.
This project helped me understand how quadratic functions are used in our lives.

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How to Earn Freedom

How to Earn Freedom

Would you like to volunteer for a game that might kill you because one of your family members is chosen as a tribute and will die no matter how? I would probably not, because I am a coward. But there’s a girl, who bravely stood up and volunteered to protect her sister. She looks quite normal, and she doesn’t have muscles like health trainers. But, her heart is pure and strong. Her charisma overflows and the sense of responsibility is strong. Oh, you want to know this girl’s name? Her name is Katniss Everdeen, from Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games.

Since Katniss Everdeen hardly gets food, Katniss is slender. She has a black hair, grey eyes, and a reddish lip. Two fierce eyes show her charisma and bravery. Every time she makes a decision, she thinks very carefully, and act without hesitation. There are several scenes where we can find out these characteristics. In page 218 to 221, she finds out that there are several mines planted beneath careers’ supplies. It didn’t take her a long time to figure out how to blow up the supplies with it, and she shoots down the apples without stopping in the middle. We also can find her braveness from this sentence. “How’s everything with you?” (Katniss->Careers+Peeta, 181) It hard to say such words to the ones who might kill you in a minute. Her fearless speeches and active personality prove that she is a person that we can imitate.

These impressing features of Katniss help us to understand the theme of this book. Katniss won the Hunger Game and was reward grand compensation. She earned house, money, and part of freedom. Although it is a part, freedom is meaningful for her because she got it by her own efforts. It wasn’t hard for me to figure out the theme of this book from Katniss. Freedom is for the ones who fight against suppression. I think this is the theme of this book because Katniss fought against the suppression, unlike careers who adapt themselves into the society.

I often compare myself to characters in the books or games. Then I start to think that I want to be like them. I often sigh that I am not brave or intelligent like them, and I make several goals for my future. Especially Katniss, because she is awesome in my perspective. In this hopeless dystopian society, I think we should act like Katniss no matter how scary the society is.

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  1. We are making…

Cup holder (Cup stabilizer) using super slime (Polymer)

  1. We want the Physical Properties to include:
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Sticky
  • Smooth
  • Clean
  • No odor
  • Transparent

Our Plan to Develop our Prototype

*Prototype = sample or model

1stwe will…    

Make changes, add more ingredients if necessary.

2ndwe will…

Make super slime and test its status.

3rdwe will…

Make prototypes #1, #2, #3 and test them.


Accept feedback and fix the problem. 

Our Method for Testing our Prototype: How we’ll test it to see if it works

Method Why we chose this/How this will be effective
Place a cup and record how long the cup can stay still See if it does its job
Smell to see if there is odor Meets our properties
Stretch to see if it breaks easily It might break apart while using.


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You are in the classroom. You are holding a cup full of fruit juice. You slowly place it on your desk, and you start a conversation with your friends. Oops! You accidentally hit the cup, and the cup fell down. Now, you lost your juice and your cup. What do you need in this situation? Probably a cup holder made out of the super slime.

The purpose of this idea was for kids or students who often break cups. The reason I target these audiences is that of the advantages (that I will explain later) of using super slime to make cup holders.

We do have normal cup holders that we can find in markets. However, they have problems that some of them are expensive, some easily break or some aren’t convenient enough. However, super slime can reform its shape very easily, and it’s easy to make them. Also, since its slime, we can decrease or increase the size of slime to fit any kinds of cups. Convenient, playful, cheap awesome cup holders!

Why are you using super slime? Why can’t you use other kinds of polymers? First of all, super slime is very clean. It barely stains on your finger or the cup. Other polymers such as gloop, will leave lots of polymers on your finger and your cup. Second, it doesn’t have any odor. Gloop smells like glue because it uses glue. However, the ingredient of super slime barely makes odor so they will be no people complaining about the smell of the slime.

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travel green by Isaac Lee

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Getting Around by Luke Fazekas (Pic No.7)

A picture of an alleyway. Old, classic but familiar. We can see lots of alleyways as we walk on the streets. They are not luxury, neither artistic, however, I like these alleyways because they provide me lots of poetic and artistic inspiration. When I walk through these alleyways, the quiet and cool mood makes me melt into the mood. The sight of the alleyways energizes my emotion, and most of the time, I really enjoy it. I don’t care what other people’s thought to these alleyways, and I believe that alleyways are places where dramatic things happen.

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Can we call this Victory of Justice? by DISTRICT NEWS

This is an emergency news by district news talking about fall of Capitol. I thought it would be better to draw the reporter and anchor and letting them be the introducer rather than myself staring at the camera and talking about the book. My drawing isn’t really good, but it made the film a bit more realistic than I think. I chose Reporting the News as a multimedia for this book because it fits really well with the climax of this book when District 13 destroyed all the Capitol’s force and take over the Capitol. For District 13, broadcasting is the best way to send propagandas that they won the war. Even though broadcasting fits best for this book, it was hard for me to draw the characters and edit storyline into news script. When I look up the books the second time to find quotes and important events, I read the whole book again and thought Suzanne Collins is surely one of the bestsellers in the 21st century, and I should make this post right away.


1.War |
2.The ruins of Dresden, 1945

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