One Day 2018 – Out of the Blocks

Our school is right across the street from a vibrant community of senior citizens, and our One Day goal was to get to know them and interview them. We discovered that many of them had pearls of wisdom to offer us, and we got that all on video for posterity.

In the days leading up to One Day, we decided upon questions and organized the technology required to pull this endeavor off. Our questions focused on the past, legacies, friendships, and advice, which enabled us to dig deep into the rich lives and histories of these people.

During this experience, I learned that people we had not thought about talking to before could be very interesting and entertaining. One of my challenges was the language barrier, as I am not very confident in speaking Chinese. However, as the interviews progressed, I felt more and more at ease. Another challenge was the technology we used, because it was fairly new to my whole group and required a lot of trial and error.

One thing that went well was the ease at which the people there were willing to speak to us. They were all very comfortable in front of the camera and spoke to us naturally. They also had amazing stories to tell and advice to give. However, if I could do this again, I would try to get them to elaborate more with follow-up questions to get even more information.

Overall, this day was invaluable to me, and it was fun to meet people that we previously would never have spoken to. Working with new technology taught me a lot, and having learned so much and done so much during a single day was a great experience.

G8 Via Ferrata Trip

Every year, the eighth graders go to a place called Via Ferrata for two days of fun. On this trip, our mentoring classes bond and we learn to work as a team, to encourage one another, and to problem solve.

Personally, I feel like one of my strengths was leadership and responsibility. I made sure my groups got things done, but one of my weaknesses was getting angry easily when things didn’t go the way I wanted them to go and not being patient.

The Via Ferrata trips was one of the best trips I had been on thus far at ISB. I became friends with many of my classmates, and I discovered that we appreciate our friends much more when we think we’re about to die. (See photo above) This experience was invaluable to me and I hope eighth graders keep getting the chance to dangle 60 meters up on a rock face.