L21 Wheel

This is the learning wheel where we are assessed on these standards.

Responsibility & Leadership

I found leadership in the NIH project where I helped lead Clara and my’s project.

I found responsibility when I was able to finish my antibodies video.

{Show antibodies vid}

Inquiry & Critical Thinking

For my work on inquiry, my Chinese Cultural Revolution class and I have been studying about this revolution for 3 months. We had several visitors who all couldn’t speak English well. I have used my inquiry skills to ask the people questions and was able to translate it from Chinese speaking to English writing.


~Jacey’s Notes ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_~
• The kids were crazy then
•Whenever the kids hated people or were demanded to beat people they would because they had nothing to do and ever since they were little they believed in MaoZeDong even if they didn’t know what he was saying they believed in him. 
•by 1967 the radical cultural revolution dominated the government the members were, Lin Biao, and mao’s wife: Jiang Qin
•She would often appear as Mao’s spokesperson and gain great power
•Liu Shao Qi tried to moderate events but he would always side with Mao. He tried to protect people but his power had his limits. Many close to him would soon be brutally attacked
• People from the cultural revolution group told the kids to drag out Liu Shao Qi and Deng Shao Ping and overthrow him. 
•Because of Jiang Qin’s fame when she talked trash about Liu Shao Qi everyone else agreed. She likes trash talking.
•April 1967 Red guards tricked wang and said her daughter was in an accident but they took her into a crowd and dressed her as a whore and humiliated her.
For Critical thinking, it also had to do with the study of the Chinese Cultural Revolution where I had to use Critical thinking to imagine myself in the people of that time’s shoes.

Innovation & Creativity

I’ve planned out and edited the humanities project of the Cultural Revolution in plain English. This claim is for the Creativity skill.


I’ve joined the yearbook where I create pages for the yearbook which helps my innovation. NOT CREATIVITY. For reasons which I will explain now.


Revolutionary Voices Journal – Chinese Cultural Revolution

The past few months my partners and I have been studying the Chinese Cultural Revolution. After being assigned to do ‘The Chinese Cultural Revolution in Plain English” we then were assigned to write in a person in that time’s point of view, separately. My character doesn’t say her name in all three journals but she is called Tong Hua Ming. Hua Ming was once a little girl who thought she was in the safest surroundings in the universe. She was comfortable and happy until the Red Guards barged in.

During the time each journal gets shorter, this is because she is writing during the revolution and Red Guards are lurking in every corner. Whenever she rights she must do it quickly and hides it under her floorboards. The last journal of the three is the last one she ever writes. This is because she wants a fresh start, she doesn’t want to look back and remember her broken childhood.

I hope you enjoy and learned something!

Blog Post – Smarter Than You Think

Jacey Chen

Humanities 8-5

Iain Carter

Due: 3/7/2017



The book: Smarter Than You Think, asks one question and one question only: Technology is changing the way we think. But is it for the better? The answer the author clearly states is: Yes, technology is changing our thinking for the better. However, I decided to come up and explain how the way technology is changing our minds isn’t exactly for the better. Comfort and convenience is one of the biggest thing we spend our time and money on, we also rely on these machines so much that we can’t even imagine what life would be without them.


Comfort and convenience is an extremely important thing in our current state of living. We depend on these machines to make our lives easier. Of course, being myself, comfort and convenience is not such a terrible thing. Conveniences such as transport and easier communication are improvements to our world. Yet, these conveniences change our mindset turning us lazy. Such as calculators, mental math is an important and ongoing challenge in the academic mathematical system. When we use our own methods and ways of thinking we use our whole left brain to think up the answer, it also helps our memorization. However, when using a calculator all you need is some fingers and numbers.


We also rely on these machines and conveniences a bit too much. As our world grows and several generations have passed we would rely only on machines. Such as the internet, a small box in the corner of the room that connects us to all sorts of websites, videos, and other things that has been added to the mystical world of the internet. We can also communicate with others from across the globe, but without the internet what would we do? Of course, there are a million things you could do without internet but our minds doesn’t immediately go to the fact that you could do a million things without internet.


Yes, without these machines our world would spiral down into complete turmoil. Machines and technology is the future, we would have to rely on and use these things that are given to us. However, without these things we become less ‘human’. We rely so much on machines that we could basically be cyborgs. Yes, these things that we invent and encourage are achievements to our species and they aren’t exactly listed as conveniences. Their convenience is listed as helpful and can cure diseases.


Even if technology now seems to be improving our mindset and is molding it, it’s molding our thinking to be compatible with the machine, having us rely on technology more and more.


Chinese Cultural Revolution In Plain English

Diligently, my teammates and I have been studying continuously on the Chinese Cultural Revolution to better understand the history of the place we are currently living in. After studying for so long we were assigned to do a common craft video. A common craft video is a visual explanation that’s simple and should be under 6 minutes. There were many problems with time management and one of our teammates being gone for two days straight we stressed for an extremely long amount of time. However, we were able to pick ourselves up and finish recording, drawing, and editing. In the end, we’ve learned a lot about China and had fun along the way. We also learned how to work through stressful situations and collaborate with each other. This project was both entertaining and a painful experience.

Link to video

Goals for 2017 – 2018

My Academic Goals:

•Get at least a 4 or 5 for math for report cards

• Finish homework more efficiently

•Finish a book every month or two

•Manage HW

•Be more organized

My Personal Goals:

•Think about self, more often

•Watch more anime

•Make more time for drawing and art

•Draw a page every Wednesday

•Write a page once in a while

•Have a time to self

•Worry less



My Social Goals:

•Still have at least 3 friends by the end of the year

BAd Substance


  • Death
  • Heart issues
  • Blood Pressure


  • healthy exercise
  • watching eating


Perfect 10 Animation

The book The Perfect Ten by L. Phillips is an amazing book, It’s about a boy wh0 wants love, he goes to one of his best friends Meg, who does witchcraft, to help him out. On Friday the 13th Meg, and his Ex, Landon, went to the community graveyard. Landon wrote ten attributes he wanted in a boyfriend and burned it.

I made this animation to sum up the book and tell the theme which is, wait for your love, don’t risk if you’re already happy.

Video link: https://youtu.be/CI36Hw5vMjs


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