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Every thing about Desertification(Capstone video project)

Making a video about desertification was the result of 2 month of working. Most important part from survey, research, cornel note and essay were combined i this video. By organising video I learned how to prepare the informations clearly which can give the strong message to audience.  

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Revolutionary Voices Journal

This journal shows the start of the Syrian Civil War. The main character is the middle of the event and it shows the boys decisions during the revolution. If you read the journal you will understand the sequence of revolution to cilvil war. I wanted to show a sequence of Cilvil War in one boys … Continue reading »

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“Syrian Revolution” in Simple English

This Someone who want’s to know about Syrian Revolution happening in Syria should watch this video. When you see this video you will gather every informations about the Syrian Revolution, why the revolution started, how did it progressed and what is happening now. This video is about a revolution still progressing at Syria. Steve, Brian … Continue reading »

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Something doesn’t change

“BULLYING with WORDS (TEASING, NAME-CALLING, AND RUMORS)” By Addy Ferguson   “Often bullies pick on others because they look down on other people.” (BULLYING with WORDS 12) “Studies have found out that kids with disabilities are nearly three times more likely to be bullied than are kids who do not have disabilities.” (BULLYING with WORDS 10) … Continue reading »

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