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Engineering project: #1 Define and Inquire

Blog post #1: Define and Inquire What is this engineering task? What are you thinking about doing? (this can be multiple ideas) Embed images and links of ideas you like/don’t like Analyze those ideas: What are the pros/cons about those ideas? Engineering task is a task about making an invention which shows the convert of … Continue reading »

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Science journal 4

Design Journal Checklist # 4   Optimising Prototypes You describe important observations about each of your prototypes and identify strengths and limitations of each prototype. Recommendations for future improvements to your design. You make a claim about which prototype was most effective for meeting your goal, and your claim is supported by evidence from your … Continue reading »

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Science journal 2

  Defining the Problem You define the specific goal of your polymer project You describe your target audience You describe the problems that will be solved by creating your polymer You explain which specific polymer characteristics from the different base polymers will work best for your design problem. Communication Your writing is clear and concise … Continue reading »

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Science journal 1

Journal #1 Synthetic VS. Natural What are synthetic materials? Something made of artificial material, not natural items.   Give 2 examples of synthetic materials. Plastic electronics, nylon   What are natural resources? It is resources which exist without actions of humankind.   Give 2 examples of natural resources. DNA, Silk         Polymers … Continue reading »

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