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Student Led Conference 2017-2018

L21 Standard

These abilities are the thing we developed in school. I think the most important ability I developed is Global Thinking. This ability is a best development I made because here is international school. In ISB there were lots and lots of creative projects that I can experience. It was precious experiment that I can’t get in other school.


Claim: I successfully performed the dance concert with my teammate. I learned how to collaborate for the concert, learned about how to use the body for dance.

Evidence: These pictures are about our practicing and dancing in the rehearsal.

Reasoning: My group was able to communicate with each other to create a better concert. I tried to understand the different opinions and compromised with it. The process went smoothly because my teammates were respecting each other as well. Because of these efforts, there was almost no argument while choosing the song or designing new dance compositions. I learned that a practical communication, like this is very important when working with a group. After creating new dance composition, we practiced a lot for the concert. We practiced the dance during the weekends for better performance. Finally, heart beating, adrenaline rushing, legs shaking, I emotionally performed the dance. I think it was successful performance because I heard the loud cheers and clapping.


Global Thinking

Claim: I learned how to analyse the history or event as thinking like a historian.

Evidence: This chart is the tools to think like a historian. We talked about the Syria Revolution as character in the event.

Reasoning: In humanity class, we learned a lot about global thinking. First of all, we learned about revolution in Syria. I had to analyse a sequence of revolution, what causes main events, effects of actions and finding the turning point. As a video, up there we tried to see the revolution is various point of view. I described about revolution as an Assad and I could approach to the revolution in Syria with a different angle. After the activity, I was able to analyse the history with various tools and see the event with different angle. I think I developed my ability about understanding the history, also I broaden my outlook.


Claim: I designed reptile egg incubator.


Reasoning: In science class, we had to design a reptile egg incubator. While we were continuing the activity I was interested in creating a design which can incubate a reptile egg. I had to think about the temperature, cushioning or keeping as 24~30 degrees. The thing I had to design from the base of incubator and developing the first design to final design was really fun to do. I need to take care of lot of materials was so fun. During this activity, I learned how to design, and develop the first idea to better result. It developed my creativity, how to creative things more planned.