Engineering Project Post 4

As a summary, my project vacuum cleaner gives the motor energy from the power supplied by the battery, so the motor turns the spiral and turns into a burst of suction, which becomes kinetic energy. Therefore, the vacuum cleaner can suck in a small dust.

Engineering Project Post 3

I followed my plan, I find all the materials at first class. At the second class, I got battery and motor with propeller connected together. Third class, I put the motor with propeller inside the bottle. Last class, I finally finished all the things, here is the video.


Engineering Project Post2

This is the sketch of my small vacuum cleaner

My materials are rubber tube, small bottle, big bottle, small motor, propeller

First class: Find all the materials I need

Second class: Finish the shell of vacuum cleaner

Third class: Fix the battery on the outside, and put the motor with propeller inside

Last class: Get the rubber tube on the vacuum cleaner, then test the vacuum cleaner to see if everything works

Engineering Project Post1

Vacuum cleaner

It starts with electrical energy to get propeller on, then it changes to kinetic energy to get dust into the bottle.

I wanted to do this project because I thought it was very creative and not very difficult