Capstone Project Documentary

For my capstone project, I chose to focus on transportation and decided to study the overproduction of vehicles and effects and consequences of them. I learned the reason why china has so many vehicles and how they are effecting this city. I’ve also learned what the government is trying to do to solve this issue, and what else needs to be done. Before, I didn’t really know anything about how transportation works in china and the variety of ways you can get around in china. Now, I know what’s causing issues in china and some of the ways to solve them.  I used the interviewing skills I’ve used during the hutong trip to gather information about my social issue. If I could do this project again, I would probably try to film more original footage than using footage that I’ve found online…well my phone broke during that weekend so I couldn’t really do anything. I want the Grade 8 students next year to know that the capstone process is a long process, and it’s important to plan out what you’re going to do each section of the process, or else you might be too rushed at the end, which happened to me.

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Catapult design





For Our end project of module 4, my class and I were assigned to design and create a catapult out of whatever materials we need, my group and I chose to make a simplistic design onto the catapult that wouldn’t be to hart to make or operate. During this process,we also learned how to analyze a parabola and to form equations formed by them.I found building thee catapult challenging since at first we couldn’t figure out a good design or find the adequate materials for it. If I had to do this the next time I would probably be more eco-friendly and only use the materials that I needed

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Blog post 3

thenewkids by jason.ling

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Final Journel entry

Smush Push Final Design by jason.ling

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Lies and Lies

Lies become truths if people start to believe in it. In the book Maggot Moon, this statement can be seen repeatedly throughout the entire novel and is behind many key turning points of the plot of this story. The story Maggot Moon is about a dystopian society where there is a clear economic gap between the rich and the poor, described as sections, for example, the main character, Standish Treadwell lives in zone 7, while the rich members of the “the motherland” live all the way in zone one. The country is ruled by a ruthless regime, disposing and getting rid of anybody who they deem as either too “impure” In the schools, the teachers are described as ruthless and cruel this can be seen when one of the teachers of the school, Mr. Gunnell beats on one of his students, Little Eric to death.


“He didn’t stop, his punches coming harder and faster. Little Eric on the ground, curled into a ball, crying for him mummy”-Gardener, page 77.


The government and the society seems to remember and include various elements from communist Russia, for example their nation is known as the motherland, people disappear on a regular basis, and get sent to “reeducation camps”, like the real world gulags, a mention of many wars that came before, a secret police put in place called the greenflies and a resistance called the obstructers and of course, there seems to be a space race between the “motherland” and western countries for who can land on the moon first.




The theme Lies become truths if people start to believe in it is important to the story because a lot of the government’s power is based off of mystery and deceitfulness. An earlier example of this was when the government rounded everyone up and said asked who spoke the common tongue, of course everyone in the area raised their hand, Standish realized that in truth, they took the picture so that it would seem like everyone was saluting the motherland. Plot of the story is also centered around lies, the way the motherland was going to gain power into the motherland was to fake their moon landing, win the space race,  and be recognized as one of the most powerful nation in the world.





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Smush Push

Smush Push by jason.ling

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Design Journal 1

A synthetic material is a type of material that is chemically or artificially produced by natural recourses, two examples of this can be plastic, and nylon. Plastic is used in everything from bottles to wrapping to toys while some of the things nylon can be used for are fabric and rope. A polymer is a large molecule composed of many of the same smaller units. During this science project, our goal is to design a type of polymer that can benefit our lives in some sort of way.

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Never take things for granted

“Getting around” 7


This image shows some of the poor living conditions of some of the people who lived in Beijing and even though we take cars, carbs, buses and even bikes for granted, some people just have to make do with what they have, such as old bikes or even just walking. I believe one of the morals that this image is trying to tell us is that we should never take anything for granted and that no matter how unlucky, unfortunate, inconvenient, uncomfortable you feel, there will always be someone who is getting by with worse.

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Prison Report of Jun Do

Picture of multimedia post 


This is an incarceration report of one of the two main characters of the novel The Orphan Masters Son, Jun Do. This event happens after Jun Do has failed  to recover a nuclear material detector that America has confiscated from north Korea during a diplomatic mission in Texas. because of this, Jun Do is sent to a work camp. I chose this particular moment in the story because its a vital turning point in Jun Do’s mindset from blindly following his commanders orders to questioning their morals and standpoints. It is also the point where Jun Do losses his faith in his country(North Korea)

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American Revolution

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