Smush Push

Smush Push by jason.ling

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Design Journal 1

A synthetic material is a type of material that is chemically or artificially produced by natural recourses, two examples of this can be plastic, and nylon. Plastic is used in everything from bottles to wrapping to toys while some of the things nylon can be used for are fabric and rope. A polymer is a large molecule composed of many of the same smaller units. During this science project, our goal is to design a type of polymer that can benefit our lives in some sort of way.

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Never take things for granted

“Getting around” 7


This image shows some of the poor living conditions of some of the people who lived in Beijing and even though we take cars, carbs, buses and even bikes for granted, some people just have to make do with what they have, such as old bikes or even just walking. I believe one of the morals that this image is trying to tell us is that we should never take anything for granted and that no matter how unlucky, unfortunate, inconvenient, uncomfortable you feel, there will always be someone who is getting by with worse.

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Prison Report of Jun Do

Picture of multimedia post 


This is an incarceration report of one of the two main characters of the novel The Orphan Masters Son, Jun Do. This event happens after Jun Do has failed  to recover a nuclear material detector that America has confiscated from north Korea during a diplomatic mission in Texas. because of this, Jun Do is sent to a work camp. I chose this particular moment in the story because its a vital turning point in Jun Do’s mindset from blindly following his commanders orders to questioning their morals and standpoints. It is also the point where Jun Do losses his faith in his country(North Korea)

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American Revolution

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American Revolution


Why the America revolution is important


The American revolution was important because this change in power was the birth to a major superpower in the world that would someday eventually effect the future of the entire world. If America never had its revolution, the land would still be under British rule, which would mean that a lot of world changing events and people could not have existed, for better or for worse. For example, if the united states haven’t risen into power, Neil Armstrong might not have been the first man on the moon, the allies might not have won world war one, and the airplane might not have even been invented till awhile later.


What stayed the same and what’s different?


The main thing that changed during the American was that they declared independence from the crown and Great Britain, which allowed them to create their own laws, rules, traits and policies as a new nation. Other than that, most of the other things stayed the same, such as their way of life, slavery, and woman’s rights.





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Lord of the flies Book Cover

During the book lord of the flies, some of the most important symbols of the story were the beast, which represented the children’s primal instincts, the conch, which represented a civilized society, piggy’s glasses, which represented technology and innovation, the signaling fire, which represents the children’s desire to be rescued, and of course the spear, which was the first sign of jack and his group’s more primal instincts. I included all of these symbols into the book cover I made in the link above, which was mainly made using photoshot

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Consumed by chaos




Have you ever wondered how badly leaving a group of children by themselves for an hour would turn out? What if you left them for a few weeks, and on a deserted island? Can you even imagine how disastrous the consequences would be? Thankfully, this is already imagined for you in the book lord of the flies, written by William Golding. The Book lord of the flies, like most classic, has a deeper meanings and ideas and this blog post will go over the characters and objects and what they represent in real life.

First off, protagonist in the story is Ralph, he is a twelve-year-old English boy, who is the elected leader of the group of boys that were marooned on the deserted island. Ralph represents the civilized, ordered, and productive side of human nature. This can be seen at the beginning of the story when Ralph’s primary goals he wants the group for the is for the basic humans needs, including food, shelter and ways to increase their chances of being rescued.  Later in the story, when most of the group decides to join another character named jack’s group of savages, only him and his friend piggy decide not to join them.

Piggy is Ralph’s “right hand man”, he is the stereotypical whiny, out of shape, intellectual social outcast “You’re talking too much, said Jack Merridew. “Shut up fatty.”” -(Golding, 27) , who represents the rationality and the scientific side of human nature. This can be shown with his constant inventiveness, such as when he creates a sundial, which the children use to tell time, he also starts the signal fire with his spectacles.

The second character is Jack, he is the opposite of Ralph. He is the leader of the choir, represents violence, savagery, and most of all, the desire for power. One example of this was when the group was elected Ralph as their leader, Jack was furious because he was not elected as the leader of the group of children. At first, Jack retains a civilized sense and morality instilled into him from before he was marooned, as shown when he hunted for the first time and was unable to kill the pig” “I was choosing a place. Next time—!-(Jack,42). But as the story progresses, he becomes obsessed with hunting and becomes more savage, painting himself like a barbarian and giving himself more to bloodlust. As he becomes more violent, it is seen that he is also in more control of the group than before, the group that was previously followed Ralph and his more civilized nature. This shows the more appealing violent nature of any human being.

The Conch is also an important part of the story, the conch is a symbol of order and unity in the story, which is also a symbol of civilized power, as shown in the meetings with the rule that the person who gets the conch has the right of speech” Piggy, partly recovered, pointed to the conch in Ralph’s hands, and Jack and Simon fell silent. Ralph went on.”-(Golding,47). As savagery takes over the others, the Conch, like democratic power, loses its value too.

In conclusion the book Lord of the Flies shows clear representation to many aspects of the real world, mostly revolving human nature, like Ralph, who represents a civilized society, Jack, who represents the savage, barbaric, and power lusty side of humans.



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What you see isn’t always what turns out

I made a short account of an unknown baby with a plot twist in the end that the baby was hitler. Even though this was predictable, it’s meant to show that you never know how something is gonna turn out if you look from the beginning and that some things might not be like how they look.

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Into The Mind Of A Madman

Have you ever wondered what was going in the mind of the horrible mastermind of the nazi party Adolf Hitler? The book Mein Kampf, which translates into “my struggle” in English gives you an insight on that. This book is an autobiography written by Adolf Hitler himself when he was imprisoned for trying to overthrow the German government. This book started off with Hitler’s background, then includes many of Hitler’s controversial and racist ideas and theory’s such as his infamous hate for the Jewish race and his idea for a pure country and a superior Aryan race. This book became the best-selling book in the 1930s and was used to spread propaganda.

The theme of this book was the idea that, like I said above, was the idea of a pure country that excludes all other races than the Aryan race, which he believed was the superior one. This, and his hate for the Jewish people, which takes up a majority of the book, is the cause of the gruesome holocaust later on.

Adolf Hitler was born on the border between Austria and Germany, his dad was part of a civil service and expected Hitler to take up the same role when he came to age. Hitler though, wanted no part in that. He aspired to become a artist, which was heavily looked down upon by his father. In school, Hitler’s favorite subject was history, it was there that he learned about his country’s history and began to see the “inconsistency” of his race. Which fueled his thoughts on how German’s should be pure was the superior blood race(Aryan) and have a great sense of pride in their country.

Like I mentioned before, Adolf Hitler also had a strong hate for the Jewish race. This hate stemmed when he was in Vienna where he aspired to become an artist. This city had a large Jewish population and community.  This city was also socially antiemetic, which meant that it had a very strong discrimination against Jews along with a very outspoken anti-Jewish Mayer (Karl Lueger) and lots of anti- Jewish newspapers and articles. Hitler was strongly influenced by this.

The reason why he wanted to conquer lands was also included in this book. He believed that because his race was superior, they deserved to have more living space.

In conclusion, in the book Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler explained his origins and how he fueled his thoughts and his believes about his race being the superior one and his hate for the Jews, from being being a regular child to being shaped into what is required yo be a evil genius mastermind.








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