Polymer Journal 2

Our goal for the polymer project is to design a polymer that can “round off” table and furniture edges, this will prevent small children injured if they crash into a table or furniture.

The target market audience for this product is for Parents with small kids and kids, this will reduce the injuries of their children and make it a safer environment.

Gloop has the characteristics we wanted for our polymer project, it’s not stuck, it’s super bouncy. These characteristics will ensure that children will not get hurt heavily since it will reduce the amount of force the children will feel.

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Polymer Journal #1

Jeffery Wang

Grade 8 class 4

Ms Ashlea Fidler

Science Project

Polymers are long chains of monomers; monomers are small chains of molecules. The process in which a monomer becomes a polymer is called polymerization. Polymers are repeated patterns of monomers. Synthetic polymers are man-made polymers that are made out of natural resources; some examples include plastics, clothing, and fuels.

The process of how natural resources go through a chemical reaction are usually heated then molded into the polymer. Rayon is made out wood pulp or cotton, in the beginning, Rayon is used for artificial silk it replaced silk due to the disease affect the silkworms in France, Rayon is mostly made for clothing, it’s is low cost, diversity, and comfort, this leads it to success.