First 3 weeks of Band…

The sounds of the band room assaulted my ears on the first morning of class. The familiar routine of opening my case, assembling my saxophone, and playing music came all back to me. Mr. Long was still Mr. Long, with the beard and the white baton, handing out music and constantly reminding me of my posture. I was now in High School band, a band with the full array of instrument needed, In Middle School we were missing some of the bass instruments (Tubas and Baritones), but now we had the full array. The music that I was required to play was more complicated than what I was used to, but I think with practice I can master them all. An aspect of Band I am hoping to learn more about this year is Jazz Band, Mr. T and Mr. Ford lead that particular band I have been to all 3 of the practice sessions. Jazz seems so complicated, and the improv part of it is just scary, I do have some friends and classmates to help me along the way though. Band this year should be fun and challenging (especially the jazz part) and I am looking forward to the year.

The wisdom from the Capstone

Through the Capstone Project I have learned more about the rich and the poor in this world, especially about Gentrification. Before the project I already knew a great deal about overpopulation, but what I did not know about is Gentrification; Bowser and further research has showed me the extent of the problem. I know that I have lived a sheltered life, but I still did not know how bad the lives of the poor were. When I asked people just across the street from school they would not even talk to me, I tried to approach people I was polite and respectful, but I had a non-Beijing accent. That moment that the people heard me speak they left. The next time I do this project I would change my topic, the best topic is a topic that allows you to interact with locals and problems that affects peoples live right now, not some problem that will kill us in 50 years. The Capstone project is a fun project and very educating, my advice is to have fun and do your research properly.

The Math Catapult Challenge



Journal Entry Number #4

Dried Version

Non Dried Version

“Toughened”, the polymer we made, was an overall success. It harden in Contact with air in a relatively short time, around 2 hours, and could be moulded into any shape. The drawbacks of this design is that if the material gets wet again it loses its integrity, also it gets flaky if it is too dry. The last prototype was the most successful, it was just the right mixture, both sticky but retaining its original shape. I would suggest a little more oil added to the mixture, this would allow the polymer to be smoother and to not get flaky as it dried. The method of making this Polymer is in Journal Number #3.  The design process for this Polymer was mostly just trial and Error, the graph already provided the the materials and their effects on a polymer, all we needed was the right mixture.

Polymer Journal Entry #3

Creation of toughened ( the polymer) by Jerry

Fascination in Fire

Fanernheit 451 by Jerry
I believe that everyone of us has a fascination with Fire, a fascination with the force that lit the torch of civilization. It is almost a magical thing to see something blacken and burn, almost as if it was aging in seconds. Ray Bradbury explores the concept of the power of fire gone wrong, using fire to destroy instead of lighten. In the picture we can see people burning a book, creating the magical flame. Even in campfires people can stare in to the dancing flames for hours, fire is merely a tool, to lighten or destroy, it is in the hands of the user.

Polymer Post #2

Toughened by Jerry

What are Synthetic Polymers

syntheticpolymer by Jerry

Made on Canva



In the name of Culture…

The Chinese Civilization flourished and thrived beside the Yangtze and Huang He for centuries, the protection and preservation of this culture is one of the duties of a Chinese citizen. The government also takes great pride in spreading and celebrating this culture, but does the preservation of this culture justifies the extreme measures it is using?
Wayne Williams in the picture Old Wall New Wall explores the gentrification happing right now in Chinese society, especially in Beijing. The Chinese government is ruining people’s livelihoods in the name of preserving culture, although some may argue that Chinese culture is made of its people. This question is still being debated today.

Should we, in the name of culture, destroy people’s lives?

Should we, in the name of culture, send a newborn’s family out onto the streets?

Two of the most important questions in history: Where did we come from? Where are we going

Off White Vintage Newspaper Style Newsletter by Jerry


In Dan Brown’s book Origin he attempts to provide answers to two of Histories most important questions, Where did we come from? and where are we going? These two questions have enthralled researchers for thousands years, but we have still not found an answer. The debate right nows is between Religion and Science, did god create us? or did evolution create human kind? Dans Browns interpretations of where did we come is only half the story though, the question where are we going is far more important. Technology has influenced our actions, as human kind, very deeply. Technology, and technological advancement nows seems to grow exponentially, it is indeed the 7th kingdom. This is a newspaper cover for the day Edmond Kirsch released his discovery, if a scientist now released real physical evidence of these two questions, as like Edmond,  it would cause an uproar.

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