Revolutionary Voices Journal

Going through various resources, learning from different perspectives, I have completed my revolutionary journal that is all about the American Revolution. Although it is about a young boy who went through the American Revolution, various point of views were applied from the British and the American ways. I chose this revolution, because it showed the process of how one of the most powerful countries gained Independence and their own government. By this, I learned that during a revolution, a one small spark can cause a catastrophic effect later on.

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American Revolution in Simple English

After weeks of research, days of hard work, Chris and I have created a final common craft video about the American Revolution. During this process, I had the opportunity to solve my curiosity of major events. For example, the Boston Tea Party, Boston Massacre, and other happenings. Many other revolutions such as the French, Chinese, and Syrian revolutions were interesting, but learning the American revolution very specifically was very exciting. In the research process, there were examples and explanations that were very sophisticated in the resource pages. We used Thoughtco website, textbooks, and other reliable tools for this particular project.


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Nonfiction Blog Post: Outbreak

The book Outbreak by Bryn Barnard clearly depicts the theme about how a disease won’t just one person’s life but can change the world. The author uses several types of disease as examples to explain.

First, the author described the Black Death as the first disease. ‘The Black Death probably started in 1331 in Central Asia, carried there by infected Mongol troops returning from Burma. By 1346, having killed millions and traveled with armies and traders along the Silk Road, the epidemic arrived on the Black Sea’s crimean Peninsula.’ (6) shows how serious and how big the effect was on a very large scale. ‘Finally, in the world of the nobility, the social, economic, and political crises caused by the Black Death were blows from which the ruling classes never fully recovered.’ (4) later on showed that the one disease made not only one, but 75 to 200 million people suffered and died. As this clearly showed, a certain disease cannot effect and take one person’s life, but instead can cause catastrophic disasters that no one can ever imagine. The author explained the seriousness and the severe consequences that one can face that sounds like it can harm one human as a whole. However, since the author moreover talks about the effect to a wider degree, the theme is diseases can change the whole world.

Second, the author delineated the Yellow Fever as the second disease. ‘The Flaviviridae virus was very the major cause of the yellow fever that started off weak, but if not cured, it spreads fast and will eventually be able kill a whole person.’ (18) shows how deadly the virus was and how many people did not cure and died after all. ‘The yellow fever was carried on to South America, more parts of Africa, and in North America. It was widely spread causing extreme death population that made the countries unstable. When the African ships sent goods and resources to the Western world, there were several slaves that had yellow fever that caused a spread almost world wide.’ (16) showed the result of large amount of people dying and suffer from just one section of an African region had the disease. These major outbreaks not only shows the effect of a deadly disease, but at the same time, it shows the spread and enormous effects towards many people. This once again exactly fits correctly for the theme of having effect shown to several people in the world.

To conclude, the author described how diseases not only can be deadly and serious to one human being, but can also influence the world as a whole affecting numerous in various causes.

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One Day Dance Project

I chose dance as my One Day project because, I wanted to try out new criteria and sections. I never tried to dance this serious as One Day, and that made me have a motivation to try something new in the subjects the school provided.

Our Plan was to make and copy a dance of K-Pop idol called Ikon-LOVE SCENARIO and make action movements throughout the song. Throughout the process my group and I originally tried to use a different group’s songs, but finally decided to do this song.

I learned variety of movements and dancing actions during my One Day project. Things I could have done better is to come up with more advanced and harder level movements so that our group can achieve a greater dance action. Next time, I would like to try another exciting dance project that can improve my skills of dancing.

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Substance Abuse and Body Shape

There are several dangers of using usbstances to alter body shape. Such as DNP Burner, Ephderine, Clenbuterol, Meridia are the main medicines and substances that teenagers that can change body shape. However each of these substances all leads to a rise of stroke, heart attack, and sometimes can lead to sudden death. Appetite can also be a cause of the problem toward this. Instead of taking these sort of durgs and substances that are not good to use, we can use a healthy balance of diet and can use other methods to solve this problem. Keeping and maintaining a healthy and balanced diet can make people a more better and healthy life than taking a drug addiction and other things.

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Whale Talk Resolution

The main resolution in the book, Whale Talk, is when T.J manages to solve tragedies on his own. When T.J arrived at the new school, he is discriminated, bullied, and was an outsider as a new student. At first, he lets his emotions and the conversations that go by a negative way just flow away, but as the problem grew dramatically serious, the consequence was where T.J explodes and gets into a gigantic fight. Mike Barbrier and Rich Mchill were two main ones that made this happen. As the story goes by, T.J goes over lots of tragedies. His dad dies of a car accident, constantly gets discriminated just he was different, and many things stressed him in life. “Poor kid his dad dies. He deserves it.” Rich said this in public where T.J can also here this. This led to their second huge fight. However,  everytime they got into a fight, T.J wasn’t able to react and say calmly, due to his rage on what happened every time. At last, T.J learned a lesson from Jennie, who was like the word of the wiser in the book that he should stay calm and try to solve in a mature way. Consequently, he was able to get over the final problem. He brings in all witness, viewers, and everything that he can do to make him see that he was correct. The story ends where all people had sharp and angered views towards Rich Mchill and Mike Barbrier.


I think that this resoution is satisfying, because rather than getting into a fist fight or dramatic fight, using evidence, calmly solving this problem is very effective. Normally, if people start fighting against each other, people don’t know who was the negative one who was the other. That is why by using people’s witness and evidence to explain to the audience fully that he was the one that was facing tragedy is correct. Sometimes, that can be hard to do, because of all those harsh and unjustified phrases. However like what Jennie said, “Don’t overcome with rage and firing anger, use your knowledge and calm mind to outweigh the opponent.”. That is the correct way to do in this sort of situation.


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Boxer Rebellion Map

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Multimedia: Rising Action/Climax

Word Newspaper Template 2 (.docx)

Hyperlinks: (Please read the section called: The use of space, Food and economy


The book that I read was the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. My multimedia project is done by a newspaper article to explain the the situation of the climax and the rising action in the hunger games. I considered many different ways to make this interesting, and I found out that newspaper can best fit for this book and project.

In the newspaper, I added the rising action and briefly explained about the character and the situation. Katniss, Peeta, and Cota was involved as the characters and it showed how the character began facing very minor problems as the Hunger Game continued. I showed various examples of what kind of small minor problems there were during the rising action. I put sub-titles to represent a different section, separating the climax and the rising action. I added many pictures that were taken from the movie of the Hunger Games. I used a bow and arrow with Katniss to represent the biggest picture, because that best explains the character’s lifestyle and how she survives throughout the game. Furthermore, this format is a newspaper format. I considered that point and inserted lots of separated paragraphs, because it was meant to be read easily for many people to notice. Moving on the climax, I added two separate sections, because there was sort of two really important points that needed to be covered as a main climax. When Cota and the two tributes were fighting against each other and the part where the announcer announces that there is 3 people left. These various points and views made it different for it to be the same climax.

Last but not least, this newspaper portrays the rising action and the climax of the Hunger Game very clearly for my multimedia.

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Multimedia: Exposition

Click here for the newspaper: newspaper

In the Newspaper it reads(if doesn’t open):

Building Climber in New York

In the story, Peak, there is a main character named Peak. He is an excellent climber, because he climbs in- credibly in a very risky place. He is very bright, because although he has many problems to face, he takes the situation over and tries to over- come it. This young boy has a step- father, mother, and two young sisters. He currently attends the GSS(Golden State School), with his awesome mentoring teacher, Vincent. Peak was two-thirds up the wall when the sleet started to free on him. His fingers, nose, and all parts of his body was threatened by the cold freezing weather. He had no free hand. Peak was climbing a building in New York. He thought that he wouldn’t get caught climbing on the building. However, as he saw next to him, he saw a face. It was the cop who saw him climbing the building and was beside him riding a helicopter. This is where the whole problem be- gun. Later on, he is sent to the JDC(Juvenile Detention Center), be- cause of his actions that was illegal to do. Vincent and his mom visits to check if he is alright. However, the main conflict approaches. Another boy later on falls off the Flariton building. That boy tried to copy Peak but dies afterwards, because of his untalented skills for climbing. That makes Peak a criminal and he is sent to jail for three years. As the story goes by, he faces is conflict and has two choices. First is to just stay in jail. Second is to go climbing with is original father in Mount Everest. Peak picks the second choice and the exposition of the story is till here. The mood and tone of this story can be very intense and surprising, be- cause the story is happening really fast with many surprising situations.


19 SEP 2017

For example, in the book it reads “You will be sent to the JDC.” and “Your will be likely to stay in jail for 3 years.” . These dialogues shows how the story is unique and many inciting incidents are in this book. By this, we can identify that the characters, setting, and conflicts are all in there. Peak will continue on his journey in Mount Everest.



The fake newspaper for the story Peak by Roland Smith, is a multimedia that I made for the exposition of the book. I scanned through variety of choices to use. At last, I chose the fake newspaper.

In the exposition, I talked about the characters, settings, conflicts, and mood/tones in the story. Peak is the main character and there is other characters such as Vincent(mentoring teacher), mom, stepfather, original father, and two younger sisters. I described the main character Peak as a boy who is very bright and an excellent climber. This young boy makes a huge accident: Climbing a tower in New York. He of course knows that the situations are bad, and he has a lot of things to manage to follow through all conflicts he faces.

The setting moves around, because he is at the building, police station, JDC, and the court. It was hard to select the exact place, but most of it was at the JDC, talking about the conflicts. Vincent, mom, and even his two younger sisters come to visit and talk to Peak. Peak has a conflict at the end of the inciting incident of the exposition which is to choose to go to jail or be out of New York and climb Mount Everest with his original father. This can be a conflict, because he can feel like he can have two fathers, but doesn’t want to go to jail. Peak needs to decide what to do. With his disgust to go to jail, he picks to climb Mount Everest. And that part is when the whole problem begins.

The mood and tones can be very intense, because not only unexpected actions and scene happens in the book, but the story goes really fast throughout the exposition. For example, in the book it reads “You will be sent to the JDC.” and “Your will be likely to stay in jail for 3 years.” . These dialogues shows how the story is unique and many inciting incidents are in this book. These can affect the mood and the tone easily for the book.

The exciting part of this story’s exposition is that the next part of the book is really unexpected and not easy to presume what is going to happen which makes the story better.

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Mentoring Trips Reflection

I went on a 8th grade September mentoring trip and I would like to explain my reflection of the trip.

First, explaining my strengths in the ISB core value was creativity. At the second day of the mentoring trip in the morning, we had an activity to make boats that we make of bamboos and experiment in the water afterwards. During the time building the boat, our group and I had creative ideas. For example, where to put the bamboo, strings, and additional glue cans filled with air. We had different ideas to do this, and using our creativity, we built one boat containing variety of ideas.

Second, explaining my weakness in the ISB core value was balance. This also happened during the boat making session. There were new people and people that I did not know as we got together as a group. That made our group very awkward to talk to at the first time. It got better as the time went by, but I felt like there was no balance supported during the trip.

Finally, I think that my creativity and innovation as in a group was very well supported and used, but on the other hand, I felt like there was no balance within our group.

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